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Houthis Fire Ballistic Missile At Saudi Military Command & Control Center In Jizan

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Houthis Fire Ballistic Missile At Saudi Military Command & Control Center In Jizan

Yemen’s Houthis movement has fired a ballistic missile at a Saudi military command & control center in the Saudi province of Jizan, the pro-Houthi al-Masirah TV channel reported on December 16.

According to the report, the Houthis launched a Qaher M-2 missile that accurately hit the target south of Jizan.

Colonel Aziz Rashid, a spokesman for the pro-Houthi part of the Yemeni military, said that the missile strike was a preemptive attack to foil activities of the Saudi-backed mercenaries.

Houthi forces regularly fire ballistic missile at positions inside Saudi Arabia from Yemen. Saudi Arabia and its allies, including the US, accuse Iran of supplying these missiles to the Houthis.

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Jim Prendergast

Go Houthis!


So, Nikki Haley was correct! Iranian weapons being shot from Yemen into Saudi Arabia. The Qaher M-2 missile is just an Iranian Qaher missile with a fancy Yemen paint job.


Sure… It must be Iranian, specially as Qaher-1 is a modified Soviet SA-2 missile, modified by Yemen!

I couldn’t find info on it’s M2 variant, but here’s Qaher-1 wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qaher-1

PS. I think you may have mixed Qaher 313 airplane up with Qaher missile, can it be? It’s hard to tell!


Qaher-I’s had bigger motors and travel further. The Qaher II’s could have a bigger, or smaller warhead. All of them are modified SA-2s and came from Russia, and were later customized by Iran…then shipped to Yemen.


Okay… And which route they took to smuggle this missile? Based on the “Honest Nikki”, even the fuselage of the missile was “made in Iran”. So does it mean Iranians smuggle the whole missile in one part or did they disassemble, smuggle and re-assembled it? We can’t assume Iran sent one missile because every single missile which Yemenis fired are apparently Iranian.

There are moral lessons: – Saudis and US suck at blockading smaller and weaker countries. – Iranians are either great smugglers or they order the lamp Genie to do their dirty work. – Iranians are so evil. Instead of smuggling medicine or food, they smuggle unlimited number of 10meters long missiles (nevermind who created cholera and starvation in the first place). – Iranians are also dumb. Instead of SAMs (which Yemenis don’t have) they send SRBMs or MRBMs (which Yemenis have themselves). Again, nevermind about why they need air defence. Bombing civilians on a daily basis with average 40-50 civilians murder everyday is also Iran’s fault. – Internet boards are curious places. Any hillbilly can pull all kinds of wild assumptions out of his bottom and never think of backing his claims with a single shred of evidence. Just say “Iran did it” or even better “Russia did it” and you’re golden!

No offence SAFE, I don’t mean you’re a hillbilly. Your information about Qaher II missile (which “could have” a bigger or smaller warhead) seems amazingly accurate. Don’t concern yourself with links or pesky things like proof, it’s beneath your exceptional self.

Graeme Rymill

https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/yemen-unveiled-qaher-m2-ballistic-missile.486112/ Yemeni Houthis Unveiled Qaher-M2 Ballistic Missile Range: 400 Km Warhead: 350 Kg​

“Like the Qaher-1, the new version is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) from the old S-75 (SA-2 ‘Guideline’) air defence system that has been adapted for the surface-to-surface role. The rebels said the Qaher-M2 has a range of 400 km with a 350 kg warhead and is capable of landing within 5-10 m of its aim point. When it was unveiled in December 2015, the Qaher-1 was said to have a range of 300 km with a 200 kg warhead, the same weight as the one carried by the SAM.” [from: http://www.janes.com/article/69120/yemeni-rebels-attempt-apparent-ballistic-missile-saturation-attack ]


Thank you for the links, but unfortunately the video in the first link you provided (Pak defence) is no longer available.

