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Houthis Destroy Several Vehicles, Capture 14 Positions In Saudi Arabia’s Asir (Video)

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The Houthis captured 14 positions in the southern Saudi province of Asir in the course of a limited military operation against the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies, the Yemeni group’s media wing announced on May 11.

Houthi fighters killed at least one Saudi-backed fighter and captured another one during the clashes. They also destroyed five armored vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades.

The Houthis launched their limited military operation in Asir in the beginning of this month. By May 5, they had managed to capture the hilltops of Salim, al-Shuel and Syaf in the southern part of the Saudi province.

The Saudi-led coalition has made several attempt to fend off the Houthis’ attack. However, they have failed.

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You can call me Al

Now, do that for 50 days straight and it’s Bob your uncle.


kill all the wahabis

S Melanson

The advances by Ansar Allah into Saudi Arabia proper and holding territory combined with advance in the South threatening Aden is increasingly indicative of a collapsing Coalition. I commented in past on what were early indications of Coalition collapse but now the collapse is becoming obvious.

Aden will be taken and this unjust war will come to an end well before the new year of 2020 – the year the majority wake up and see clearly as in 20/20 vision.


In other news, the Houthis withdrew from Hodeidah permanently. The port can no longer be used to import sorely needed arms and ammunition.
Does South Front expect anyone to take him seriously when he literally only reports what he wants people to hear? Since he complains about all the MSN outlets that he constantly cites as his primary sources, does he consider yellow (if not red) reporting to be a perfectly normal function of politics?

S Melanson

The blockade by the Coalition prevents arms and ammo from coming in through the port. Ansar Allah get plenty of arms and ammo from the Coalition when they abandon positions or are so corrupt they sell – Mercenary motto:

We either flee or sell rather then fight, so in this way we live to flee or sell another day. Thank you Coalition for the paycheck…

The blockade also prevents humanitarian aid which is why the Yemen situation is currently the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.The Coalition want the port to gain a secure sea based supply line deep in Ansar Allah territory to base new offensives. The announcement of the withdrawal I checked into and appears to be legit and is a very interesting development. Why this occuring now is something I am going to investigate.



You’d make a terrible fantasy novelist

S Melanson

I agree. But with your comments to guide and inspire me, I can be a great fantasy novelist.


black pot kettle


“Thank you Coalition for the paycheck.” Reminds one of the Iraqi’s caving to ISIS! Nicely observed!

opet ja

Houthis…shame on you… hahaha those Houthis are really great guys, my admiration….

Icarus Tanović

Death to wahhabis!

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