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Houthis Launch Badir-1 Rocket At Saudi Military Camp In Jizan


Houthis Launch Badir-1 Rocket At Saudi Military Camp In Jizan

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On September 20, the Yemeni Missiles Force [loyal to the Houthis] launched a Badir-1 artillery rocket at a camp of the Saudi military in the eastern part of the southern Kingdom’s province of Jizan, according to the al-Masirah TV.

“The ballistic missile [badir-1] hit its target accurately and caused loses among the ranks of the Saudi military in the targeted camp,” a source in the Yemeni Missiles Force told the Yemeni TV channel.

Contrary to the claims of the Yemeni Missiles Force, Colonel Turki al-Malaki, a spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, stated that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSAD) tracked and intercepted a “ballistic missile” of the Houthis, which was heading towards Jizan.

“This hostile action by terrorist al-Houthi militias backed by Iran proves the continuing involvement of the Iranian regime in support of Al-Houthi armed militias with qualitative capabilities in a clear and explicit defiance for the violation of United Nations resolutions (2216 and 2231) in order to threaten the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the regional and international security,” the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV quoted Col. al-Malaki as saying.

The Badir-1 artillery rocket, which is a copy of the Iranian rocket Fajir-3, was reportedly launched from the northern Yemeni province of Saada, the heartland of the Houthis. According to al-Arabiya, the Houthis have launched at least 198 “ballistic missiles” on Saudi Arabia since the outbreak of the war in 2015. Most of these missiles and rockets were launched from Saada.



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  • VGA

    They don’t seem to have much of an effect except probably costing a lot of money to the saudis launching expensive Patriot missiles to intercept these. Earlier in the war they had a couple of big hits!

  • Smaug

    The question we should ask is how would the Houthis know that the rocket caused casualties so quickly?

  • jade villaceran

    Calling the houthis criminals and terrorist while saudi are the one bombing civilians, they learned fast from their weapon supplier