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Houthis’ Drones Strike Saudi-led Coalition Communication Network In Western Yemen

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Houthis’ Drones Strike Saudi-led Coalition Communication Network In Western Yemen

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On July 8, the Yemeni Air Force (YAF) [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had targeted the main communication network of the Saudi-led coalition in the western coast of Yemen with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). According to the YAF, the attack was conducted after a “careful observation mission.”

Recently, the YAF began conducting airstrikes using what appears to be a modified verison of “Qasef-1” UAV, which is a copy of the Iranian-made “Ababil-2” UAV. While “Qasef-1” is usually used for suicide attacks, the modified version is armed with several small projectiles.

The suicide version of “Qasef-1” was likely used on July 5 to target the main headquarters of the Saudi-led coalition in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

The YAF attack is a clear response to the Saudi-led coalition attack on the Houthis’ military communication network in the northern province of Saada. According to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV, the entire communication network of the Houthis was destroyed by coalition warplanes on July 7.

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The Siege of Hudeidah is still going on and the rest of the front has already settled in for tit for tat border raids?
Talk about complacent.


Changing definitions, hmm…
A city is under siege if the enemy attacks from one direction only and failed to encircle it miserably and the roads are open.
It’s newspeak, ladies and gentlemen.


Would you rather I call it a battle? It certainly isn’t trench warfare or a standoff and why is this a big deal?


Oh, is it up to me now? Why, thank you!

Now that you asked, I’d rather if you lied less and called the things as they really are, not as propaganda dictates.

Small lies by themselves aren’t that big of a deal Smaug, the combination of them make big lies and twist reality in order to serve a specific false narrative. Now that’s dangerous and worthy of standing against.

Whatever. A few seconds of fantasy about changing the minds of someone with your… stature… served me well. ;)


I frankly don’t know what you’re complaining about, other than you want me to look bad.


Well, you don’t need me to look bad, you’re perfectly capable of it on your own.

See you later!

S Melanson

I would say siege of North Yemen via naval blockade. The attack on Hudeidah has failed miserably as the coalition was unable to take even the airport, let alone the port. The coalition also failed in attempts to outflank the port and two amphibious operations were repulsed. Now the Coalition has declared a pause to give ‘peace’ a chance. Yeah right.

So yeah, all quiet on the Middle Eastern Front except for what are just scattered skirmishes. But I doubt this ‘sitskreig’ will last. Either one side will make a major move, or diplomacy will end the intervention.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

War is complacency on cannot simply avoid that fact it’s has always been that way.


According to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV, the entire communication
network of the Houthis was destroyed by coalition warplanes on July 7.

Totally! That’s why they can’t coordinate their moves anymore, can’t fire missiles and rockets using spotter teams anymore and can’t use UAVs anymore. Honest! This attack doesn’t count.

And more importantly, I have a bridge to sell, anyone interested?

S Melanson

The Coalition has now just released dramatic photos of the total carnage wrought by the brave and glorious pilots of the Coalition.

The first photo shows the core communications infrastructure the Houthis heavily rely on. The two tin cans are clearly connected by what is at least two hundred feet of string. Clearly the Houthis are getting help from Iran as this technology is far to advanced. And we knew it. If you look closely you can see the damning evidence. In the photo, it can be seen on one of the cans:

Product of Iran. Manufactured under licence by Campbell’s Soup Company

The second photo shows the effectiveness of the Coalition Pilots in executing a precision strike on the communications hub. In the photo it can be clearly seen that the string connecting the two tin cans has been severed in at least two places, representing total disruption of the communication network.

The loss of their highly advanced communications systems is the latest devastating setback for the Houthis and complete Coalition victory is imminent.



Wise Gandalf

are you still alive?


Well done Houthis.

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