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JUNE 2021

Houthis Launch Third Missile At Saudi Arabia In Three Days

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On April 10, the Houthis launched a Bader-1 “ballistic missile” at a military facility in the Saudi province of Najran, the pro-Houthi Al Masirah TV network reported.

According to Yemeni sources, the Nahougha Military Base may have been the target of the attack. No further details are available.

The April 10 launch was the third missile launched by the Houthis at Saudi Arabia in three days. On April 9, the Houthis launched Zelzal-2 missile at the Nahouqa military base in the province of Narjan. On April 8, the Houthis launched the Bader-1 missile at a radar station outside the city of Khamis Mushait in the province of Asir.

The Houthis’ continuing missile attacks pose a significant threat to the secuirty of Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudi-led coalition has still not been able to achieve any progress in capturing the Yemeni border areas and removing a thereat to Saudi Arabia’s security.

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Pave Way IV

The flip-flop army should just keep launching missiles at Riyadh. They don’t have to hit anything – it’s the Patriots that will hook back and take out the Saudis.

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