Did I understand correctly that it’s not an “Iranian” missile? They did an amazing job though. They modified a missile (S-75) with a 200kg warhead and an operational range of 45KM into a missile able to carry a 350Kg warhead to 400KM distance. Considering the original missile is a SAM I’d say they are brilliant.

Graeme Rymill

I have no idea if it is an Iranian missile or if it is a Houthi missile. You said, in reply to SAFE, “I couldn’t find info on it’s M2 variant”. You then berated him for not supplying links. I simply provided a link for you. I can’t do much about the video not working but there is still some useful information on that page.

It does seem strange that a modified s-75 can be given ten times the range And a bigger warhead. Normally you might expect a longer range and smaller warhead or vice versa. Not sure if those quoted figures can be accurate. Who knows?


No silly, I made fun of his ruling on the warhead which may be bigger or smaller, not on not posting a link.

And the last part of my reply to you is just for what you said, it’s amazing they managed to almost 10fold the range with a twice heavier payload on a missile which wasn’t designed as a surface to surface missile.

Graeme Rymill

lol… you didn’t berate him for not posting links? Here’s a quiz for you… who said this:

“Don’t concern yourself with links or pesky things like proof, it’s beneath your exceptional self.” i guess that, once again, you have conveniently “forgotten”.


You’ve got issues, perhaps not mentally but definitely with English.


This is how the zionist trolls use a fascination with irrelevant detail to tie up people here. Team Safe bought old Russian weapons from the ex-soviet nations and provided it to the wahhabi terrorists in Syria. Then the jewish controlled press, quoted by Team Safe, blamed Russia for the terrorism in Syria by pointing out the terrorists were using russian weaponary.

Those here attacking Russia and Iran will use the same orwellain lying tactics the ‘chosen’ have always deployed across the tribes existence.

chris chuba

Or it was just a native Scud C variant produced by the Houthis but the Saudis got a hold of some of the debris from Iran’s missile attack on ISIS at Deir Ezzor. The missile debris also included a U.S. made part, the head choppers messed up and gave the Saudis the remains of a U.S. made missile in their gift package.


Nikki Haley is certainly no authority on international affairs and diplomacy, yet was appointed to the top US UN posting regardless, likewise is safe to say Nikki Haley is no authority on the constituent details of surface to surface missile systems and the specifics of Soviet era designs.

Graeme Rymill

Let me get this straight Bob – you are suggesting that Nikki Haley prepared her briefing unassisted by any US military intelligence analysts? That she did a quick Google search on Iranian missiles and then sat down and whipped up some Powerpoints? That is one impressive lady! :-)


Do you think they really listen to the experts, if those experts don’t support what they want can’t confirm it based on their experties?

One thing is not so clear for me. Can a missile fuselage (>1m in diameter), a ballistic missile which traveled about 1000KM, reached insane velocity and at the end of it’s path (meaning max. velocity), fell from the sky and hit the surface (and I’m not even talking about Saudi claim of intercepting it, meaning blowing it up in the sky), remain in one piece with no apparent dents and perfectly remain tube-like?

Because UN says this “evidence” can’t prove anything..


Did Colin Powell also use “experts” for his show in the UN?

Graeme Rymill

Colin Powell did use “experts”. I cannot defend them. They made several crucial errors: they tailored their intelligence to what their political masters wanted to hear; they believed or chose to believe people like Ahmed Chalabi who were totally unreliable; they assumed that because Saddam had cheated the UN in the past on the question of WMD he therefore was still lying.

As to my reply about Nikki Haley “Bob” criticizes her because he rightfully claims she knows nothing about missiles. Of course he is correct but his criticism is misplaced. He needs to criticize the experts who provide Haley with her information. Of course he fails to do this because he knows as little about missiles as Haley does.

The point you make about a missile fuselage remaining in one piece is likely wrong. These modified Scuds often break up in flight. Many of Saddam’s Scuds did so. There are also strong suggestions online that this particular modification to the warhead (a bottle shaped warhead or nosecone as opposed to the more conventional tapering to a point nosecone of a Scud) is intended to separate from the main body. This makes interception by Patriots difficult as there are then 2 objects to track. The warhead and guidance part must be differentiated from the remainder engine part for a good interception.

