Houthis Destroy Large Column Of Sudanese Soldiers In Northwestern Yemen (Video 18+)

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Houthis Destroy Large Column Of Sudanese Soldiers In Northwestern Yemen (Video 18+) 4.8333333333333 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews.

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On April 7, Houthi fighters repelled a large scale attack of the Saudi-led coalition on their positions in the Midi district in the northwestern province of Hajjah, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. The source said that the new attack was led by the Sudanese Army, just like the last failed attack on April 5.

The Houthis media wing reported that dozens of Sudanese Army soldiers and officers had been killed by the Houthis during the clashes in the Midi district. Moreover, Houthi fighters were able to destroy at least four BTR-80 armored personnel carriers (APCs) of the Sudanese Army.

The attack was the third by the Saudi-led coalition since the beginning of April. This reflects the coalition’s aim to capture the northern parts of the Midi district. The coalition’s main goal is to secure the Yemeni-Saudi border south of the Saudi province of Jizan.

The Sudanese Army, that’s considered the second biggest force in the Saudi-led coalition after the Saudi Army, began its military operations in Midi district in 2015. Since then, hundreds of Sudanese soldiers and officers had died, according to Yemeni and Sudanese sources.

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The Sudanese should stop helping the Zionists considering their country was separated and plunged into civil war thanks to Mossad. They should fix their country first before becoming slaves to the House of Ziosauderica.

Daniel Castro



The Saudis are quite determined to fight until the last Sudanese soldier!

I’m sure that they get well paid by their Saudi employers. Well, their leaders probably are. And as long as they are, they don’t care how many of their cannonfodder will die.


Me neither care how many of their Cannon Fodder will die…the more the Better


Learn the history of JEWISH and islamic slavers operating in Africa centuries before the jews persuaded christian nations to take up the slave trade.

Saudi Arabia only ended the ownership and trade in SEX slaves in 1962 (yes really- google it)- but wealthy Saudis were allowed to keep heir sex slaves well intto the 1980s. Bandar ‘Bush’, the most influential Saudi during Bush’s term as president, was birthed by a rape slave- yes really.

Britain fought the trade in rape slaves during the early part of the 20th Century, but as jewish influence grew in Britain, eventually ended this policy, and formally accepted slavery in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States. France actually provided official assistance to Saudi Arabia to continue the trade in young girls up til 1962 (yes, really).

Remember all those ‘funny’ films and TV shows of the 1950s thru 1980s showing ‘arabs’ traveling Europe and the USA with their ‘harems’ (full of what the jews who made the shows called ‘concubines’). These were the rape slaves- who were returned to their masters on ‘holiday’ in the UK, France and the USA if they made an attempt to escape. Saudi’s have literal fortresses in London and France originally built to keep their slaves ‘secure’ in the 1950s thru 1980s.

Sudan was one of the final states where Saudis captured young girls in the second half of the 20th Century. I say Saudis, but actually the slave traders were well established Arab tribes, assisted by jews to move the girls from the African mainland to the gulf states. Today these same arab tribes rule in Sudan (claiming to be ‘racially superior’ cos of their heritage and ‘light’ complexion), but now they trade in young black men- mercs trained by Israeli teams – like we saw Israel doing in Georgia before Georgia attacked the Russian peacekeepers a number of years back.

These pseudo slaves are promised the Earth but paid a pittance- given a few weeks of training by the jews- and then shipped out with military JUNK designed to look shiny and sophisticated. Worse the colour of their skin marks these hopeless mercs FOR DEATH when they operate in a nation like Yemen.

Sadly the wahhabi monsters have all the money in the world, so while zionist appeaser Putin continues to support Saudi Arabia, SA will continue to wage war in every form of atrocious way in Yemen. And while you laff at dead africa mercs, KSA murders 100 innocent civilians for every merc that falls, and ruins the lives of countless others.

Steve Bell

The re-emergence of slave markets in Libya recently is a shining example of what would happen in Syria if Russia didn’t step in. Your obsession with Putin is becoming a bore, as is your capitalised smokescreen.

James Willy

Put this maggot zoGrep on block like I did so you do not have to read his zioprop and so that I do not have to see the waste of time reply you make to this zioPOS. BLOCK HIM. When h e changes his name BLOCK HIM. Disgus(t) has that feature at least to keep scum like him censored. Useless POS ziopig.

j. jaxson

Russia should attack saudi arabia.


