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JUNE 2021

Houthis Launched Ballistic Missile On UAE Capital – Rumors

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Houthis Launched Ballistic Missile On UAE Capital - Rumors

On Wednesday, Houthis launched a ballistic missile on the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, Yemeni sources claimed. The Houthis media wing and the UAE government have not denied or confirm these claims so far.

A local source from Abu Dhabi denied that any missile hit the city or any area near it. It’s unlikely that these reports are true as the most advance ballistic missile the Houthis got is only 400km in range while Abu Dhabi is more than 600km away from Yemen.

If Houthis indeed were able to target the UAE with a ballistic missile that got a range of over 600km it would be a big technological breakthrough for the Houthis missile force.

However, even in this case this would mean that the missile had technical problems or was intercepted by the UAE Air Defense Force as it didn’t hit its target for sure.

On Tuesday, Houthi fighters repelled a large attack of Saudi-led forces in al-Aulib mountains in Najran near the Saudi-Yemeni border. The Houthis killed several pro-Hadi fighters and destroyed two armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, 5 civilians were killed in a Saudi airstrike on a civilian oil tanker in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah News TV channel. Al-Masirah added that none of the five victims were identified as the bodies were badly burned.

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Cheryl Brandon

Good plan: send them a message!

Pave Way IV

The Saudis and UAE have some of the most modern aircraft, targeting systems, helicopter gunships and weapons the west can provide, they have the most sophisticated communications avialable, they have access to real-time drone surveillance and near-real-time satellite imagery and they have all manner of transport aircraft, helicopters and vehicles to move their merc troops anywhere they want.

Yet they can’t defeat THIS guy (who doesn’t even own a cell phone or teeth)comment image?itok=TBPIC7dn

Michael Qiao

that’s how pathetic the Saudis are


And he is armed with a British Lee Enfield 303 rifle that is WW2 vintage :)


Oh you’re right – look at that!

Mase fah

Well one missile most probably was to show they can reach and a warning, if they send 5-10 missiles together i dont think air defence can hit them, dont forget they already hit alot of places in saudi including a palace but saudis hushed and denied it. This is a gamechanger because if they can hit saudi and UAE than they shoud be extremly worry and want to end the war as soon as possible but US and israel will most probably stop them doing that. Already Saudi want out

Solomon Krupacek

launching is nothing. this makes also our peacekeeper kim :)) important is, has finished the trajectory or not? ;)

viva houtis!

Langaniso Mhlobo

Time for Saudi Arabia rats to die also.Brainwash by USA=UN=Nato.

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