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Houthis Refute Saudi-led Coalition Claims Of Advance In Al-Bayda With Combat Footage

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Houthis Refute Saudi-led Coalition Claims Of Advance In Al-Bayda With Combat Footage

Screen grab from combat footage released by the Houthis.

On July 7, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) shared combat footage from the ongoing battle with Saudi-backed forces in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda.

Last week, Saudi-backed forces launched a large ground offensive against the Houthis in al-Bayda. Saudi-led coalition warplanes have been actively supporting the offensive. On July 6, pro-Saudi news sources reported ground gains in the districts of al-Zahir and al-Sawma’ah.

Nevertheless, the footage shared by the Houthis indicate that Saudi-backed forces didn’t do so well on al-Zahir and al-Sawma’ah fronts.

In both districts, Saudi-backed forces were pushed back by the Houthis and local tribal fighters, who went on to launch successful counter-attacks. The Houthis and their allies used heavy weapons, including battle tanks.

The Saudi-led attack in al-Bayaday is meant to pressure and distract the Houthis, who have been leading a large-scale offensive in the neighboring province of Ma’rib for the last four months.

The ongoing offensive in al-Bayda will not likely end soon. Despite the Houthis’ fierce resistance, Saudi-backed forces will likely advance deeper into the province in the upcoming few days due to the heavy fire power being provided by the coalition.


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as i always say the yemenis deliver footage if they have it unlike the empty claims of saudis the yemenis are extremely transparent with everyone

Last edited 22 days ago by farbat
Chess Master

Saudis have their weapons too, they ask State Dep to demand Youtube to censor Houthis. And it’s not even a joke.

Icarus Tanović

We always have Al Mayadin to look Yemenis up. So, doesn’t matter if they censor Yemenis on Yt.


For years the US State Dept has requested You Tube censor Donbass and Lugansk citizen based reporting channels – and Syrian citizen based reporting channels that support their government. These are often very interesting channels, with incredibly upfront and raw footage of conflicts not seen in western MSM. US state driven web censorship is only getting worse, as dominant social media platforms are increasingly corporatized into hands of few, and legally subordinated to US state.

Last edited 19 days ago by VaporTrail

The Houthi leaders like Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti are extremely smart and articulate people. They do not make empty claims that can be reufted easily. If things are not going well with them they tell you honestly that is the case with war – you sometimes have setbacks.

concrete mike

Let the saudis come in deep, and close em off. Set up a cauldron and kill em all!

Chess Master

I can’t but wonder how did Houthis survive for so many years without your genius leadership


I cannot believe you are not in your recycle bin, passed out from sniffing glue.

concrete mike

What are you talking about?

Houthis have done this maneuvre countless times.

Its probably what there doing right now.

What have you ever lead other than children into your van dipshit?


you actually described what they were doing for years to the saudi mercs when they didnt hunt them from the mountains they used the mountains to pinch them with superior fighting position from all sides if possible usually they make alot of prisoners when they got them good they basically just wound them and take them as pow there are famous cases of saudi pow changing sides and turning into yemeni warheroes and martyrs so the yemeni strategy to not kill the non terrorist units has merit to it specially when you consider that its often kids from places like sudan

Last edited 22 days ago by farbat
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Saudi rats 😅

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Ccp eats batshit

Shia rats 🐀 😄


batshit eater escaped from his garbage bin after being locked up for days. Survived off of cardboard and zionist diapers.

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A massive explosion followed by fire erupts on Israeli registered ship at Dubai port after explosion that rocks city

No reports of casualties at Jebel Ali Port, one of world’s largest, as authorities say fire has spread to nearby containers.

A clown like you

Yes, “Huge explosion rocks Dubai as container catches fire aboard ship anchored at local port (VIDEOS)”
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