What I think happened is that the warhead hit near the King Khalid runway but didn’t explode. The by then separate engine part was hit by a Patriot and bits fell all over the place. I could look for links to support my contention but I couldn’t be bothered. You seem unable to accept anything I say unless it is all neatly tied up with a ribbon. Logical thought , inductive reasoning and synthesising various sources to make a coherent whole seem beyond you. When it suits you, you dissemble (i.e.lie) – one kilometre becomes a “few” kilometres to hide the fact that it was 25 km. Anything to hide the fact that your argument was rubbish. You reject a pro-Houthi source that clears puts responsibility for a civilian airport attack on the houthis and their allies because they use an “unknown spokesman”. As if a pro-Houthi source would lie about their responsibility.


Well. if Nikki Haley and Powell did listen to the experts and it was experts who gave them this info, bad for their country with such lousy experts.

I find it hard to believe that experts as such levels be such uninformed, but what do I know? Perhaps they are just like that.

You apparently didn’t get my point about the missile fuselage at all, so I rephrase: If we hang that tube from a crane at 100 meters height and just let it fall (for get about the velocity, pressure, heat and Saudi patriots and explosions and booms) and hit the ground, will it remain like that in the pics after it hit the ground? I wouldn’t be surprised if you say yes.

I really don’t care what you say about me. I still wait for you to show me an instance of Houthi attack on civilians. You say King Khalid airport (which wasn’t hit and the Houthis didn’t say they targeted it) is enough for you to compare them with Saudis’ daily bombings of civilian homes? Then we clearly have different ideas about what makes us human. Don’t dance. Houthis were not and are not shy to declare their targets and attacks. Apparently they are only shy in this particular matter but you’re happy to accept anybody’s words as long as using an unknown source you can prove they are as bad as Saudis. Good for you.


No – my point is her presentation was a classic grandstanding exercise in politics not in technical proof. Obviously some agency put it together for her – but do you really think Haley can seriously asses and grasp the intricacies of the missile system components and parts and know where they came from – she is only capable of repeating what she is told.


And 3…2…1…. The combined whining of Saudis, US government, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, France and others about Iran’s missiles.

How different are the two sides of this war: One side, the most over-armed and under-man army in the world, most of their attacks are directed at the civilian population and infrastructures. The “free and democratic world” backs them!! The other side, the poorest country in ME, they mostly defend but their few attacks are directed at military targets and soldiers. “The free and democratic world” calls them terrorists and in best case, rebels but they never forget to bring Iran to this: Iran-backed rebels. Even the missile fired on November 4th was directed at the Riyadh airbase which is very close to the King Khalid International Airport. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know that and think Yemenis targeted a commercial airport. You can’t find this info on MSM, that’s for sure.

Riyadh Air Base

Riyadh Air Base map and info


You talk as if the NONSENSE ‘facts’ spewed about this war have any meaning. KSA is armed to the teetth by Russia, China and the West (yes Putin and Chinese leaders happily sell the wahhabi horrors whatever they want, at the behest of the British government that MADE modern day Saudi Arabia – and Israel).

UN resolutions, supported by PUTIN, allow KSA to get any weapons, but ban all weapon supplies to the people of Yemen fighting the wahhabi invaders. Only Iran supports Yemen, and that for highly cynical reasons.

Jewish influence in Russia and China keep both on the WRONG side of history. As a consequence the innocent Yemen people suffer atrocity. And why does Yemen sometimes hit KSA with missiles? To keep the war HOT. Iran figures while Britain and KSA cannot end the Yemen war, they cannot start the Iran war. This has an element of truth to it- but the tactic will soon fail.

