Houthis Repel Large Attack Of Saudi-led Coalition And Destroy Several Vehicles (Video+18)

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Houthis Repel Large Attack Of Saudi-led Coalition And Destroy Several Vehicles (Video+18) 5.0909090909091 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.


On July 21, Houthi fighters repelled a large attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies on their positions in the areas of Tabat al-Matar and al-Zighn in the central province of Ma’rib after killing and injuring dozens of Saudi-backed fighters, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

During the clashes, the Houthis destroyed three vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). Moreover, Houthi fighters used a fourth ATGM to target a gathering of Saudi-backed fighters, killing and injuring most of them.

Al-Masirah said that warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition attempted to support the failed attack by conducting several airstrikes and dropping illumination bombs at night. However, these tactics were ineffective, according to the pro-Houthis news TV channel.

After the failure of the attack, Houthi fighters captured several light weapons and loads of ammunition, which were left behind by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies.

The Saudi-led coalition was likely trying to reach the administrative border of the province of Sanaa in order to pressure the Houthis inside the Yemeni capital. Despite of the strong resistance of the Houthis there, the coalition may repeat the attempt soon.


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  • Smaug

    Uh, I’m not saying anything specific, but can we fact check the pro-Houthi news with some other source?
    Either way, it seems that the Saudi attack was telegraphed.

    • BL

      What “source” do you need? They’re showing you the video of the event. That’s the best source you can ever get.

      • S Melanson

        Good point. I also posted on my latest review of media sources which you may find of interest.

      • You can call me Al

        Just block the crazy idiot. He gets paid, every time someone replies; he is here to disrupt.

    • Merijn

      I could see Flying Pieces of Wahabbi Headchopper Meat…I don’t think it was Photoshopped…the Houthis only need some more ATGMs…the More U.S. & Israeli Headchoppers they Blow to Smithereens the better it is…

  • Jozef Majtán

    Nice, dead Sudanese mercs. And nice Steyr AUG.

  • R PLobo

    Total cannon fodder – you can see by the complete lack of support that the zionists have nothing but contempt for these mercs. The Houthis are just sitting on the high ground waiting for the mercs to roll in. Clearly the KSA cannot be bothered to provide any kind of air support or for that matter reconnaissance to their rag tag army – all the while the American supplied jets are bombing civilians in Yemen.
    It is incredibly sad to see poor people killing other poor people for the sake of the bankster cabal.

    • You can call me Al

      This is a fact, so dont start the PC crap. You are absolutely correct; total cannon fodder and part of the reason is that the Arabs believe that blacks are subhuman things; you can even read it in their newspapers, they do not even try and hide it.

      You are also spot on with the last sentence; I was watching the video and just (I cannot explain the emotion really), just sitting there glum, shaking my head, thinking “what a bloody waste”. ALL WHILST the inbred scum in Saudi, UAE +++ and the bastard Yanks, drink their beers and count their money.

      It disgusts me.

      • S Melanson

        I know what you mean, it really was painful to watch. But I will post soon where this is heading as there are developments that tell me retribution is coming. I need to review a few more articles but it really does seem the just cause wins in the end. I can say this with some confidence, the Saudis and UAE that showed such disregard for the mercenaries on their payroll are going to now pay for that, the mercenaries will see to that and already have started pay back.

        • You can call me Al

          It is a good point you raise and I hope you are right. I would add that it is not only Somalia, I believe that both the entities you mention, as with Israel kicked thousands of black Africans out as well; those living there I mean.

          Good luck with the research, let me know.

      • Merijn

        Talkin’ about Beers… next week(end) Irish Pub…?

        • You can call me Al

          Sounds good, Utrecht I would prefer as Arnhem version isn’t up to much now. Sounds cool, Thursday or Friday night ?.

          • Merijn

            Both are fine to me…:)

    • Ariel Cohen

      Very difficult to use air power against individual and small groups of guerrillas, especially if you can’t see them. The Russians faced the same obstacle in Afghanistan. .

