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Houthis Launch New “Ballistic Missile” On Large Oil Facility Saudi Arabia’s Narjan (Video)

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On March 22, the Yemeni Missile Forces, that’s loyal to the Houthis, announced in an official statement that it had tasted a new short range “ballistic missile” named Bader-1. According to the statement, a key oil facility of the Saudi Aramco oil company in the southern province of Najran was successfully targeted with the new “ballistic missile” during the test.

The Yemeni Missile Forces said that Bader-1 is a solid fuel “ballistic missile” with a speed of up to 4,5 Mach and high accuracy. However, the projectile’s images suggest that it is a solid fuel artillery rocket, not a “ballistic” missile.

The Badr-1 is likely a copy of the Iranian Fajr-3 artillery rocket, as both rockets appear to have similar diameter and length. Furthermore, the range of the Fajr-3 is over 43km. This is more than enough to hit Najran province form the Houthis-held areas in northern Yemen.

Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco denied in an official statement that any of its facilities had been hit by the Houthis. It stressed that all of its facilities across Saudi Arabia are operating as usual. However, the Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the incident yet.

The test of the new missile will likely increase the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi Arabia will continue to accuse Iran of smuggling weapons to the Houthis in Yemen.

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Richard M

I wonder if The Wahhabistani Orcs enjoyed tasting the new Houthi recipe?

Nigel Maund

Be very interesting to see if it knocks out some key oil installations in the KSA soon? … That will shift the oil price and seriously up the ante rattling the NWO.


They need to target oil tankers, the only thing that will get America to listen, is to target Americas revenue stream, oil.

Graeme Rymill

The 1980-1987 “Tanker Wars” between Iraq and Iran showed that huge oil tankers are hard to sink.

neil barron

Didn’t take long for that Iranian oil tanker in the China sea to sink and they said it wouldn’t and it never took a military hit.

Graeme Rymill

It took a collision with a 41,000 tonne bulk carrier and then a fire that burnt for 6 days to sink it.

neil barron

Still sunk and didn’t need high explosives.


So silly, an anti ship missile can sink an aircraft carrier, but not an oil tanker? But even if Iran only threatened to attack tankers, it would be enough to stop the tankers, and bankrupt the USA.

Graeme Rymill


Google “tanker war”…….

Igor Dano

Houtis have to control the strait to red sea. If they do not, then they lost. This is, what would make a lot of pain to nato israel and sa. Everything else is secondary., russiaa china iran hesbollah have to understand this.


It’s obvious that those guys are iranians and that vid was made by iranians as well. But its all good, anything to punish the slimeball saudis…

Samuel Boas

Why would they be Iranian. Yemen is totally cut off from the outside world. How would Iran ship all those rockets to Yemen.


Houthis are smart. They are building their own rockets as Saudi Arabia buys American. Nice.

Amine Mansouri

“they are building their own rockets” hahahah seriously?!?! then with what, with khaat and rocks? iran is spending millions in weapons for houthis

Samuel Boas

Yemen is totally cut off from the outside world. How would Iran ship all those rockets to Yemen. Use your brain…

Amine Mansouri

iranian technicals and engineers build rockets inside yemen

Steve Bell

Any reliable sources for that? None? Then go play with doggo.


You seem to forget – and by that I mean you’re completely oblivious to the fact that- the Pentagon “lost” $500M worth of weapons when Saleh was in power.



The rockets and missiles ranges increase due to tubes. If a rocket without tube has a range 30km then that rocket with in tube will have a range of 40 to 45km. Well done, keep it up.

Amine Mansouri

great idea! this time i’ll buy a gopro and attach it to a firecracker rocket, and i will use it to down israeli aircrafts


This is not the business of a moron like you. Try buy peanuts for yourself.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Can anyone point me in the correct direction, as i would like to know the difference between ballistic missiles, rockets, artillery rocket and the like.

Thanks in advance

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