PS no way Southfront hasn’t noticed the massive chemical weapon false flag that has happened in East Ghouta a few hours ago. Obviously zionist appeaser Putin has been knocked for six once again (he purposely ran down Russian defenses in the region after he stupidly thought the West’s threat was over). So now the kremlim outlets are silent while they wait for their masters to tell them how to spin this.

Our outlets are all taking the UK false flag AT FACE VALUE- rather than accepting it is a false flag- dribbling nonsense about this and that while MI6 falls about in hysterics. Now the other shoe has dropped, and “serial abuser of chemical weapons” Russia has “done it again”.

It was inevitable that MI6 intended all along to conflate the event in the UK with one in Syria. Yet not one member of Putin’s team understood this- even after the sickening sanctions against every major Russian company a day back (Putin is still on the ground after that blow).

A false Flag has a NARRATIVE. Since the false flag is, by definition, a LIE, the narrative doesn’t have to worry about truth, facts or logic. That’s the beauty of a false flag- it is all for effect. All Team Putin did was DRIBBLE about the narrative- whined about the nonsense of non-facts, as if such whining could possible hurt the narrative of a false flag.

When you debate the validity of the non-facts of a false flag, you give the false flag VALIDITY. No- you deal with a false flag by calling it out by name, and then warning the party using the method that a false flag is AN ACT OF WAR, and will be treated accordingly.

But zionist appeaser Putin APPEASED, as usual, so now the next stage is upon us. Maybe the event in Syria will be used to ruin the World Cup. Maybe to accelerate the timeline for the Iran War. Or maybe for direct strikes against Russia in Syria. Whatever happens, Putin has let everyone down BADLY once again.


Bwahahaha….The World Cup succer….there is a different World Cup Going on… Good vs. Evil the Final Battle… in the Left Corner Team: the Nazi-Psychopaths Players: Satanyahu, Trump, Boris, May, Macroni, Merkel, Bush, Cheney and the rest of the NeoCon Motherfuckers, the Khazarian Mobsters, the MultiNazionals, the Banksters, Royal Bloodlines, the Illuminazis, Deep State, MIC, NATO…

In the Right Corner Team: ZioNazi-Destroyers Players: The rest of the World

This Event is Sponsored by the State of Israhell


Had Putin done what you keep suggesting – attacking NATO/Zio west the resulting war would be horrific. Your way would kill tens or hundreds of thousands. Not very clever is it.

Richard M

There’s the notification now. Stop making an /$$ of yourself with these conspiratard nonsenses! :D

Steve Bell

Dear Mr. Starlight… as circus clowns avoid monotony, perhaps you need to look elsewhere for your peanuts.

James Willy

Why don’t all of you block this troll and quit responding to it? Reading your replies to this POS is almost as bad as reading its original troll post. Don’t you realize this CS gets a shekel for every reply Y’all so willingly make to it? Use block on disgus(t). It keeps azzwipe like that self censored……….Plonk.


After the Yemenite victory over Saudi aggression, Yemen will march into Saudi Arabia and liberate the Saudi people from the Zionist yoke.


The More Foreign Traitors you Kill the Better….until none is left

Nigel Maund

This video displays the pointless brutality of war. I doubt very much if these Sudanese soldiers had any idea what they were fighting for? The losers are the men who lost their lives for nothing and their greiving famlies. The criminals who sent them there for political and economic reasons; i.e,. Sudan’s corrupt politicians who could not care less about the loss of life, as long as they get their blood money sent into offshore bank accounts by the hopelessly corrupt and brutal KSA. Saudi relies on foreign troops and they’re avoiding losing their own troops lives for the sole reason of its impact on home politics; i.e., fueling a long overdue revolution against the incredibly corrupt and evil KSA regime. The US, UK and EU don’t care as long as they control the flow of Arab “A” light sweet crude oil from the Middle East for their refinery platforms in Europe and the US to support the otherwise increasingly worthless Petrodollar.


Well said.


Indeed these poor conscripts are just cannon fodder. Proabably only getting paid a few dollars a month.


The video shows that the Sudanese were equipped with a lot of new uniforms etc. Even the entrenching tools are brand new and unused :)

Richard M

Hobbits v Orcs…Hobbits win!

aba opaco

poor bastards

Lior Balboa

Waffles you are lacking Syrup and butter. All your kind do is blame jews. SO I suppose Global warming is a “Zionist ” Conspiricay. ROFLMAO


lol who on here is blaming the jews for all the worlds problems – this is not some neo nazi page are you sure you’re on the right site. Its a geopolitcal forum exploring current issues largely in the middle east but extending to other areas.

