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Houthis’ Drones Attack Saudi-led Coalition Headquarter In Aden

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Houthis' Drones Attack Saudi-led Coalition Headquarter In Aden

Qasef-1 suicide UAV

On July 5, the Yemeni Air Force (YAF) [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had bombed the main headquarters of the Saudi-led coalition in the southern Yemeni city of Aden with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). According to the YAF, the attack was conducted after a “careful observation mission.”

A source of the YAF told the Yemeni al-Masirah TV that several personnel of the Saudi-led coalition were killed and injured as a result of the “airstrikes.”

While the YAF claims that its UAVs conducted “airstrikes” on the headquarters, experts believe that a type of suicide UAVs named “Qasef-1” was used in the attack. The Qasef-1 is a copy of the Iranian-made “Ababil-2” UAV armed with 30kg warhead, according to a report of the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) group.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its air defense systems shot down a UAV of the Houthis over Aden. The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV confirmed that the UAV was trying to attack the headquarter of the coalition in the area of al-Buraiqah, northwest of the city.

The Saudi-led coalition will likely respond with a series of airstrikes on the Houthis’ positions in the cities of Sanaa and al-Hudaydah. The airports of these two cities were used by the YAF as airbases for its UAVs on many occasions.

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Kell McBanned

Sounds like they got a hit, good stuff.


This is excellent news, to make an impact on the Saudis, you have to kill Saudis. The guys actually doing the fighting for the Saudis are just mercs, and the Saudis don’t care how many they lose.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Funny how the Saudis are going broke in this fight they can’t handle why price of oil is going up no money to continue at this rate.


The privatization of Aramco has failed, because it’s an open secret in the oil industry, that KSA won’t be able to export oil beyond 2030, because they are running out of oil. The Saudis claim their oil reserves have remained static since 1989? That is why they have invaded Yemen, to annexe the country and get new oil fields,

Wise Gandalf

You have new line of talebooks :DDD

You can call me Al

Go shag a camel and shut up.

Wise Gandalf

This do you, arabs :DD

Wise Gandalf

i wish, the aborigines would similarly attack the white trash in australia. you occupy their land, animal!


Good shot.

S Melanson

Sending rockets to Riyadh Royal Palace and now drone strike on Coalition Headquarters in the Capital Aden! Houthis are sending a message – we know where your leaders are… and they are not safe.

I really like Houthi ‘diplomacy’ as it perfectly complements Coalition/UN ‘diplomacy’.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes Ansrallah Government was elected by majority of the population in Elections as for Hadi he is an appointed puppet by the US/KSA and no strongman to weak.

You can call me Al

Just going on from your excellent comment, “How do they know? “; Houthi infiltrators or Saudi dissidents ?.

Strangely enough, I think the later + I shall add to that, I reckon some sort of civil war will happen between the clans, the scale of it, no idea (Saudi Arabia I mean).

S Melanson

‘How do they know?’ That is a question I have been mulling over for some time. Good observation by the way. I do think the Houthis are getting help and this is becoming increasingly apparent (see below). While possible, like you I do not think it is Houthi spies. I also do not think it is Iran or Hezbollah either. Where this help is coming from is very likely from within the coalition as you indicate, although probably not Saudi dissidents – it is a much bigger fish.

I suspect it is the US which is in a de facto civil war that continues to escalate. The warring factions have different visions of what the global new order should be and the US is a crucial chess piece in the game. I posted a comment to an earlier article discussing this in some detail. I may repost it in this comment thread. So yes, we have a situation where the US is arming and supporting both sides of the conflict. Pretty screwed up, but this is not a unique situation. This was happening with North Korea and I did a threat assessment that pointed this out in December of 2016 – my assessment was that NK missile and nuclear capabilities were advancing far to fast and this could only be explained if NK was getting significant external help.

I assessed that it would be prudent to assume NK had already intercontinental ballistic missile capability, SLBM capability and miniaturization to place nuclear warhead on a recently vehicle. In 2017 NK demonstrated ICBM and SLBM capability and intel pointed to likely success in miniaturization. It was also confirmed that NK was getting external help with China as the culprit for public consumption but the real culprit is the ‘deep state’.

The Houthis I think are getting help as well, although not nuclear. Below is my reasoning which I think you have also intuitively picked up on.

Regarding the ‘fog of war’, the Houthis have often demonstrated highly developed situational awareness and this has been true for even distant targets like Riyadh and Aden.

With respect to Aden, I was able to confirm that the assault on Coalition HQ in Aden was successful. The drone was shot down as the coalition claimed but only after the drone had launched two missiles that struck the main HQ complex resulting in significant explosions. Reports on casualties remain sketchy and vary from none to scores killed.

The intel and operational planning/execution involved to pull off this attack on a high importance target deep in Coalition territory is very impressive to say the least. Further, the drone and munitions delivery technology represent a major advance in Houthi UAV capabilities. This leap in capabilities is even more striking than advances in Houthi missile forces which have demonstrated effectiveness in hitting intended targets on the ground and on the seas – anti-ship.

I look at the picture of the drone and my my, what a contrast to the typical images of Houthis in sandals armed with old AK47s and RPG launchers.

