Houthis Recapture Key Area Along Western Yemen Coast (Map, Video+18)

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On June 9, Houthi fighters launched a new attack on several positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies along the western Yemeni coast in the province of al-Hudaydah and captured the key area of al-Jah, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

Yemeni sources claimed that the Houthis cut off a new supply line of the Saudi-led coalition along the western Yemeni coast as a result of this attack. However, these claims still have to be confirmed.

Houthis Recapture Key Area Along Western Yemen Coast (Map, Video+18)

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The Houthis media wing said that Houthi fighters killed 50 Yemeni fighters loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni president, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, and captured many others during the successful attack. Moreover, the Houthis destroyed several vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition.

The Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies captured al-Jah in a rapid attack on May 26. Back then, the attack was led by Brigadier General Tariq Mohammed Saleh of the Yemeni Republican Guard.

Meanwhile, the UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV reported that Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out a new series of airstrikes on several positions and vehicles of the Houthis around the coastal city of al-Hudaydah. Many Houthi fighters were killed and injured in these airstrikes, according to the source.

The Saudi-led coalition will likely launch a fresh attack along the western Yemeni coast in the upcoming days in order to secure its positions there and pressure the remaining fighters of the Houthis in the city of al-Hudaydah.

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There seems no point in the houthis taking on the Saudis / Colombians / Somalis / RAF / IAF in pitched battles. Better to just melt away, go round the enemy and bite them in the arse with a bic lighter in hand. Everything I’ve seen about the Saudi military points to a cowardly, soft, elderly military with wasteful habits against which the asceticism of the houthis is powerful medicine

Brother Ma



Mercs in KSA pay

Brother Ma

Thank you.


US taxpayer trained mercenaries from vassal countries, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and El Salvador and Honduras.. Money from the faux war on drugs.

Brother Ma


Brother Ma

Fools! but that is what a merc does. Then he is killed and hated by all.

Alejandro Bonifacio

mexixcans? do you have a source about that issue?


Mercs hired by the UAE through Erik Prince’s headhunters, supposedly ‘mountain warfare experts’. Don’t know if they’re still there. The ‘mountain warfare’ didn’t go so well.

Brother Ma

I fuc n hate that prince cunnus!


I don’t think the Saudis are there at all. The southern front of locals South Yemenis and mercs. The UAE may have some armor there. The Sudanese have about 3000 in. The Sauds are ‘defending the homeland’ and running the Blitz.


Houthis never make use of captured equipment? Seems counterproductive to burn those technicals and IMVs if they can seize them.

Brother Ma

These forces appear to be irregular. No time ,no space to carry fuel or drive trucks.


Some of those equipments have tracking devices and once captured they may lead to an air strike on the warehouse of that said vehicle


Wow. Well done Yemen army forces. Very great job. Crush all child butchers.


Zionism is blasphemy. Zionists have hijacked the star of David and the religion of Jewish community and use it for political and financial gains. Zionists are child butchers. Zionists do step by step crimes. Zionists have built Jewish state of Israel which is according to Jewish book prohibited.

So Zionists have not only attacked on Palestine, they have attacked on the Jewish religion too. The world all Jewish community condemn the establishment of Israeli state. Zionists says that they are religious but in reality they are not because they are butchering children without human feelings.

Zionists have created a big rift (hate) between Muslims and Jews. 70 years have passed but Zionists have not succeeded in their mission. How many prime ministers passed on Israel but they have never succeed Just more blood, more blood because the root cause of this whole bloodshed is purely Zionism.

The world communities are not doing enough to stop Zionists’ crimes. Therefore, now the world all Jewish community will come together and will kick out all Zionist Israelis from Palestine and they will restore the name of Palestine and the native people of Palestine back in their home land. Palestine is the land of Muslims where Muslims are in majority while christians and Jews are in minority……

Brother Ma

Palestine was Christian before any Muslims arrived there. Palestine for all i support or Christians in power. Never ,just Moslems. Moslems are like the zionists , rapacious johnny-come-latelies.
Sorry,Rob ,we agree on most topics but not on this.

Brother Ma

Nice recap apart from Jews not being any different to Canaanites apart from their religion(science says that).Secondly,science says Philistines werw there at same time as Canaanites and certainky same time as so called Jews were there.Thirdly, there were no Jews in Holy Land by the time the Romans got there apart from small numbers of Jews coming back from Persian Empire under Nehemiah.The only real Hebrews left when the Jews returned were the Samaritans who the Jews shunned.

The Gentiles were many then as well. So even then the returned Jews were not in the majority. Their leaders were not even jewish by blood. Ie king herod had Idumaen blood. The Romans then expelled the “Jews “from the Holy Land. Leaving only the Samaritans.

Remaining Populace of mixed Canaanite /Greek /Roman blood then almost all became Christians. Way before Moslems arrived.

Catholics were small portion of Christians of Holy Land. Almost all were Orthodox. Certainly before Crusades came and betrayed Byzantines and stole Land from them .

Overall,your take is fine. I have just added detail which proves Jews have no particular reason to claim Holy Land. Their own Torah / Talmud is against it!

Hisham Saber

BS. Of all the U.S., European Jews, the vast, overwhelming majority support the apartheid Zionist project Israel.

The Jews of acient times largely converted to Christianity, then Islam as well. The ‘ Jewish ‘ squatters in Palestine now are of Eurasian ancestry. They are largely Khazars from the Russian steppes, north of the Caucuses.

The problem with Judaism is its inherent racism and supremacism. which make it so that Jews cannot assimilate with the rest of mankind. They confined themselves into ghettos for centuries.

Answer this. Why have Jews, as a people , been exiled, and/or expelled 109 times since 250 A.D. Carthage, up until 1948 A.D. Arab countries. Sometimes having to be expelled or evicted twice or more from one particular country or province? Why, why are they the only people on earth that have this dastardly history?

The answer, is the diabolical, vicious, intolerant, illogical and anti-God, anti-human Talmud. Which todays Jews will tell you supersedes the Torah, or Tanakh.


NY Jews Protesting Israeli Brutality Published on 20 Apr 2018

‘Judaism Yes, Zionism No’: Ultra-Orthodox Jews march against Israel

Zionists are proxies of US, UK, French and KSA regimes. Zionists are sick, atheists and child butchers and that is why their faces are like beasts.

Brother Ma

Well said!


The US funded group Israel linked to terrorism in Palestine taking lands from native people of Palestine using the star of David and the religion of Jewish community for barbarism against the custom of the Jewish community which create a big rift hate between Muslims and Jewish community.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

its so nice!!


and in 2 weeks they roll on the floor in the death like this one ISIS commander after the stupid attack xD xD

here the video search on YouTube so you know what I mean xD

What It’s Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State


The Saudis allowed themselves to lose the initiative, I wonder why exactly. They can still be supplied from the coast but the real question is that the Saudis have warships and Houthi soldiers are clearly within artillery range, so why have we not heard of Saudi coastal shelling?


Burn that expensive western hardware.

My god, saudis are trully incompetend! Cant even hold urban areas

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