Lior Balboa

Read Waffles comment about the Zionists being responsible.


Being opposed to zionism is not antisemitism which is racially motivated. There are plenty of jews who oppose zionism particulary the idea of a larger Israel Yinon Plan. Many of the zio comments on these pages are not attacking jews for their race but the ideological drive to control the middle east via their huge financial power & control of the US, the endless wars & regime changes etc.

Steve Bell

Why does Netanyahu get dozens of standing ovations when he addresses the U.S. Congress? Why does the U.S. vote at the U.N. to support and protect Israel? Who’s pushing the U.S. into war with Iran?


This page and most of those who comment on it blend together a mix of Russian nationalism and overt anti-semitism—very reminiscent of Tsarist times.

I read it for the interesting and up-to-date information on regional conflicts, but not much more. If you can stomach the occasional reference to “anglo-zionism”, the “globablists” or other dog-whistles to anti-semites then you can learn something here.


Being opposed to zionism particulary the larger Israel policy & globalism is not the same as antsemitism. Alex Jones claims to oppose globalism but he certainly is not anti semite. Israel often attacks those critical of its actions & policies as anti semite when this is just a diversion to obfuscate the issue


You are completely correct AJ with regards to anti-Zionism being distinct from anti-semitism. As for the concept of “globalism”; I single out the use of the term “globalists” as being part of a long-established anti-semitic lexicon i.e. the Jewish “global cabal”, blah blah blah. In your case what specifically are you referencing? Plans for American hegemony or just the highly integrated nature of the global economy…?


I believe there is a globalist cabal of elites, the mega billionaires like Soros or Rockerfellers who want to reshape the world, eliminate national sovereignty via the various multi national trade deals & ultimately have a one world government. I dont care whether they are jewish, non jewish, black or white its all the same agenda. I understand the jews get the blame for this “cabal” as they do have their fingers in a lot of financial pies, media, central banks. I am opposed to the US hegemonic drive which is only leading us into further wars, regime changes & disaster. I would prefer the multi polarity world view of Russia. I am more of a libertarian who prefers smaller government, less interference, less big brother meddling & grinding down of civil liberties.


I see… In think the nation-state system is a relic from the 18th century—useful at one time for sweeping away feudalism and the domination of the church. Production has been so thoroughly globalized since then that the borders of modern states are more or less arbitrary and serve no social purpose.

The thin layer of Russian oligarchs that Putin represents seek a multi-polar so that their interests as a class are also taken into account by the West. However, it should be remembered that this kleptocratic social layer derives its vast wealth from the privatization of resources that that took place during the collapse of the USSR, and which led to the greatest social disaster for Russians since the Germans invaded in June 1941.

I would also prefer a world of smaller government, less interference and attacks on civil liberties, but that cannot be achieved under capitalism because maintaining a system of extreme accumulation of wealth by a thin layer at the top and the impoverishment of the vast majority of the population requieres an increasing turn to dictatorial police-state methods, and these are the social conditions that are present both in Russia and the US.


The problem is though you would end up with an elite even under a socialist system its just human nature. Communism has proven to be a failure everywhere it was attempted. Capitalism in the west has created these monstrous income diiferences because its crony capitalism, heavily manipulated & with a debt based monetary system that needs to continually increase the debt through money printing & fractional reserve lending. If we got rid of the central banks we could return to an honest system where the population were not debt serfs. Not saying it would be perfect but the current system needs to be reset.


The only successful workers revolution and attempt to establish a socialist society (October 1917) was quashed by Stalin and the right-wing of the Bolshevik party. Stalinism did not represent a socialist form of government, in fact the entire cadre of revolutionaries who overthrew the Tsar were liquidated by him and his bureaucracy, the final blow struck in 1940 when a GPU agent assassinated Trotsky. Stalinism/Maoism/Castroism—none of these governments were based on worker’s power.

Also, vast accumulation of wealth by a thin layer of elites and the impoverishment of the overwhelming majority of the population is a logical consequence of Capitalism, which is universal in all capitalist countries; throughout the West, but also in Africa, India, China, etc.. These elites organize themselves on the basis on the nation state and end up in competition for resources—nothing has essentially changed in this equation in the past 200 years! Trade wars lead to real wars and right now we face that threat.