Bottom up analysis (what weapons, and where they were targeted and what they hit) is worthless. Top down analysis is how WW1 and WW2 are now understood, and top down analysis is the only way to understand current events too. The REASONS why things are happening, and the true forces that are pulling the strings. Stuff will always happen on the ground, but by zooming in with your microscope and describing what you see, you see the ‘trees’ but not the ‘forest’.

chris chuba

Name the weapons that Russia has sold the KSA. To date, none. Granted the Russians have tried but the KSA always buys from the U.S. and EU. The only weapons system being talked about now are S400’s which is defensive in nature and the KSA has not bought any yet.

888mladen .

Pantsir S1


The Saudis would not dare to buy Russian weapons, it would anger their masters in Washington.

chris chuba

Garga, I’d love to believe this. Did the Houthis themselves make this claim or is this a speculation on your part?


If you mean targeting “Riyadh airbase” that’s not my own speculation (a birdie told me, if you know what I mean but curious thing about birdies is that they don’t exist. So, it’s not confirmed). They targeted this AB before, using the same missile, in March. Link: https://southfront.org/yemeni-missile-hit-king-salman-airbase-near-saudi-capital-media/ (you have comment on that page) They hit King Fahd AB in October 2016 and July 2017 too.

Alternatively if you had time, take a look at the Riyadh map, location of airbase and int’l airport and see if you can find anything about Houthis attack on non-military or purely civilian targets.

chris chuba

True and it is bad form to keep a military airbase next to a civilian airport and the Houthis never said they were targeting the international airport.

Graeme Rymill

Riyadh Air Base is at 24°42′35″N 46°43′31″E

King Khalid International Airport is at 24°42′35″N 46°43′31″E

If i look at these 2 places on Wikimapia and use the distance measure they are at least 25 km apart!!!!

Is there another airbase I am not seeing?


One word was missing from my original comment and you reminded me to add it, thank you.

And thank you for taking the time and actually looking into it.

Graeme Rymill

You have gone to some lengths to argue that the Houthis never target civilians. Unfortunately the example you most focus on, the missile attack on King Khalid airport in Riyadh, indicates that the Houthis have no problem targeting civilians.

For ballistic missile tar targeting, two airports/airbases 25 km apart are not “very close” or “just a few kilometres away” as you claim. To miss your target by twenty five kilometres (just over 15 miles) is a huge miss. A Scud-B has a CEP [Circular Error Probability] of 450 metres. Meaning it has a 50% probability of hitting its intended target within a circle that has a radius of 450 metres. Missiles do miss. They do malfunction. The odds though, in this case, are high that they land in the desert on on a house in Riyadh. The odds that a missile would miss Riyadh air base and land just a few metres from the end of a runway 25km away at King Khalid are very small.

This comment is illuminating:

“A spokesman for the rebels told Al Jazeera they launched a Burkan 2-H missile – a Scud-type missile with a range of more than 800km – towards Riyadh late on Saturday.

‘The capital cities of countries that continually shell us, targeting innocent civilians, will not be spared from our missiles,’ the spokesman said.” [ http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/yemen-houthi-fire-missile-saudi-arabia-riyadh-171104180946302.html ]

The AMN report indicates there was no 25 km miss: “According to the military media wing for the Houthi forces, the missile scored a direct hit on its intended target.” [ https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-houthi-missile-strikes-major-airport-near-riyadh-city/ ]

The Houthis have no problem targeting capital cities and indeed in targeting international civilian airports.


I don’t need to do anything to argue Houthis don’t hit civilian targets. Their actions alone says that. Have they attacked civilians so far? Re. King Khalid Int’l airport, I’d like to see the source if Houthis claimed they targeted it.

You assume they wanted to target the int’l airport, not the old military airport again (like they did before), perhaps because it’s the only thing MSM says in this regard. All we know is Saudis’ claim that they intercepted a missile “directed” at the airport.

I agree about the “illuminating” comment. They said Riyadh (I have to repeat, Riyadh, with a military airport inside the city which was targeted before, using the same kind of missile. I posted the link to Chris a couple of comments below). There’s no picture or videos confirming the hit on the King Khalid airport. Have you seen one? Because I didn’t.