    • Merijn

      May the Bankster Cabal soon be Dragged Through the Streets and Dangle in a Tree…

  • MeMadMax

    For fucks sakes: get a video player that has a volume bar for crying out loud…

    • You can call me Al

      Just switch it off mate, all they do is waffle on about Allah.

  • S Melanson

    I have reviewed news sources both coalition, MSM and also Houthi. I have been reviewing for several months now two to three dozen sites as well as reading reports and analysis from objective as well as biased sources on the conflict in Yemen.

    First, Houthi media reports are generally accurate. On the other hand, Coalition media reports have proven to be untrustworthy to say the least – so much so that Reuters ran a story rebuking the coalition for releasing false press releases on the Hodeidah offensive that harmed the credibility of news organizations that had placed their trust in the accuracy of coalition press releases.

    Although biased, I find reading coalition media sources to be very informative by tracking what they emphasize, de-emphasize and how they change with time. In fact, sometimes I can get more out of coalition media on how goes the battle than I get from Houthi reports – by reading between the lines.

    First, note that the offensive on Hodeidah has been ‘paused’ and we hear almost nothing about the status of coalition forces south of Hodeidah airport. Offensive operations reported by the coalition have been elsewhere such as an assault on Sana’a which went no where. This article is no different as it discusses a ‘large attack’ by coalition forces in the central region far from the west coast. It has been almost a month since the pause in the offensive on Hodeidah and nothing from the coalition media cheer leaders which use to splash headlines everyday about the imminent fall of the port after the seizure of the airport – that never happened. The airport never fell and the offensive is paused because they had no choice, the main coalition assault force has been destroyed – due to fatalities, surrender, desertion and defection under conditions of out-of-supply.

    Note the Saudi leadership have conceded a growing desertion problem which explains the general amnesty granted,to all military personal i Uemen – hoping soldiers that deserted or went AWOL return – they won’t. They know what happened south of Hodeidah. What happened is also demonstrated in the video provided in the article above.

    While my review of the video suggests a reconnaissance in force operation to probe Houthi defences, it still is instructive of how Houthis best the coalition. In the video, you can see that Houthis are occupying the high ground with fire control on the roadways below. The Houthis are using their local knowledge of terrain to good effect as fire control covers differing angles depriving coalition forces of any effective cover – they cannot hide as you see missile launches from different locations depending on which site has an unimpeded line of site.

    Watching was painful even though the mercenaries know what they signed up for.

    • Trauma2000

      I like your analysis. Thank you for the insight.

    • Lena Jones

      Great observations, thanks S Melanson.

    • Ariel Cohen

      Good comment buddy.

    • Merijn

      Painful?! I thought it was very Funny to see Bits & Pieces of the Saudistan, U.S., UK & France Elitist’s Wahhabi Headchopper Army Flying through the Air.. the more the Better.. Great Times to get Rid of Psychopathic Patients…that Will learn the Others NOT TO SIGN UP FOR THIS EVIL EMPIRE…BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE!… hehehe

  • alejandro casalegno

    The Houthis have a lot of ATGM…..they can use even against “Technicals”.

    • S Melanson

      That is a good observation… hmmm…

    • You can call me Al

      “Technicals” – sorry, please explain.

      • S Melanson

        It refers to repurposed civilian vehicles that serve a military role. For example, bolting an anti-aircraft platform or heavy machine gun mount into the back of a pick-up truck. They are of course very vulnerable to any kind of enemy fire including a basic rifle. So using an anti-tank guided missile seems wasteful.

        However, firing an ATGM is less likely to give your position away compared to small arms fire which is generally sustained – what you do is burst fire, then move your position, but in setting up fire control positions, moving position may not be desirable. This is a guess I am throwing out there.

        • You can call me Al

          Thanks, fully understood now.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    at 11.34 you can see austrian made AUG-Z military rifle…..

  • Merijn

    How Beautiful it is to see Wahhabistani Mercenary Terrorists Flying through the Air & Blown to pieces… With the first car they shot in the Movie, they were a bit to late though…the Wahhabis following the car didn’t explode with it…Give’m Houthis more ATGMs… they Sure know how to Handle them…