So the fractured global elite are now providing shiny new toys to their respective proxies. It is leveling the playing field and the Houthis may even eject the Coalition from South Yemen. If this occurs, the risk of civil war in Saudi Arabia is high as the economic and demographic challenges are worsening.

You can call me Al

Blimey, from one continent to the next. So here goes:

1. The Yemen – Saudi inbreds – this “Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman” is not that popular, plus you must understand that whatever money they have, they are retarded, inbred tribes…. so I go for that, but you could be right… I dont know.

My view only.

2. Personally, I think that NK have little of that we have allegedly seen, I think they have a great deal that we have no clue about + I wish them luck for some strange reason. I think, the Yankers are scared sh1t..less for some strange reason. Maybe Russian and Chinese influence maybe.

My view only.

3. Regards The Yemen, it goes back to my No.1 really, but like Palestine, you are witnessing genocide and sweet F.A actually done by the International community apart from Gob shite speak.

My view only.

4. As for your reference of “So the fractured global elite……and so on” – what if the bstards you mention are fed up with “how it is” – they need the NWO / Global currency now, or it will never happen !!!.

My view only.

5. Look I am just a middle aged git, usually wrong; but I think there are bigger things going on, maybe in Africa, Asia and even Europe…. but the US of A is going to collapse, maybe enter a civil war…. these are diversions.

My view only.

Oh yeah, conspiracy theorist or English fan ?

Come on England.

S Melanson

I am not sure what to make of your response.

I agreed with you they may be getting some outside help like intel on coalition movements etc… While it could be from Saudi dissidents, the high level of competence and effectiveness of the assistance is not what I would expect given demonstrated coalition incompetence under Saudi leadership – and as you say, they being retarded and inbred.

While it is possible that NK does not really have the capabilities I discussed, they have demonstrated a credible development trajectory that shows increasing capability that is verifiable. It is prudent for military planners to assume that NK may have these capabilities and diplomatic efforts take this into account.

I am unclear what you mean by NK having ‘a great deal we have no clue about’.

I think most readers of South Front understand the genocide occurring in Yemen and who the perpetrators are. So your view is a widely held view I think.

The fracturing of the elite is apparent in the MSM where you have competing views like Fox versus CNN. This is a consequence of some elites ‘fed up’ with ‘how it is’ and so we have a group of elites attempting to supplant the elites occupying the main power structures in which the US, despite its decline, is crucial Chess piece with the worlds most powerful military.

As for NWO [one world government] and a global currency, this already happened. The US imposed hegemonic rule on a global scale and the US petro-dollar is the de facto world currency. The growing opposition to US hegemony and moves away from the US dollar represents a move to a multi-polar world.

You say bigger things going on. Yes perhaps, but the collapse of the US into a civil war is a big concern as it represents an existential threat to human civilization. A US civil war is openly discussed in the mainstream and increasingly so – it is prudent then to consider implications, which are rather dire – US has a huge arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and they will most likely fall into the hands of both sides and they will use them. This will spiral out of control quickly. You also have the electrical grid going down and what happens to all the nuclear power plants in such circumstances? Fukushima times ten or more.

This is not conspiracy theory. It is based on hard facts.

You can call me Al

1. Have some respect and at least tick people – up or down.

2. For 3 weeks, it has been the best WC ever and we are in the semis, please learn to ignore me, for the next week anyway.

3. Nice comment, but you are so incorrect regards “As for NWO [one world government] and a global currency, this already happened. The US imposed hegemonic rule on a global scale and the US petro-dollar is the de facto world currency. The growing opposition to US hegemony and moves away from the US dollar represents a move to a multi-polar world.”…….. once you understand that, you will see things differently.

Cheers, have a good one. No offence intended.

S Melanson

Your request that I ignore you is disrespectful in the context of what is said in your reply. You are not the only one enjoying the World Cup.

If what is said in the comments section detracts from your quality of life, you need to develop a thicker skin or, refrain from posting replies where you feel a need to qualify what you say with ‘No offence intended’ – many would find this statement in of itself to be offensive.

And some parting advice. If you are going to lecture others on what it means to be respectful, may I suggest you try harder to practice what you preach.

You can call me Al

Fair play, my bad.

Empire's Frontiers

Nobody in the world cries over Saudi blood.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘But Empire, surely Saudis cry!’

Indeed they do, but reptiles only cry to keep the sand out of their eyes, so in this case it doesn’t count.


Somebody should tell to Saudi rulers and to their 40 other allies that they should cooperate with the government who are in Yemen Capital Sanaa. Saudi rulers shouldn’t cooperate with those who are out. This is fact that Houthis are in power and in the Yemen capatil Sanaa. In Saudi aggression on Yemen only Yemeni children and women butcher which have no relation with the war against Saudi rulers and their 40 other allies. The Saudi aggression on Yemen is completely nonsense and is an international crime.


It’s about money all wars are about money. Yemen has vast oil reserves, and Saudi Arabia plans to steal it. Wars, invasions are armed holdup, at an international level. Nothing special, just thieves doing what thieves do.


And Iran still denies supporting the Houthis directly…

Wise Gandalf

IL also denies, that has nuclear weapons.


[I assume you mean Israel] One of the many open secrets of military history. Right alongside the US being at war with China, North Korea, and Vietnam. Or that Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donetsk, and Luhansk are Russian Grand Duchies. Or that Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kosovo, and Transdniester are independent states.

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