And again, I say actions are louder than claims. So far Houthis (Yemenis, because Yemen army fired and fires a large part of missiles) didn’t attack non-military targets, while all Saudis and their coalition does is attacking civilian homes and infrastructures. I’d be happy if you prove me wrong. Shouldn’t be a problem for you, because there must be something to make you so determined against them.

And for the unseen future, perhaps their patience has it’s limits. Who is to say tomorrow they won’t retaliate in kind against an enemy which understands nothing but force and can’t (or doesn’t) differentiate between civilians and military/combatants? Until such day, either show the proof of their attacks on civilians or take a moment to rethink your stance.

Graeme Rymill

SouthFront itself reported it:

“Pro-Houthi sources say that the missile hit the King Khalid International Airport.” [https://southfront.org/houthis-claim-ballistic-missile-hit-riyadh-saudi-arabia-says-its-intercepted/ ] When combined with the AMN source I quoted before (“the missile scored a direct hit on its intended target”) it is clear that the Houthis say they hit King Khalid International Airport NOT Riyadh Air Base and that the missile’s target was intentional.

As they say in tennis “That’s game, set and match”!!!!

Graeme Rymill

I have to laugh… take a look at the comments at https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/846c8a2eab39d27d0c373223cf498ad864ed820d0e7e3438976c3f2b71f07d75.jpg https://southfront.org/houthis-claim-ballistic-missile-hit-riyadh-saudi-arabia-says-its-intercepted/

And when we follow your link to Saba Net [a pro-Houthi source] we get:

“Urgent: Ballistic missile hits king Khalid International Airport in Riyadh [04/November/2017]

SANAA, Nov 4 (Saba) – The missile force of the army and popular forces fired on Saturday night a long-range ballistic missile Borkan H2 on king Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

An official at the missile force told Saba that the ballistic missile hit the target accurately.”

In summary: no accidental hit on King Khalid International Airport; no attempt to hit Riyadh Air Base but a targeted strike on a civilian target.

Garga – it is clear you will say anything, including lying, to absolve the Houthis. First you allege the two airports were just one kilometre away from each other; now I have caught you, a month ago, providing the exact sort of source you claim you want from me.

” I’d like to see the source if Houthis claimed they targeted it.” lol….Look no further than your own comments!

“Any hillbilly can pull all kinds of wild assumptions out of his bottom and never think of backing his claims with a single shred of evidence………Don’t concern yourself with links or pesky things like proof, it’s beneath your exceptional self.” I have to wonder who is the real hillbilly in this comments sections. Is it SAFE or it it really you? You are either making stuff up or conveniently “forgetting” stuff you have written.


I am the hillbilly here, satisfied? You can conclude anything you want, as long as you give me one record of Houthis attack on civilian targets. I think any link about this attack, where Houthis said anything about targeting this airport will do too.

You didn’t caught anything. My comment is still there you know and in the same comment I posted the airbase’s location.

You’re a smart one, solve this mystery: Houthis claim their missile accurately hit it’s target and Saudis say the missile didn’t hit King Khalid airport.

Graeme Rymill

OK I see i have stuffed up. Your comments were in fact at https://southfront.org/saudi-arabia-blames-iran-for-military-aggression-cites-potential-act-of-war/

I have edited the link in my original comments so it now points at the correct SouthFront article.

You remember almost correctly. I said the report that the missile hit the airport and exploded was incorrect. I argued it was highly unlikely to have exploded due to the minimal damage, lack of a visible crater in satellite photos etc. I do however believe the unexploded warhead came down just off one of the runways at King Khalid International Airport.

