Houthis Recapture Key Positions, Kill Dozens Of Saudi-backed Fighters In Central Yemen (Video)

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Houthis Recapture Key Positions, Kill Dozens Of Saudi-backed Fighters In Central Yemen (Video) 5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews.

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On March 24, the Houthis launched a large-scale attack against forces loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in the Nihm district of Saana province in central Yemen, according to the Houthis media wing.

An unnamed military source in the Houthis told the Yemeni al-Masira TV that Houthi fighters had recaptured the areas of Ayash and al-Tabab along with the mountains of Aydah al-Sharqiah, Aydah al-Gharbiah and al-Minsa’a in the district of Nihm from Saudi-backed forces. The Saudi-led coalition was able to capture these positions in 2017 and early 2018 following months of clashes.

During their advance in Nihm district, Houthi fighters killed more than 120 fighters of pro-Hadi forces and captured several others. Dozens of pro-Hadi forces vehicles were reportedly destroyed by the Houthis, that also captured loads of weapons and ammunition.

The Saudi-led coalition launched its military operations in the Nihm district months ago aiming to reach and capture the international Saana airport, north of the Yemeni capital of Saana. However, the Houthis were able to reverse the coalition’s gains in a single rapid attack.

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Zainab Ali

God bless and protect all yemeni resistance fighters against zio satanic terrorists/wahhabis forever

namulit emperor

BTW, is it true that Hadi was imprisoned in SA?


Hadi is dead.


nope Saleh is dead

namulit emperor

AFAIK Saleh is dead.


yes he is under house arrest


Air force useless against these bare footed fighters. They moved separate from each other in long distances. Armed with rpgs and ATGMs no modern force can counter…

You can call me Al

Yep, exactly the same as Afghanistan and remember both are defending their Country against illegal foreign invasions.

Samuel Boas

Well you can’t just compare the Taliban and Houthis as similar. The Taliban turned into an ordinary drug cartel. They commit actual attacks against civilians whilst the Houthis are different.


Yes however even now Afghanistan standing government are the same drug cartels that hopelessly corrupt at the same time.

It’s should be right about the time that Afghanistan population denied the rule imposed to them by government controlled by foreign nationals and the drug cartels salafi jihadis Taliban.

You can call me Al

At you or real ? – the Taliban rid the Country of 90% of the heroin fields and then the yanks came in and replanted it.


Easy on CNN.

You can call me Al

HAHAHAHA – I have no idea why, but your comment made me laugh.


A rapid rush of rotary wing gunships in support of massive airborne paratroopers can quickly isolate guerilla fighters into pocket of isolated lands but such operations are not cost effective as well do not guarantee minimal lost against lightly armed cooperative small groups like Houthis.
IMO the most cost effective way of combating guerilla fighters is to field an equally or better skilled infantry units however by nature advance into defence of opposition homeland is always crippling.
Most general these days especially so those that mirrors West ways of fighting would always trying to work around losses in warfare that they forgotten the nature of infantry and neglected the importance of them.

Bjorn Metaal

Goatfuckers. Death to America.

sharim khan

These satanic Shia forces will have to retreat one day ultimately , God willing…

Samuel Boas

Go troll somewhere else wahabi dog. Your god won’t help you anymore.


sharim khan the wahbabi dog.. I like that.. and yes.. get the fuck out..!

sharim khan

same to you dear


wonder how it can be the same..!?
you’re confused..!

Shuja Pasha

They are actually Athiests. Allah (swt) is with the Shias, not the Wahhabis.

sharim khan

I’M Sunni, but not Wahhabi…
God ishelping that is why Houthis are on defending position..
Houthis would have retreated far earlier if there were Pakistani or Turkish army against them rather than lazy Saudi army…


They will retreat in Mecca

sharim khan

hahaha , only in dreams…

Shuja Pasha

“Sharim Khan”? What type of internet sepoy are you? A Zionist rat screeching on the internet? Or a sexually impotent Wahhabi cockroach who is a full time screamer on cyberspace, and a part-time playboy for a deviant homosexual fat saudi king/prince? comment imagecomment image

sharim khan

same to you dear…
By the way , you, the puppet of Houthis, have lost the battle of ethical talk, tolerance and Patience..
soon you will be lost on the battle front…

Shuja Pasha

Time will tell, who will win kid :) .


lol son of USA talking about satanic shias while all his leaders are best friend of shteytan al akbar ( USA)

sharim khan

What about your daddy, the Viladimir Putin and Iran…??
How big the Satan he is…??
I would recommend them a gold medal for their role in doing Massacre of Sunni-Syrians among all the top leaders of Satans…

j. jaxson

all religion is folklore and mythology.
99 virgins will not be waiting for you upstairs airhead.

sharim khan

very funny reply…
I liked your reply..

Nigel Maund

This is the way to defeat superior force which is soldiered with inexperienced and uncommited fighters. The Houthi’s deserve to win against the KSA’s illegal and totally wrong war against the Yemen. As usual the wars aims are to control the oil and gas resources of the Yemen detailed in USGS bulletins downloadable online. The grubby hands of the US and UK can be found, as per usual, equipping the KSA in this genocidal war. The West is totally immoral to the core and does not give a damn for the Yemeni people.


Would you please provide the reference regarding the respective USGS bulletin.

Jim Prendergast

Houthis are the best! Brilliant moves! Victory to the brave!

Icarus Tanović

Seem that Yemenis are really brave ones. Fight against wahhabi isn’t easy task. But, as we all can see they’re on the run and Saudis are cowards.

Gery Clarkson

Bravo! Let the worms be dying! :-)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

really nice :)))


The Saudi’s attempted a war of maneuver – to forcibly take Yemen and reinstall their preferred proxy, ex-President, Hadi. The Houthi’s and allied Yemeni military factions had different ideas and are fighting a war of attrition – out of necessity and asymmetry. The Saudi’s have deep pockets – but just how long they can buy ‘official’ foriegn military mercenaries – Sudanese etc – to be periodically slaughtered en-masse on the ground by the Houthi and or Yemeni Army factions remains to be seen.


A modest success, but they’re still far from any conclusion to the war. And at this point victory by anyone would be better than this state of siege and skirmish.


Our identity is not houthi or wahabi. We are Muslims…

“Indeed, those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part with them in the least: their affair is with ALLAH: HE will in the end tell them the truth of all that they used to do” (AL Quran)


It must be so embarrassing for the richest country in the region, maybe the world, to be bitchslapped by the Warriors of the poorest country. All the expensive military equipment, supplies, warplanes, tanks and latest tech fail to subdue the heroes of Yemen who walk up and fight wearing sandals, skirts and carry ancient AKs and RPGs. These heroes are true Warriors going up against tyrants, their victory is inevitable and will be remembered for ages. God bless and protect all oppressed peoples.

Leon De Elias

I can’t wonder enough about these brave barefoot fighters..Respect and support for Yemenis..!

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