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Houthis Fend Off Another Saudi-led Coalition Attack On Western Yemeni Coast (Videos)


On December 11, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies attempted to advance in the area of al-Qarn and the village of al-Hul in the district of Nihm on the western Yemeni coast. However, the Houthis repelled the attack following hours of heavy clashes.

A day later, the Houthis media wing released a video of the clashes showing Houthi fighters targeting Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters with sniper rifles and knocking out three armored vehicles of the coalition.

“We will not get tired … No matter what they will do or how much they will escalate, we are in the lookout for them,” a field commander of the Houthis said in the end of the video.

After the failed attack, Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on residential areas in the district center of Nihm and on the city of al-Hudaydah, north of it. No civilians were reported injured or killed as a result of the airstrikes.

The Saudi-led coalition attacks on the western Yemeni coast are clearly aimed at pressuring the Houthis. The Yemeni group is still refusing to withdraw from al-Hudaydah or even to hand over the city’s strategic port to the Saudi-backed government.



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  • Pave Way IV

    How about we start a GoFundMe for an old S-75 or S-200 for the Houthis?

    (No turning it into a ballistic missile, Houthis. For use only on Saudi/UAE aircraft.)

    • PZIVJ

      Reported that Sanaa international airport will reopen.
      So hope that some UN aid gets through. Of course the port is required for any real tonnage.

      • Pave Way IV

        Ships that were being held up by the Saudis for weeks in Djibouti are showing up in Hodeidah lately. There’s two tankers and a small cargo ship (usually aid) in the port now, and three more scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I’m guessing some U.S. pressure on the Saudis was involved. Saleef was fairly busy the last few weeks, but now it seems to be nearly empty with nothing new scheduled in. Might just be a way to make Hodeidah look busy(er) while really not increasing imports. Hodeidah wasn’t officially totally blockaded by the Saudis the past few weeks. They just held up permits to unload in Hodeidah. Ships are still required to be inspected by the Saudi coalition before getting in to the port.

        Everything in Sweden is just verbal for now – including the airport. The airport is most important for importing medicine – either as aid or commercially procured. Biggest potential agreement, IMHO, is resuming oil exports to fund state coffers, which means they can start paying government workers – in both areas – regularly again. That will help the economy and stabilize the rial exchange rates.

        Let’s hope they don’t kill each other in Sweden and sign something before the talks end

      • Pave Way IV

        Talks end tomorrow. Peter Salisbury thread – details so far:

    • Wolfgang Wolf

      i would even donate for something like this!!!

  • Potato Potato


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Saudi scumbag losers are still trying to fight their way out of the Yemen paper bag :)

  • occupybacon

    I’d like to see some Russian “Peace Makers” landing on Hudaydah

  • Salahudin Ghafoor

    Your reports are clearly biased and favourable to the Houthies. Alot of blood has been spilled by both sides. Yemen has been haemorrhaging for far to long.
    Those who hate Saudi arabia and Emirates have a field day in your pages. Once I tried to suggest a more balanced approach.Answer: insults from those who are not even Yemenis.

    • Concrete Mike

      Saudis have zero sympathy here. Saudis have zero sympathy around the world.

      You have zero reasons to be in Yemen, if the saudis would stop interfering im other countries internal affaires maybe our position would be different.

      Until that day comes, we will reject you and your heathen saudis with zeal!!

      • Salahudin Ghafoor

        Yes Saudi are disliked wirldwide because of thier bismal human rights
        Think about it. calmly if Saudi and Emirates didnt answer the legal President we will be part of Persia
        If you care to know ancient yemen history we were under Ethopia Persia etc Yemen was Christian and Jewish
        Time that peace prevail . It is a tribal country and the tribes decide not the Harvard or Sandhurst guys
        The news tonight if believable and really can be excuted it would be a new Yemen

        • Concrete Mike

          I dont beleive Iran wants to invade the arabian peninsula. In its modern form, Iran has not invaded anyone.

          Past history is not relevant to this conversation,no need to go on tangents here.

          Saudis are dislike because of their desecration of the muslim religion with their wahhabi sect.

          Its them pushing the sunni shia divide that never existed before.

          Saudis have aligned themselves with USA UK and Israel to benefit the west and not regular muslims like yourself.

          I dont trust any agreements with saudis or any other on their team.
          They are all capitalist imperialist salafists.

          They look after capitalist interests nothing else.

          • Salahudin Ghafoor

            Well modern history? Who is controlling Iraq ? Today Al Assad is replacingjobs with Iranians and others . It is estimated Iran invested 9 Billion dollars in Syria. Lebanon isi under the kingmakers : Hisbullah etc
            In Yemen they are not defeated already infiltrating the civil service ready when the war stops! In spite of thier slogan Death to USA and Israel a top Houthie was photographed shaking hand with an Israeli minister of Trade in Oman !
            I am for peace for all

  • Vitex

    Why spending money on weapons doesn’t win wars. A lesson that America and Israel are yet to learn.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    send air defenses to the Houtis – then the sand-muppets are lost….