Either humans learn to organize ourselves on a cooperative and rational basis or we will all perish in a nuclear holocaust.


Sorry Julian, regardless of what system you have, you would have extreme accumulation of wealth by a thin slice of the population. The average standard of living for the average person in the last 100 years has increased massively in absolute terms, regardless of whether inequality has increased. That is the main thing that matters. Who cares how much money Jeff Bezos makes? As long as everyone in society benefits and as long as society as a whole becomes more prosperous, wealth inequality isn’t really a thing. I guess you could promote more egalitarian capitalism or mixed economies, but socialist systems have by and large been absolute failures. Socialism has never brought entire cohorts of populations out of poverty. Ever, in the history of mankind.

Crony-capitalism and state corporatism is the problem, not capitalism.


Hello Hamster,

Overall GDP is not what determines quality of life: the standard of living in the United States has declined markedly since the mid 1970’s due to an overall decline in this country’s dominance of the global economy.

Try sharing your “Who cares how much money Jeff Bezos makes?…wealth inequality isn’t really a thing” perspective with a worker at an Amazon fulfillment center making wages that force them to sleep in their car while they are monitored in real-time to ensure total efficiency of each body movement and then hauled away in an ambulance due to heat exhaustion—I don’t think that concept will hold much water. You have an attitude that is totally dismissive of the barbaric conditions facing tens of millions of people in this country, while just 3 individuals control the same wealth as the bottom 150-or-so million workers.

These are the inevitable results of Capitalism, which is based on exploitation of labor and thoroughly incompatible with social equality.


j. jaxson

the saudis are to lazy to send their own. they might mess up their white skirts.


The al-Saud clan of ruling oligarchs have same problem as all dictatorships – they cannot allow or trust a meritocracy based military that promotes from across the social spectrum. Because loyalty to the al-Saud regime is temporal and bought – it is a state system based on bribes to keep powerful competing tribal clan groups and ordinary Saudi’s alike compliant. This poses two huge problems for waging an actual war; firstly, the army’s command structure is entirely based on clan loyalty and nepotism rather than any competence, and secondly, it is extremely questionable as to whether the average Saudi national is prepared to die fighting for the al-Saud regime. Saudi Arabia is a classic paper-tiger.

Brian Ghilliotti

Back in the 1960’s the Egyptians tied to pacify the same region in a conflict called the “North Yemen Civil War”. They got the worst of it. The Egyptian’s lost 10’s of thousands…the Egyptians could not pacify the region even with the use of chemical weapons. As we see here, nothing has changed. Back in the 1960’s, is was a proxy war between Egypt (socialists) and the Saudis (monarchists and rightists). Today it is a proxy war between Iran (Shia Houthis) and Saudi Arabia (right wing reactionaries). Brian Ghilliotti

Brian Ghilliotti

It was unpopularity with the North Yemen Civil War that was the main driver toward getting the Socialists out of power in Egypt. I predict this same war will undermine the current regime in Sudan. Brian Ghilliotti

R PLobo

Sudanese conscripts dying for the ksa whores of the zionists occultists. Clearly these solidiers were cannon fodder that marched right into an ambush. No air cover no recon no clue. The Yemen army and Houthis should do as much as possible to capture these soldier alive. If they keep dropping missiles on Riyadh, ksa infra structure and military sites that will have the most effect to undermine the sand muppets.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahahahaha righteous!!! Good job houthis!!!

Dow Jones

The fun loving chanting Houthi brothers, every day a step closer to the fecal filled feudal crypt of Saudi Barbaria and with it a day nearer the inevitable demise of the apartheid khazarian abomination of squatter mutts in occupied Palestine. These guys prove that a people united against an evil fiend, despite its bought “allies” and weapons will never be destroyed as long as their courage and will holds. The ignorant and depraved Saudis never learned a damn thing from their war with the tigers of Yemen like their USSAN and anglozionazi masters in Vietnam.

The Saudis will not survive this aggression in tact and they will never plunder the oil in Yemen as their anglozionazi masters seek. Saudi oil reserves are running out as the wells pump more and more salt water and less high grade oil. Hence the evil Bin Salman runt sucking up to the USSA and the beast in Tel Aviv. The axis of evil will burn together.

Saudi Barbarians list of shame https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_Saudi_Arabia

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