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Houthis Launch Badr-1 Missile At Military Camp Of Saudi-backed Forces In Western Narjan

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Houthis Launch Badr-1 Missile At Military Camp Of Saudi-backed Forces In Western Narjan

IMAGE: almasirah.net

Yemen’s Houthis launched a Badr-1 rocket at a military camp of Saudi-backed forces in the western part of the Saudi province of Narjan, the pro-Houthi TV channel alMasirah reported on August 20.

The TV channel also noted that a previous Badr-1 rocket was launched by the Houthis on August 18. Then, the rocket allegedly targeted Saudi-led forces in the Saudi province of Jizan.

The Houthis have once again intensified their missile strikes on targets in southern Saudi Arabia since the Saudi-UAE coalition and its proxies resumed attempts to advance on the key Houthi-controlled port city of al-Hudaydah in western Yemen. The Saudi-UAE-backed advance has achieved no gains. However, it has already led to an escalation of the simmering conflict.

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Seems like S. Melenson called this one. His ” give them back their country before they take yours” is coming on. Also got an interesting link to Kaitlin Johnsons latest post talking about how the MSM has finally taken up the war in Yemen. Fascinating developments.


This makes one wonder how many missiles would be launched at KSA if everyone who wanted to could launch one?

Pave Way IV

Cable TV ratings just came out. The History Channel’s prime time shows, like Ancient Aliens (with the hair guy) kicked CNN’s ass. Sorry, Anderson Cooper and the CIA media wing.

MSM dug their own graves in a wasteland of irrelevance, CIA Big Brotherism and intellectual dishonesty. And now – like a goddamn vampire – they’re trying to come back from the dead. How? Why, dropping by ‘dangerous alternative news sites’ (like South Front) to see what people are really interested in, then writing up their own re-worded articles on the subjects like they just discovered it for posterity. You know… copy-and-paste journalism with spellcheck and marginally better grammar. See if any pros like Bellingcat have done any investigations and add their spin. The MSM still shills their agenda and narratives, but nobody is paying attention anymore. Besides, Ancient Aliens is way more interesting.

S Melanson

The article misspells the region – Najrān, not Najran.

The missile strike into Najran is of interest but I find the article you link to more interesting. The article talks of the MSM finally giving Yemen the attention it warrants after a long media blackout. I think this is unlikely a response by the MSM to reporting on alternative media and more likely a response to what is coming.

The war in Yemen has been hidden from the American public quite successfully but events may take place that would be impossible for the MSM to hide. A successful major Houthi incursion into Saudi Arabia would have repercussions such as spiking oil prices which cannot be hidden from the public.

But before an invasion of KSA happens, why not end the war? The author in the article speaks of how the US and UK could end the war tomorrow by withdrawing their support. I generally agree with that assessment but then why is the war continuing with the situation having deteriorated so drastically?

My guess is ending the war will precipitate a set of events that elites behind the war in Yemen are trying desperately to avoid.

There is one other possibility to throw out there and that is justification for US and UK direct intervention in the Yemen war due to invasion of KSA and the threat this poses to strategic interests. I see this as a very dicey option (hard sell to the public) but not out of the question.


Yeah was hoping you would follow the link. Was a bit dubious of the MSM shamed idea as well. Although that graphic is stunning. The Empire seems to be getting ready to go to war with a lot of different countries. I put it out a long time ago that Trump is turning the US into a full fledged parody of what it tries on a micro management basis. Instead of just one project at a time just rule the whole damn world. The main blowback seems to be around forcing former enemies into each others embrace as a defense against a common clearly dangerous threat. I think the fluoride in their drinking water is finally taking it’s toll. They believe their own propaganda and the connections to reality gets more tentative with every passing day.

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