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JUNE 2023

Houthis Halt Missile And Drones Attacks On Saudi Arabia And UAE, Call For Peace Talks

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Houthis Halt Missile And Drones Attacks On Saudi Arabia And UAE, Call For Peace Talks

Illustrative image, By the Houthis media wing

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the head of the Houthis’ Supreme Revolutionary Committee, announced on November 18 that the Yemeni group has halted its missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE as a goodwill gesture and called for peace talks to end the war in Yemen.

“After our contacts with the U.N. envoy and his request to stop drone and missile strikes … We announce our initiative … to halt missile and drone strikes on the countries of aggression,” Mohammed al-Houthi said in an official statement, according to the Reuters news agency.

Mohammed al-Houthi also stressed that his group only used missiles and armed drones to deter the Saudi-led coalition and stop its attacks on Yemeni civilians and infrastructure.

“If the coalition of aggression wants peace, we are ready to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts,” Mohammed al-Houthi added.

Last month, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen and revealed that UN-led negotiations to end the war will begin soon. However, the Saudi-led coalition ignored U.S. calls and launched a surprise attack on the Houthi-held city of al-Hudaydah on the western coast of Yemen on November 3.

Less than ten days later, the Saudi-led coalition announced a temporary humanitarian ceasefire in al-Hudaydah after failing to achieve any significant advance on the ground.

The Houthis’ initiative will like result in more pressure from the international community on the Saudi-led coalition, which is now the only side that’s rejecting peace talks.

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Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarollah have won and are now giving the Saudi coward headchoppers and their Emirati poodles a way out. The UAE is also groveling to Dr. Assad in Syria and is reopening its embassy as even the Zionist puppets can see the handwriting on the wall. Iran and Iraq are creating the largest free trade and industrial zone near Umm al Qasr the Shia heartland.

S Melanson

They did better than that, the coalition force in Hodeidah has now been degraded to the point it is no longer an effective fighting force. This happened in June. Houthi ace in pocket they have shown to MbS – Houthis can take war into KSA and so make peace or we take a piece of your kingdom

Brother Ma

Haha. America invaded Iraq to make it theirs and only managed to push them more into the arms of Iran. Even the ones that cheered the US then turned against them at a later date. Haha

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

funny how things turn out yes? :)))

Carlos Correia

time for china to step in mediation.. i know they wont, but is a great wasted opportunity to teach west a lesson


So why would they do this, has the US had second thoughts about supporting the invasion and annexation of Yemen?


A good will gesture by N Yemen for the talks. This may only be about launches into the territories of Saudi Arabia and UAE? So they can use more of them around Hudaydah or save them up for later use? :)

S Melanson

This is a signal from Houthis the Coalition forces in Hodeidah are significantly degraded and pose little threat. Houthis now in a position of strength which is why they are ready for talks. Everything already set up for talks in Sweden and yes, US is serious, this was clear when they started the thirty day clock.

Let us see what peace comes of this.


There’s no position of strength, only of responsibility.

Civilian deaths by indiscriminate bombing, starvation and sickness could lead to an uprising against the Houthis; on the other hand the international community remains silence about these atrocities in Saudi favor. Therefore the civilian population might held the Houthis responsible.

As for the Gulf Monarchies, I higly doubt their intellectual and moral capabilities, thus they will simply spamming endless waves of mercenaries or will utilize other heinous methods by any means.


Hmm peace is a good thing, but I don’t know how these talks with the headchopers will be held it may just fail talks in first try. I know that the Wahhabi will want something crazy and the Houthis will deny and it will continue on, and the Wahhabi will be happy.

S Melanson

It is already done. Sweden will be hosting the peace talks and the Houthis agreed to send delegation to Sweden when Coalition agreed to allow evacuation of dozens of wounded and sick. The Coalition’s time is up, and they got nowhere.

This is also a signal from Houthis the Coalition forces in Hodeidah are significantly degraded and pose little threat. Houthis now in a position of strength which is why they are ready for talks. Let us see what peace comes of this.


The very optimistic approach of your analysis and evaluation of the events on the ground makes me wonder, my dearest friend.

S Melanson

I am optimistic but try to stay grounded. My comments are public and you can review them anytime. I have been making calls on Yemen developments for some time now and my track record speaks for itself.

I use my real name and stand behind what I post. When shown to be wrong, and I have, I graciously acknowledge my error.


My annotation was not meant as an open questioning on your identity, rather the expression of my curiosity on the very optimistic source of your evaluation.

There might be things, I haven’t had taken into consideration; or is it just your very own philanthropic nature of wishful thinking. However, I hope you might be right.

S Melanson

I did not take it that way at all. But I point out my track record on events in Yemen have proven accurate. It is less optimism and more research into the history and current situation and understanding the nuances of press releases that tell more than what is in the printed story.


Are there any valuable and trustworthy sources/websites, dedicated to the yemeni War?

S Melanson

I would say not to trust most sources but some are less trustworthy than others. Houthis tend to be fairly accurate but not always. So statements from Houthi leadership and military are good sources overall. Coalition statements and Arab Gulf State media that are aligned with Coalition are notorious for outright lies. But I read what they say as clues are given as to what is really happening.

News is much harder to come by on Yemen then Syria. There is a lot of reporting on humanitarian situation but it is also inaccurate.

I have not time at the moment but will reply later with some info that may help as Yemen is not easy to get the picture right.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i was hoping houthis would take the war all the way to riyadh!!

S Melanson

The Houthi threat to KSA sovereignty is one ace in pocket. The victory in Hodeidah shows the Houthis can maintain the heat in Southern KSA provinces even with Coalition going all out to take port and going all out to destroy basic infrastructure like food, water hospitals etc.

Nothing worked. The Houthis refused to submit, repelled the offensives and strike at will inside KSA. No need to go to Riyadh, already there in mind and spirit as far as MbS concerned. Let us see if Houthis as skilled in diplomacy as in warfare.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

would be awesome to see houthis attacking MbS palace tho :)))

S Melanson

Yes it would, and with MbS trapped inside. The Houthis message to MbS, not even Trump’s Tweets can save you now…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


R Trojson

Houthis have finally wised up and started down the road to peace. They see the only alternative for them is death and destruction.


why dont u go fuck your jewish mum up her jew ass u satanic jew motherfucker

R Trojson

You are one sick puppy.


Fighting for freedom is wiser than kneeling for a false truce.

R Trojson

Looks like Houthis waving the white flag was just a ploy on their part since they just launched more missiles at Saudis. They are going to force Saudis to exterminate every last Houthi, this is going to be ugly for the next 20 years… starvation, disease and death… we all know Houthis already have starvation disease and death but it will get so bad … we all know how it will end.

R PLobo

Houthis are the biggest rock stars ever!


The real struggle will take place on the negotiation table, where brute force does not take in account.

Time will tell.

Promitheas Apollonious

peace talks with the americans involved in the talks and in sweden? Watch a cluster fuck for the houthis in the making.

S Melanson

This is where we see how skilled Houthis in diplomacy. We already know their skill in warfare.

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