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Houthis Firing Barrage Of Missiles At Saudi Targets Using Underground Launch Sites (Video)

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Houthis Firing Barrage Of Missiles At Saudi Targets Using Underground Launch Sites (Video)

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On July 3, the Houthis for the first time showcasing their undeground launch sites firing from them a barrage of misiles at Saudi targets.

Since the very start of the Saudi-led intervention, the coalition has been seeking to eliminate the Houthis’ capabilities of launching ballistic missiles and to destroy the missiles’ stockpiles. However, this goal has not been achieved so far.

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You can call me Al

So please tell us how many were fired.


Go Houthis and God bless you, wish you strength and victory.




To bad the oil in that peninsula is under the feet of the Saudis as opposed to the Yemenis, because given all that has been thrown at them. At-least the Yemenis have shown themselves to be an inventive bunch that actually makes things from their own hands, as opposed to the lazy, unindustrious and useless Saudis and Gulf Arabs.


Yemenis are very hardworking people, it’s well known in the Middle East.

Hisham Saber

The Yemenis like their Afghan counterparts, cannot be defeated. They are true warriors.

Icarus Tanović

That is very true.


It seems that there are vast untapped deposits of oil under Yemen.
That’s why the Saudis, with US support want to install a puppet Government in Yemen.

All wars are about money.


Whats the point of going thru all this trouble if all you are gonna do is launch one or two rockets that have a high chance of getting shot down by the saudi patriot system?

You need to launch 5 or more simultaneously(like within seconds of each other), in order to overload patriot and get one thru to the target…


I was about to suggest the exact opposite be done. While a missile barrage getting through would be a PR coupe, the real damage in setting off defense systems, alert warnings, and a nail-biting rumour mill overflow as often as possible is the more damaging method in the long run.

The Houthis have to bypass Saudi media control, the best way to do that is to convince the non elites of SA that those in power do not have their interests at heart, or even view the populace as expendable. If people become convinced that there being lied to during a dangerous situation, they’re more likely to take matters into their own hands.

Firing a single missile 3 times a day keeps everyone on edge and highly stressed, eventually to some sort of braking point.


True, in most cases, but it won’t win this war.
This is a “holy war” houthi versus wahhabist. And landing a missile on ryadah palace whilst also killing some of the leadership would do some good(everyone in saudi land are held hostage by the king).
Kill em all…

Hisham Saber

By reputation, the Patriots are lousy interceptors. With many veering badly off course. Plus, how many Patriots is Saudi Arabia going to deploy. Most are around sensitive sites in Riyadh.

The Houthis are planning for a missile war, and a war of attrition on the ground, where coalition mercs will quickly dry up, and the Houthis will emerge victorious.


That may be but… The houthis are dieing by starvation. If the sauds take this port its all over and the houthis know this.
I wish more people knew about this bullshit, its morally corrupt to the core… and WE ARE INVOLVED.
Criminals, our deep state has become, and trump is bullshit too…


It seems the Patriot system has a better chance of killing the launcher than killing the incoming missile.


Haven’t seen it blow up in the launcher yet…


True, I didn’t mean the actual missile launcher, just that they seem to do a U turn shortly after launch, and crash into the ground.


Well… they can’t all be winners now can they?

Jan Tjarks

The missiles being fired to Saudi Arabia are basically a method to create unrest in Saudi Arabia and to get world wide attention. Which they still don’t get beside the bare minium to make main stream media look unbiased.

Hopefully the Houthis know to which extent this tool makes sense and focus on the real front lines.


May God give strength to Houthis to eliminate these all ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates.


Should focus on them on the massing troops on the western coast…


The danger is that the video’s expose the geological structure of the launch sites.
Sadly enough, the population, in those areas, will not be spared by the MBS branch of the House of Al Saud.

Joe Kerr

The video deliberately blurred most of the background to make it difficult to id the area. The MBS house of filth and cowards will no doubt target a school or hospital in response.

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