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Houthis’ Intelligence Service Reveals Details On Al-Qaeda’s Structure In Ma’rib

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Houthis' Intelligence Service Reveals Details On Al-Qaeda’s Structure In Ma’rib

The banner of the Yemeni General Intelligence Service

On March 6, the Yemeni General Intelligence Service, which is allied with the Houthis (Ansar Allah), revealed details on al-Qaeda’s structure in the central province of Ma’rib.

In a detailed report, the intelligence service revealed information on more than 100 leaders and members of al-Qaeda in the so-called “Wilayah Ma’rib.” The report included the names of about 20 persons who fought before in al-Bayda and eight leaders who fought in al-Jawf.

“Marib province represents the main artery of al-Qaeda organization, [including those] who were present in al-Bayda province, especially the Qifah area, before it was cleared,” the report reads.

The report names Wilayah Ma’rib’s commanders as it follows:

  • Samir Rayan, “Mutaz al-Hadrami,”: the General Emir [Commander] of Wilayah Ma’rib.
  • Akram Hussein Hussein al-Qalisi, “Auiys al-San’ani,”: the Military Commander of Wilayah Ma’rib.
  • Osama Hussein Hajam al-Hussni, “Muaz al-San’ani,”: Millitary Supplies Director.
  • Jamal Abdh Nasir Sa’ad al-Qumadi, “Abu Abdulrahman al-San’ani,”: Medical Director.
  • Salim al-Iraqi, “Bashir,”: Financial Director.
  • Munsir Mabkhut Hadi al-Faqir al-Muradi, “al-Zubir al-Muradi,”: Commander of Munt Murad Front.
  • Jalal Ahmad Sa’ad al-Sba’ai, “Hashid al-Dub,”: Commander of al-Alam Front.
  • Wail Hadish Nasir Urayj al-Waili, “Abu Musab al-Waili,”: Procurement Director.
  • Bashir Ahmad Qaid al-Omrani, “Abu Baker al-Ebi,”: Medical Director at Ma’rib Hospital.
  • Abdallah Ahmad Sa’aid Suhayb al-Zaydi, “Abu Turab al-Ma’ribi,” Saleh al-Hijazi, “Abu Amar al-Juhmi,” and Majd Ahmad Saleh al-Silmi, “Numr al-San’ani,”: Transportation and Movement Directors.
Houthis' Intelligence Service Reveals Details On Al-Qaeda’s Structure In Ma’rib

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The General Intelligence Service also revealed the coordinates of many hideouts, camps, medical points, ammunition depots of al-Qaeda in Ma’rib. Some of the positions are hosting senior leaders of Wilayah Ma’rib. Others, are operating with the knowledge of Saudi-backed forces.

“Wilayah Ma’rib operates a number of camps, and they vary between preaching camps only, or military and advocacy camps if they are in a place that is an incubator for the organization, such as the village of al-Khatla al-Fuqa’ra,” the report reads.

According to the agency’s report, the recent operations by the Houthis and their allies in al-Bayda have pushed several cells of al-Qaeda to Ma’rib.

Currently, the Houthis are leading a large-scale attack against Saudi-backed forces and al-Qaeda in Ma’rib. The advance is slow. However, the situation on the ground is in favor of the Yemeni group and its allies.


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Furkan Sahin

Long live Ansar Allah


people dont understand how the coming together of this party ansarallah is as great as the islamic revolution in iran and the amount of claims ansarallah has is so incredible i sometimes cant believe it myself first some claim to be the real hashemite blood and others like yahya sari who are close to iran claim themselves as descendants from sassanian nobles his name sari is my town and he claims he is descendant from sari from over a millenia ago


ansarallah itself is kind of a miracle when you really go into the detail of all their claims of ancestry and such


i personally wouldnt know how to handle this in the place of the pahlavi losers and iam not suprised nowadays to look back at history and how the islamic republic behaved compared to the shah because they had greater claim than the shah being descendants of sassanid noble houses and muslims no suprise the pahlavis kind of tried to oppress yemen


clans are truely amazing and sustainable they are

Icarus Tanović

Al hava Hambargar is the main character.

Al Balog

Ansar Allah an hour ago made a big advance around the bottom half of the lake.



i kinda knew that it would end up in an incomplete siege of the city because the terrain is a mess


they have to cut the two main roads north and south while the third possible route is easy targeted and mined and i would go to deep into the desert leaving the mountains and hills to tell the truth but first take out the mayority of large formations with alot of rpg mortars sniping sabotage and such


i dont believe marib will be able to stay to tell the truth if marib doesnt get seized it will probably end up pretty empty soon causing a huge mess moving towards saudis while also a number of people will join ansarallah or the south


i can say from experience of talking with yemenis out of yemen who some fled to iran and what they say is that aqap is saudis from a ghetto like brainwashed wahabi lower society in which they are growing up in saudi arabia and they just want money and power and slavery is for them money and power and more is not about them


i believe aqap is not going to follow any rules and norms but i also believe they are very weak and dependent maybe even more so than saudis themselves which might sound absurd since the saudis are utter puppets


the issue is simply won because ansarullah is the rising entity it wins people on its side and on the other side ansarallah depends on ansarallah and if they need something they learn to build this on their own and if they cant they find other ways they are simply revolution and evolution in one and saudi degeneration cant do a thing


people of our time know hezbollah as deterrance but certainly ansarallah is the resistance of today and saudis are underestimating humanity its that simply the enemy of humanity underestimates always what they made themselves an enemy of


Mr farbat, have you considered taking prescription prozac? It’s guaranteed to stop these symptoms of reverie right away. You’ll be much more focused and coordinated in your thinking. It well and truly will help out the rest of us here too.Please consult a psychiatrist.


heroic vigilance and heroic will is what ansarallah shall deliver and we need just to have patience

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