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Houthis Kill Saudi-Backed Fighters And Destroy Vehicles In New Attack On Western Yemeni Coast (18+ Video)


On November 23, the Houthis attacked several positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies near the area of al-Jubaiylah in the district of al-Tuhayat on the western coast of Yemen, according to al-Masirah TV.

A video of the attack shows Houthi fighters storming the coalition’s positions killing several Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters. Additionally, the Houthis burned two military pickup trucks, which had been left behind by coalition troops.

Official documents seized by the Houthis in the course of the attack revealed that a high number of Saudi-led coalition troops had run away from the ongoing battles on the western Yemeni coast. The documents also contained the names of many other fighters who were injured in action.

Ten days ago, the Saudi-led coalition announced a humanitarian ceasefire around the Houthi-held city of al-Hudaydah. However, the coalition continued to carry out attacks, which forced the Houthis to respond with limited counter-offensive operations.


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  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Saudi headchoppers have been humiliated once again. Only winner is Toyota which will sell more land cruisers and Hilux pickups. No wonder Toyota is the biggest auto manufacturers, the Saudis are replacing them at the highest rate :)

    • S Melanson

      The most insightful comment I have seen in a while. ;)

    • Jakke1899

      The Saudi’s are wasting them faster then their manufactured…

    • potcracker2588

      saudi 46,200 pickups,qatar 32,000. UAE 11,650 jordanian army 4500 the numbers are faalling for pickups sold to those countries since 2017

  • S Melanson

    “Official documents seized by the Houthis in the course of the attack revealed that a high number of Saudi-led coalition troops had run away from the ongoing battles on the western Yemeni coast.”

    I posted two days ago the following: Hodeidah now just air strikes. The Coalition forces cut off in Hodeidah I suspect are now disintegrating through desertion/surrender. The original force, now a remnant, will cease to exist by end of week. Just in time for the peace talks.

    Zionism=Evil has just announced the official winner of the war. And the winner is TOYOTA.. Well they earned it, ho debate there. Toyota CEO remarks: Well we have to thank the Houthis for being so nice and helpful by blowing up our Toyotas so we can sell many more to the Coalition that has more money than brains. Houthis gratefully acknowledge the CEO’s very insightful statement.

    The Coalition are not available as they are at the ceremony awarding them the Nobel Prize for Incompetence. Well they certainly earned it..

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    Why do Saudis always put their outposts on rubbish dumps? ;) Is there something against using pigs as soldiers in Islam or is it only a problem if you eat them when they are inevitably killed by Houthis?

    • PZIVJ

      Poor military discipline by Saudi coalition trash. Notice the non camouflage colors used in their camp also.
      Perhaps they thought this was just a camping trip in Houthi land. This is good, hope to see many more videos like this. :)

      • Potato Potato

        Saudi “Army” (Glorified royal thugs) has the 3rd highest military budget in the world, yet their soldiers are armed with old AK-47s, don’t wear complete uniforms, and wear either civilian sneakers or sandals instead of combat boots. What a joke.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Most people don’t realize that the only real fighters in the Saudi mercenary military prior to 2009 (when Saudis started backing (AlCIAda in Yemen) against the Shia, were the Yemenis. Since then the Yemenis have left the Saudi military and have been largely replaced by Pakis, Sudanese and other Africans. Average Saudi Bedouin is dumber than a rock and can not even change a car tire, let alone fight a war against some of the toughest people on earth dating back to the Queen of Sheba.

          • FlorianGeyer

            ” some of the toughest people on earth dating back to the Queen of Sheba. ”

            The same brave fighters who booted the British out of Aden in the 60’s.
            At that time the Commonwealth Police in Aden was led by British officers and the ‘other ranks ‘ were Pakistani.

            An old friend of mine, now deceased, was an officer in the police and he had to advance behind the police with a drawn pistol to stop them running away :)

            The Houthis are a legend.
            Bravo to them all.

        • namulit emperor

          And no periscope binoculars for their fortified positions or trenches…

        • FlorianGeyer

          The Saudi forces in Yemen are led by an Australian General :)

          Need I say more :)

    • FlorianGeyer

      Badly disciplined make everywhere into a ‘Rubbish Dump’. :)

  • northerntruthseeker .

    Good for the Houthis! Keep on fighting and killing these women and children killing bastards!


    The Saudis tell their stupid Orc mercenaries that they will have a fine time in Yemen doing drugs, looting, raping as many women and boys as they like. Then when the Orcs arrive they find out they have been lied to and they will soon be killed or become POWs. Eventually word will filter back to Pakistan, Sudan and other Orc supplying regions that a trip to Yemen is a one-way trip to Hell. Then the supply of recruits will dwindle rapidly. Just as the numbers moving to join the ISIS “Caliphate” have dwindled to nil.

    • S Melanson

      This is already a problem. It took 4 months to put together a new force to attack Hodeidah and the only reason they attacked when they did, in my opinion, is the US gave them an expiry date for the war. latest fiasco means it will be worse but peace negotiations will save the coalition further embarrassment on the battlefield.

      Now we move on to new source of coalition embarrassment: diplomacy.

  • Jens Holm

    Thats how You are. Sensible Houtis should build and repair cars, but off course its easier to destroy things.