Houthis Leader Threatens To Launch Missiles On UAE Capital, Saudi Oil Facilities


Houthis Leader Threatens To Launch Missiles On UAE Capital, Saudi Oil Facilities

On September 14, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi leader of Ansar Allah Movement – Known as the Houthis – threatened to target the UAE capital Abu Dubai in a live speech on the Yemeni al-Masirah news TV channel. Sayyid al-Houthi said that the UAE is now within the range of Houthis missiles.

“All companies (working) in the UAE should no longer see it as safe,” Sayyid al-Houthi said.

Sayyid al-Houthi revealed that his forces conducted a “successful” test of a new missile that could reach the Abu Dhabi city 600km away. On August 30, Yemeni sources speculated that Houthis launched a ballistic missile on the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. Only now it is confirmed that the Houthis could have these capabilities.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash responded to Sayyid al-Houthi threats on Twitter and said that his country is not intimidated by Houthi threats.

The Houthis’ comments threatening the UAE and its capital are tangible proof of the need for the Decisive Storm [The name of the Saudi-led military operation in Yemen],” Gargash said.

Moreover, Sayyid al-Houthi revealed in his speech that UAVs of the Houthis have flown many times for hundreds of kilometers over the Saudi territories. Sayyid al-Houthi threatened that soon these UAVs will bomb targets inside the Saudis territories even.

On March 23, a researcher of the Conflict Armament Research group said that UAE forces reported that the Houthis use Iranian-supplied suicide UAVs to target the radars of the Saudi-led coalition MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile systems deployed in Yemen.

Sayyid al-Houthi statement and the Conflict Armament Research group research confirms that the Houthis have the ability to conduct attacks using UAVs.

Furthermore, in his speech Sayyid al-Houthi warned Saudi Arabia from attacking the strategic al-Hudaydah seaport on the Red Sea in western Yemen. Sayyid al-Houthi said that many oil production facilities in Saudi Arabian are within the range of his force missile.

Sayyid al-Houthi even said in his speech: “We [The Houthis] could target Saudi oil tankers and we could do anything.”

The Houthis already proven that they are capable indeed of attacking sea vessels with various weapon systems.

On January 30, the Houthis hit a Saudi Navy frigate with a Remotely-Controlled Boat-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (RC BBIED). On October 1, 2016, the Houthis hit the US-made HSV-2 Swift vessel that was operation for the UAE Navy with an unidentified anti-ship missile.

There is a real chance that the Houthis could be capable of carrying out at least a a part of their commander’s threats relaying mainly on the Iranian-supplied technology.



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  • El Diablo

    Bomb oils, is the best thing :D

    • Kell

      Whats the best warhead for an oil facility?
      One large warhead possibly wouldnt hit anything important or cause much damage, maybe cluster or thermite/phospherous type weapons would be better suited?

      • Justin

        one thing is for sure, oil prices will go up with the threat that Saudi oil production being potentially slowed!
        Russia would be happy about that!
        This will hurt the saudis! If they can’t be seen to protect their oil supplies and production, then countries buying from them might go to a more reliable source!

  • Kell

    Yes great article, one thing though the HSV Swift is a civilian Car ferry made in Australia by Incat, we sold/leased several to the USN for sea trials they ended up keeping it as it was quite successful.

  • MD Ranix

    yemenis have been oppressed by zio satanic terrorists too long … time to retaliate/defend by their best possible means

  • Rodney Loder

    UAE’s Abu Dhabi is are very close to Tal Aviv culture wise. Their leadership is made up of much bigger tossers than Washington bosses, my Salafist Brothers will go to town on them if Hoiuthi opens up the portal.

  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    Do it! Launch one to Israel too while you at it.

  • Jeff Lewin

    I hope the resistance only aims at military targets. Striking urban populations will make it easier for the anti-Yemen coalition to enlist more countries.

  • Kim Jong

    Why they didnt do that from the beginning on? One such missile on that big saudi oil field and there is no such thing as saudi barbaria anymore. That would also cause a huge increase of oil price what would be very good for the other exporting countries, like Russia or Iran.

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    Why do the UAE blame Iran for them having UAVs these things have been available commercially for some time now and you can adapt them easily for explosives and dropping bombs. Glad the Yemeni are fighting against the Tyranny of Saudi Barbarians and their masters.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    They need to take out all Saudi oil. Then Saudi will be defeated at the Bank account level whch breaks them.
    Israel can be defeated the same way. The Boycott Israel and sink import ships docking in Israel will break their back as well.
    Very simple plans that are almost foolproof.