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Houthis Destroy Saudi-Backed Forces Tanks, Vehicles In Dali’ With Guided Missiles (Video)

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Houthi fighters destroyed a number of vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the central Yemeni province of Dali’ with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) over the last few days.

The Yemeni group media wing released video on May 30 showing seven ATGM strikes on several vehicles, including at least two battle tanks, of Saudi-backed forces.

At least one of the strikes was carried out with what appears to be an Iranian-made Dehlavie ATGM, which is a licensed copy of the well-known Russian Kornet system. According to the Saudi-led coalition, Tehran supplied the Houthis with large quantities of this type of ATGMs.

The Houthis’ extensive use of ATGMs in Dali’ caused heavy losses in the ranks of Saudi-backed forces and allowed the Yemeni ressitance group to capture vast areas of the province in the last few months.

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You can call me Al

1 by 1, the Saudi scum are being defeated.


Haha yes übercool footage Al!

Zionism = EVIL

Al-Maydeen Yemen has just posted a video of Ansarallah ATGM hunter killer teams in action. It is amazing to watch their fire discipline as they blew 8 Saudi Bradleys and Abrams with Kornets. The Ansarallah have graduated from RPGs to Kornets now, and they have plenty of them and they know how to use them.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

the ATGM is like the stinger of the muhajideen in afghans against the soviets, this time against the saudis since this is basically their vietnam, HAHAHAHA FUCKIN SAUDI RATS!!!


I await the day when the big bully nations of the world get a taste of their own medicine.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Same bro


I like that you used the muhajideen example. There are too many that support one side of big bully states over the other. I think they all need to go so that the peoples of the world can enjoy not being exploited by the rich and powerful.

Chris Saunders

They look very similar to the Hezbollah methods used against israeli armor in the 2006 war . .


you have a strong memory, mate


I’ve always noticed that.


A highly effective use of ATGMs. They also used unguided systems like the RPG-29 to great effect also.


At 2:40 in video, notice the ATGM takes a pretty good left turn to hit target, this is not seen often in vids. Houthi’s seem to have a decent supply of these, keep up the good work. :)

Concrete Mike

That is a pretty hard turn, i wonder if this would be an optically steered missile.with a fantastic operator.

And its great to see the saudi scum get an ass kicking.


In the last attack there are two vehicles side by side. The ATGM operator decided to go for what I take to be the supply truck. Do you think this was a good choice?


I had to think about that question for a few minutes. Yes, if any munitions go off in the supply truck, it may take out the other. Possible 2 for 1 hit. :)


The atgm and the manpad are the ultimate levelers of the playing field against big bully nations.


That is impressive video, considering the missile strikes were supposedly done by Houthi forces who have no great resources in a poor country like Yemen.

It is the most convincing I’ve seen of any such activity.

I oppose war, but always accept that a people have the right to defend themselves against cutthroats like Saudi Arabia.

And who doesn’t like the story of little David defeating Goliath?

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