Houthis Kill Several Sodilers, Destroy 3 Vehicles In Cross-Border Raids Against Saudi Forces (Videos)

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Houthis Kill Several Sodilers, Destroy 3 Vehicles In Cross-Border Raids Against Saudi Forces (Videos) 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

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On January 13, Houthi fighters ambushed and destroyed two vehicles of the Saudi Army in al-Zor area of the southern Saudi province of Najran, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. During the ambush, the Houthis killed all the Saudi soldiers who were inside the two vehicles and clashed with Saudi border forces that came to recover the bodies of the dead Saudi soldiers.

Also in southern Saudi Arabia, the Houthis destroyed a vehicle armed with a 14.5mm of the Saudi Army in Shyabah border position of Jizan province with an ATGM.

Al-Masirah TV added that the Houthis conducted several hit and run attacks against positions of the Saudi-led coalition and pro-Saudi forces in the western part of the province of Taiz in southwestern Yemen. The Houthis also destroyed an armored vehicle of the Saudi-led coalition with an ATGM killing or injuring all of its crew.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition announced, that its warplanes killed five commanders of the Houthis “Yhya Hussine al-Ayani”, “Ahmad Askari al-Bahlaki”, “Ali Sharaf al-Deen”, “Abdullah Hassan Abdo” and “Ali Mohammad Abd al-Rahman”.

According to the Saudi-led coalition, five commanders were killed in Saudi airstrikes in different areas of Yemen on January 12, along with thirty other fighters of the Houthis.

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Promitheas Apollonious

finally the way are going houthis will train saudis to become fighters learning from them.

Richard M

Hilarious seeing the Orcs getting a taste of their own medicine!


Well many Houthi fighters go about barefoot so they may be the hobbits. Undernourished though.

Richard M

No one ever said getting into Mordor was going to be easy!


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Nicely done, pour the damn wahabbists with bombs


Good killin, bad camera work.


Wack off to pictures of Saudi mercenaries dying, while FORGETTING that Saudi Arabia can afford an INFINITE number of such losers recruited from those s–thole muslim nations Trump recently refered to with sad accuracy.

Meanwhile millions of innocent Humans suffer terribly in Yemen- and THEIR suffering is missing from Southfront, cos it would have you thinking the WRONG thoughts.

The BAD people never want you thinking about the innocent victims, or their true numbers. Putin refuses to take on the Empire of the West, so proxy wars multiply and millions more Humans get drawn into hell. If Iran didn’t (correctly) fear attack by America, the Yemen war would be over now. Putin’s cowardice and servile slavery to Israel means the planet has no real hope. Putin is sticking his fingers into ever more holes appearing in the ‘dam’ rather than manning-up and dealing properly with the problem.

The BAD people want you to think war is ‘FUN’, rather than focus on ending wars. So war is normalised, and ever nastier ways of fighting war are normalised. The ONLY good reason to fight war is to END war. The people of Yemen cannot end the war there no matter what they do. Their fate is in the hands of people like Putin, but Putin only cares about what the jews of Israel want.

Putin’s ‘contribution’ to the Yemen war was voting at the UN to ban weapon supplies the legitimate defenders of Yeman, and offering Russia weapon systems to Saudi Arabia- what a ‘hero’.


They can afford to recruit an infinite number of losers if they have money. The bank account is emptying very fast. And China is lowering it’s oil orders every year. What if the Houthis target oil rigs? Or gain a better efficiency in targeting high value assets? Then the Saudi not only can’t recruit but will go bankrupt and may face the prospect of being invade and lose territory (in their Shia provinces close to Yemen and Irak).

=Kory Walace

Jesus Christ! Do ya watch Fox news much? what are you talking about?


I smell a low IQ rat.

=Kory Walace

of course?


Another anti-Russian troll – it’s just more of same – ‘blame Putin for everything’ – that we see in daily western MSM. ‘Starlight’ is operating from a more oblique angle – but intent is the same – smear Russia and its leadership that ruined the Neo-Con’s game in Syria.


“means the planet has no real hope”

If you have some brain you would know that there is hope. I can give you some of the info if you want.

Larissa Vanderbilt

So what should Putin do champ? Take on the US and NATO in one great roll of the dice? Patience and restraint are often greater signs of true strength than violence and confrontation . .


On the second video. One of the soldiers is bare footed. And since they don’t have explosives, they used matches to burn the place down. The power of the will to survive cannot be overshadowed by technology.

=Kory Walace

With the U.S importing less and less of Saudi oil and China being their number one customer and also not using the U.S dollar to do so there are some interesting times ahead for us!

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