As to your “I think any link about this attack, where Houthis said anything about targeting this airport will do too.” What can I say? Y+1ou can’t add 1 +1 and get 3? Read this from SABA Net (i.e. the link you yourself provided): “The missile force of the army and popular forces fired on Saturday night a long-range ballistic missile Borkan H2 on king Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. An official at the missile force told Saba that the ballistic missile hit the target accurately.” I take it that you reject this as evidence because the word “Houthis” doesn’t appear! Oh well…. :-(

Now read the AMN statement: “”According to the military media wing for the Houthi forces, the missile scored a direct hit on its intended target.”

And finally this Al Jazeera article: “Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for a loud explosion in Riyadh, saying they fired a long-range ballistic missile that travelled more than 800km over the border with Saudi Arabia………….. Al Masirah, a TV network run by the Houthi rebels, also claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter.”

Taken together it is clear: 1.The Houthis, in conjunction with the Yemen Army missile force launched a missile. The Houthis unmistakably take responsibility for the launch.

2. The intended target was King Khalid International Airport, a civilian airport 3. The Houthis believe it hit the airport. 4. The Houthis have no problem targeting civilians.

Please join these simple dots… it isn’t hard if you try….


I find (just like in the short comment where I posted it’s link) the Saba net quotation insufficient and unclear, not because they didn’t use the word Houthi but because it’s a quotation from an unnamed source. Houthis have a network and their spokesperson is known. They’re not shy to accept the responsibility of their attacks, but they didn’t say they intended to target King Khalid airport. Do you understand my point or not?

——— Let’s say you’re right and Houthis indeed wanted to hit this airport. Is it the only stance in the recorded history so far that Houthis attacked a non-military target?

Graeme Rymill

It may well be the only example known…. I haven’t looked into it and I am not alleging otherwise. I am simply saying it is an example that disproves your assertion that they NEVER target civilians; that they are morally pure. You only need one example to disprove a “never”. If the Houthis possessed an airforce I have no doubt that they would be regularly bombing civilian targets. They don’t don’t do it usually because they lack the means not because they are “righteous”.

“Do you understand my point or not?” I do understand this: Pro-Houthis sites are providing multiple accounts that are all consistent with each other. They all point to the Houthis accepting responsibility for a deliberate missile attack on a civilian airport. Not enough for your tunnel vision? OK…. no problem…. I am ready to move on… I suggest you do too.


They didn’t attack civilians so far, end of story. The airport wasn’t hit. Their media outlet didn’t say they targeted airport. Their leader in his regular speeches didn’t say it. Their spokesperson didn’t say it. They announce all their attacks and targets, even smaller ones like ambushing two military vehicles and important ones like targeting airbases and even UAE’s unfinished nuclear power plant, except this one.

These are the facts. Now you want to “interpret” outlets and unknown sources, be my guest. You are very easy to accept whatever anybody says. I have a bridge, would you please buy it?

Great Monkey King

Again the girl who can’t read or speak English. “Colonel” is pronounced “cernl”


No coverage of the jewsih atrocities in Palestine, Southfront? A depraved jewish sniper, working to the DIRECT instructions of Israel’s government- supported by the jews who run the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties in the UK- murdered a legless protestor in Gaza yesterday. The jewish press (Guardian, BBC, NYT, CNN etc) celebrated this murder as “justified”, since the ‘sub-Human’ was daring to PEACEFULLY protest on his own land.

Google the OFFICIAL tee-shirts graduates of jewish sniper schools are awarded by the zionist horrors who rule in Israel. It shows a jewish sniper crosshair over the belly of a pregnat ‘sub-human’ and has the logo “one bullet, two kills”. THIS IS REAL- google it.

Southfront is very reticent in anything that would be seen as criticising jewish crimes against Humanity. Yet of course in Yemen, the BRITISH are responsible for most of the war crimes (the british RAF is, in reality, what the press describes as the Saudi air force). And the three main political parties in Britain (yes, especially Corbyn’s Labour party) want to help the wahhabi monsters in every way they can because that is the agenda of the british jews who control these parties.

