Houthis Destroy 4 Vehicles And 1 Battle Tank Of Pro-Saudi Forces In Yemen (Videos)


On September 6, five Yemeni civilians were killed and 5 others injured (all from a single family) in a Saudi airstrike, according to Yemeni sources. The sources added that the airstrike targeted the al-Hamli family house in al-Sadat village in Hayran district of Hajjah governorate. Moreover, women and children were among the victims.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted more than 35 airstrikes on Houthis-held areas in Yemen in the last 24 hours, according to the Yemeni Al-Masirah news TV channel. The Saudi airstrikes targeted the Mocha port on the Red Sea and Nihm, Dhubab, Midi and Mustaba districts.

On September 7, Houthi fighters attacked a position of Saudi-backed forces south of al-Jawf governorate near the Yemeni-Saudi border. The Houthis claimed that they killed and injured many pro-Saudi fighters and destroyed many their vehicles.

Houthi fighters also destroyed two vehicles of pro-Saudi forces with a single ATGM in Nihm district of Sana’a governorate. This is the first ATGM strike by the Houthis in weeks witch means that they may had received fresh supplies from Iran or other backers.

According to videos released by pro-Houthi sources, they have recently destroyed at least 4 vehicles and a battle tank belonging to

More vehicles of pro-Saudi forces were destroyed by Houthis across Yemen:



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  • Sadde

    What kind of weapon was used in the last video?

    • Aristhotle Dungo

      Yeah. Im curious too. Missile with two booster.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        Iran reverse engineer( Tosan) of Russian Konkurs ATGM.

  • Thegr8rambino