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Houthis Destroy Eleven Saudi-led Coalition Armored Vehicles In Southern ‘Asir (Videos)

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The Houthis carried out two attacks on positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the area of al-Majaza al-Gharbiyah in the Kingdom’s southern province of ‘Asir on June 17 and 18.

In the first attack, the Houthis destroyed six armored vehicles and pick-up trucks of the coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades.

Another five armored vehicles were destroyed in the second attack. Houthi fighters also captured loads of weapons, which had been left behind by coalition forces.

Saudi warplanes and attack helicopters carried out several airstrikes on Houthi positions in southern ‘Asir in an attempt to repel the attacks. However, the airstrikes were not effective.

The Houthis stepped up their attacks in the Kingdom’s southern part in the last few months proving that their military presence in the region is stronger than ever. The Saudi-led coalition suffered from heavy loses as a result of these attacks.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Saudi Armed Forces released a comment on the current situation:

Houthis Destroy Eleven Saudi-led Coalition Armored Vehicles In Southern ‘Asir (Videos)

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That’s a good score. Houthi’s appear to be growing stronger with time. :)

northerntruthseeker .

bravo to the heroic Houthi fighters! We can only hope that they continue these assaults against these evil bastards!


next time a missile at the “royal” palace , hope to see it soon.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

me too

S Melanson

Ansarallah are expanding their hold on southern KSA. How successful securing their hold on occupied Najran is shown by a personal visit of head of Yemeni military forces to review troops and frontline in enemy occupied territory – video showed the light of Najran City in background only two kilometres away.

The visit was a humiliation and these attacks further reinforce the message that KSA cannot stop Ansarallah From taking and securing Saudi territory. The burning Coalition vehicles is for the local tribes to show who are the winners and who are the losers.

The tribal elders do not want to back the loser. However, elders will not rush to back Ansarallah despite Yemeni heritage, because they would fear Saudi reprisals, with good reason. US encouraged uprising against Saddam Hussein in first gulf war only to abandon the insurgency which Saddam then brutally crushed.

It follows that if the tribes back Ansarallah, the intent is to return Najran to Yemen in any peace arrangement. So if this happens, we are talking about break up of KSA as Najrān will set off insurrection elsewhere in the kingdom. MBS knows this and the war has to stop before that happens so MbS continuing the war tells me there are other factors preventing him.

Ansarullah know this as well and this is why the offensive into KSA. I thought it would end the war and it should have by now. But it has not. The offensive must then go to its conclusion, the dissolution of KSA. No articles on that, just Russia and US dissolution. Well I see KSA first in line for that

S Melanson

There is no doubt the break-up of KSA will have massive repercussions as well as a great deal of uncertainty although Iran could certainly benefit as well as Turkey. Iran already benefitted from fall of Saddam thanks to US intervention and KSA going down removes another major regional power.

Going to war with Iran seems to be the focus and is it to pre-empt Iran emerging as key power broker by bombing her back to the Stone Age? Bolton always had Iran in his sights and he was appointed by Trump April 2018 before it became clear Ansarallah would defeat the Coalition. But perhaps the unexpected success of Ansarallah has unnerved many that it has empowered Bolton to get his wish and with Bolton, blowing out the candles is not in the cards. Bolton starts the fire.


If Yemen (Ansarallah) end up taking back what was once Yemen, from Saudi, perhaps the Jordanians will do the same if/when KSA disintegrates.


For the Houthis to achieve so much with so little against the wealthiest arab coalition on the planet , and who are armed and ‘advised’ by the most powerful military that world has ever seen, the Houthis have already become a legend that future historians will marvel at for centuries to come.

Bravo to the Houthis.


The Yemenis have become maestros with the Kornet, in this video alone 7 Kornets used, 7 targets destroyed . 100% success rate. Very impressive performance by Ansarallah by any standards!

S Melanson

Agree they are showing skilled use, and clearly this has delivered success. However, the footage shown is successful strikes, misses would likely not be shown.

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