Israel now publicly announces its brotherhood with the wahhabis- before this year any person who pointed out zionsim and wahhabism were one and the same was described as an “anti-semite” (the RACIST phrase used in place of the correct “anti-jewish” one) in the zionist mainstream media.

The crimes of Saudi Arabia are not hidden. Women in that nation are literal SLAVES. Yet the same ‘virtue signalling’ SJW types support leaders who support KSA 100%. Clinton, May and Merkel, all supposed women, are 100% backers of the regime in Saudi Arabia. A regime that believes women exist to be abused and raped.

Jewish snipers wear “one shot, two kills” tee shirts. Female western leaders support Saudi Arabia. What is wrong with this picture? Demonic evil in your face- no need to even work it out- yet all the press acts as if the evil is invisible.

Iran, playing the Great Game, cynically keeps the war hot in Yemen, knowing it acts as a buffer against the coming Iran war. But the Deep State isn’t going to allow the “bog them down” play to work. When the attacks begin on Iran- saturation missile and air strikes like the world has never seen- it will seemingly come out of the blue. The facilities for the missile and bomber/jet strikes are in place- built up across the last decade. Every major western power and India and Japan has bases to use in the Middle East. The ‘coalition’ that attacks Iran will be larger than even the ones Tony Blair assembled against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yemen is a misdirection. It is terrible what is happening to the people of that nation, of course- but as a ‘slave’ state Yemen has been subject to atrocity on a regular basis. The coming war on Iran will rival anything seen in WW2. Tho people like the ‘Saker’ try so hard to hide it, Iran will be attacked with nuclear ordinance- not the city destroying bombs, but the smaller nukes developed across the last 5 decades for use against Russian hardened facilities. Iran’s military and civilian infrastrucure will be totally gone within two weeks.

Russia is currently ramping up mass production of its own arsenal of small nuclear warheads (see the astonishing recent story of the major radiation leak over Russian territory). Putin knows what the West is doing, and must match it. The West’s stockpiles of ‘usable’ nukes are exploding in size. And the desire of the Deep State to ‘normalise’ the use of fission/fusion in warfare is top of its agenda.

Before WW1 and WW2, those who DARED to describe the horrors of the fast appoaching wars were dismissed as selling “atrocity porn”- sound familiar? Yet the ‘prophets’ were not psychic- they simply observed the planning and preparation for the great wars. The planning and preparation for war on Iran has been constant since shortly after Blair’s invasion of Iraq. Much delayed for POLITICAL reasons alone- but the delay has allowed a build up of military resources.

Now all they need is a fuse. Trump’s female atrocity was at the UN a day or so back trying to make such a fuse. Britain wants the fuse to be an attack on Iran by ‘Saudi’ forces follwed by an Iranian saturation missile strike in retaliation. Iran’s self defense will then be used as justification by Merkel and May to begin war on Iran.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ougc2ea9ZU Yup, J. the Creep Biden, I am an proud ZioNist, aka NaZi, National Zionism. Another member of the scum of this earth, the Zionist, the ceeepy Biden. This is the sole reason for backstabbing Russians to leave, to their butt buddies can rape and plunder Iran/Aryans. Never trust the Russian, no more than the equally rotten Wankees. Are you blind Arabs, this, double play will be your nemesis. Wake up or die is sleep.


Graeme Rymill

“No coverage of the jewsih atrocities in Palestine, Southfront?” What about https://southfront.org/israeli-security-forces-kill-3-more-palestine-protestors-one-of-them-disabled-videos-photos/ ?

Feudalism Victory

They should save their resources for defense of their remaining territory. Poking their enemies may be fun but whats the military value? This is why arabs suck at war.


very nice :)))) hope it really wrecked saudis’ day lmao


How dare they shoot back, don’t they know that when the US comes to kill you, you should just accept your death.


Nobody seems to care about American weapons killing civilians on a daily basis, but when Iran helps a neighbor defend itself against American aggression it’s a big deal. High time Americans got a serving of what they have been dishing out to the world.

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