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Houthis Launch “Ballistic Missiles” At Several Military Bases In Southern Saudi Arabia

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Houthis Launch “Ballistic Missiles” At Several Military Bases In Southern Saudi Arabia

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On June 8, the Yemeni Missiles Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had launched a salvo of “ballistic missiles” at several bases of the Saudi military in the southern Saudi provinces of Najran and Asir.

The Yemeni Missiles Force didn’t reveal the type of the missiles, which had been used to target the Saudi military bases. However, experts believe that the Yemeni force used the locally-made Badir-1 solid fuel artillery rocket, which was first revealed on March 22.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, Colonel Turki Al-Malaki, announced that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSAD) tracked two missiles launched by the Houthis from the northern Yemen province of Saada. According to Col. al-Malaki both missiles didn’t reach their targets in Saudi Arabia.

“At 18:46 today, the Saudi Royal Air Forces have monitored two ballistic missiles launched by the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militias from inside the Yemeni territories (Saada Province) towards the Saudi territories, whereas the first has fallen down inside the Yemeni territories while the other fell down in an unpopulated desert. Thanks to God the Almighty, no harms inflicted from this act up to the issuance of this statement,” Al-Maliki said in an official statement, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Observers believe that the Saudi-led coalition will step up its military operations against the Houthis in the western Yemeni province of al-Hudaydah as a response to this new missile attack.

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Thats the way ur supposed to do it if you want to overcome the patriot system: multiple launches, 4-5 should do it, the more the better of course…

Aim for riyadh….


That “ballistic missiles” are just a fake-solution => An SA-2 Soviet old anti-aircraft has the goals to explode in small rapid pieces even NEAT a plane and damage vital systems in the thin, weak fuselage. To damage some thing in a city? Only groups of people, like that cluster-bombs and mostly not even that.
Worse than the Houthis “ballistic missiles” are only the GAZA so-called “missiles”, that “Silvester Fireworks”


“Ballistic”, my a##. It was here already explained that the so-called “ballistic missiles” are the high-altitude OLD anti-aircraft SAM-2 missiles (from the Soviet-Union’s production around the ’60s — that took down the U2-spy-planes over USSR and CUBA).

Some of them are now “converted” (because of the blatant SHORTCOMINGS in the military arsenal of the Houthis) to medium-range Soil-soil missiles. And their destruction-power is equivalent with max 5 RPGs, they don’t get down even a small concrete building.
And besides, they can easily get intercepted even by the weak made-in-USA _”Patriot”-systems of the Saudis.

If the Houthis would shoot some SCUD -missiles, OK .,. it’s almost like BALLISTIC , but even that is something relative and depends on WHAT the “shooter” has HEAVIER in his arsenal.
ISKANDER is a Ballistic missile ;)–

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I hope they caused max damage :)))


I mainly agree with SF that these were locally made rockets basically because both malfunctioned.
Why do the Houthis continue to target the Saudis inside their territory instead of more immediate problems. Namely, the Saudi coastal salient.

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