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Houthis Delivered Food To Besieged District Using Rockets During One of Yemen’s Hottest Battles (Video)

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Houthis Delivered Food To Besieged District Using Rockets During One of Yemen’s Hottest Battles (Video)

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On May 21, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) released never-seen-before footage from the battle of al-Durayhimi district in the western Yemeni province of al-Hudaydah.

The battle of al-Durayhimi, which went on for around two years, saw some of the most violent fighting in the Yemeni war. The battle started when a large, heavily-armed force from the Saudi-led coalition, mainly made up of United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces and their proxies, attempted to push the Houthis out from al-Durayhimi in July 2018.

While the coalition’s force failed to capture the district, it was able to lay a siege around it. The tight siege was broken by the Houthis in November 2020 after a successful counter attack.

The footage released by the Houthis, which are a promo for an upcoming documentary on the battle, reveal how the group was able to deliver supplies to its fighters and civilians in al-Durayhimi despite the Saudi-led coalition’s siege.

In the footage, the Houthis can be seen using improvised rocket-assisted containers, similar in general design to rocket-assisted munitions, to deliver food to the besieged fighters and civilians in in al-Durayhimi.

The Houthis also dropped supplies to the besieged fighters and civilians from drones. The group even used a Mi-171Sh helicopter to deliver supplies to the district. It was not known before that the group is operating helicopters left from the old Yemeni military.

The Houthis ability to resupply their fighters and civilians in al-Durayhimi using these very unique ways contributed to their victory in the battle. A victory that cemented the group’s presence on Yemen’s strategic Red Sea coast.

The new footage highlights the creativity and persistent of the Houthis. Two qualities that made the small, isolated group a regional force to reckon with.




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The Objective

These are are some tough hombres. The Saudis are faggots like Ukis.


Both rely on USA for everything, Iran funds the axis of resistance, but they get their shit done. None of USA allies can get shit done

Last edited 2 months ago by Jnoub
Chris Gr

Then explain to me, why does China also support the coalition? Saudis and UAE have Chinese drones.


They are milking the camels. You just have to be that rtded clown no matter what.


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Chris Gr

You are incapable of any rational answer. Back to your cave.


China gives them cheap technology knowing they’ll be overpaid

Jens Holm

Chinese sell opium to their mother so she can babysit. Danish TV show.

Chris Gr

True, so you admit that not only US but China supports the coalition?

Chris Gr

It is not just Saudis fighting there. UAE, Egypt and Sudan also support the coalition.


Fremen resourcefulness and ingenuity

Karen Kobylanksi

‘Yemeni mothers are mothers, too’: US activists question Jill Biden’s propaganda trip to Poland and Ukraine border Activists ask why the White House and previous hypocritical racist US and western first ladies haven’t visited camps for refugees from Syria, Yemen and elsewhere

Last edited 2 months ago by Karen Kobylanksi

Yeah, just like Palestina, the Yemens exposes everything, lays it bare as an damp squid, everybody whom is now on their knees in extatic virutal signalling and howls something about war crimes in Ukraina have bothered to waist f…. second on the people of Yemen, an old nation destoryed by the west whom is behind the Saudi-barbarians, incl Norway, yeah, making a killing, and of course have the nervs to drool something about humanism.

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