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Houthis’ Defense Minister Vows To Attack Israeli Military Targets

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Houthis’ Defense Minister Vows To Attack Israeli Military Targets

Illustrative image, By the Houthis media wing

The defense minister of the Houthis’ National Salvation Government has vowed to attack Israeli land and naval targets in response to Tell Aviv’s alleged involvement in the Yemeni conflict.

In an interview with the al-Masirah newspaper, Gen. Mohamed Nasir al-Atifi claimed that Israel has been participating in the Saudi-led operations in Yemen “since day one.”

“The Yemeni military has a bank of military naval and land targets for the Israeli enemy, and we will not hesitate one second to destroy them if the decision is taken by the leadership,” Gen. al-Atifi said in the interview, that was published on December 8.

The defense minister went on to claim that the Yemeni military is developing its defense industry, promising to reveal advanced weapon systems soon.

Last summer, the Houthis carried out a series of attacks on Saudi Arabia using drones, ballistic missiles, precision-guided rockets and cruise missiles. Most of these advanced weapons are believed to be supplied by Iran.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Navy seized what it claimed to be a shipment of advanced Iranian missiles that was allegedly on its way to the Houthis in Yemen.

It remains unclear if the Houthis have means needed to attack targets in Israel, which is located more than 1,700 km away from the Yemen. However, in the last two years, the Yemeni group delivered strikes on several targets deep inside Saudi Arabia and even in the UAE.

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the israelis have supported the saudi war in Jemen as advisors and tactical supervisors from day 1, or at least since jared kushner, jewish slime from new york and trump’s son in law,befriended the clown prince mohammed bin salman of saudi arabia (well known after having bought a fake leonardi da vinci for 450million bucks), whichever came first. and jared kushner extorted 1 billion bucks from the qataris in order to save his fathers almost bankrupt real estate company in NY, by promising that the saudis wouldn’t do anything more drastic than the isolation of qatar. a pair of sleazers if ever.

Miroslav Beran

15% a whole world will one day understand a history of Khazaria Empire, conversion of Khazars from phallus adoring religion to judaism, mass emigration of half of Khazars from Khazaria to Eastern and Central Europe. And finally landing of Khazar invaders after 1945 in Palestine. When Zionist invented Zionism in their time DNA was not discovered. So today all folks may know by DNA analysis that Palestinians are genuine Semitic people – real ancestors of biblical Hebrews. As Apartheid I collapsed in South Africa, the same way may collapse Apartheid II conducted by Khazars invaders.

Jens Holm

Most arabs in Syria Palestine are Jewish and Christians convertites. Islam is a late invension starting with only one named Muhammed far from there.

The rest probatly are related to Baal from Balbek.


I thought they would have moved you to the acute psych ward by now and cancelled the internet access.


Over 2 million so-called Zionists are not even Jews but welfare “Jews” that became so-called Israelis after the collapse of the USSR, most were criminals from Ukraine and Russia.

klove and light

u r totaly stupid and have no idea what the reason would be for the hiuthis to attack Israel………

NOTHING could be better for the houthis if Israel or USA attack jemen DIRECTLY with either cruise Missiles or bombing Raids……that would be pure HAPPINESS on the side of the houthis…..and here is the reason dummy……

ALL of Saudi Population, including the sunni…..all sunni Population of all GULF states……all sunni of egypt HATE ISRAEL and the USA…..any DIRECT participation of either Israel or the USA with Missiles or bombs would create a MAJOR headache for all the Leaderships in Saudi Arabia, in the gulf states and in egypt…

ps. just look at the latestv Terror attack in the USA at their naval base…carried out by a Saudi sunni national from the Saudi royal airforce with his twiiter speech reading ” USA the Nation of Evil…” and 3 other Saudi nationals filmed the incidence from a car and are beiing currently hunted for inside the USA……

so again dummy….any direct participation would be a Grand slam for the houthis and all they wish for!!!!


Your analysis is quite factual and being borne out by the rebellion within the Saudi military and attack in Pensacola. I have spent some time in the Persian Gulf states over the summer and found that even in the US occupied puppet states the younger generations are very anti-American and hate the Zionists even more. There is big trouble coming in the region for both the US and Zionists as history and demographics take their toll. The daily images of US and Zionists killing Arabs and Muslims is now creating a whole generation of very angry young men across the whole structure of Arab societies.


okay, it sounds on the surface as a bit of a stretch but, we are talking about the Houthis here. If there if one group that does not kid around or BS, it is them. If Israel is not in their sights, this is not good news for Tel Aviv.


Good comment John, both the Hezbollah and Ansarallah, unlike many Arab big mouth puppet regimes are not prone to exaggeration or hyperbole. The Yemeni military spokesman, the articulate young Brigadier General Yahya Sari is a becoming a legend in the Arab street as he has gained credibility based on facts and evidence. Even in US and western occupied UAE and Qatar, I found him a household name as the young admire his professional and factual press conferences. Many Arabs yearn for the truth. Now the Jews and Americans have become Baghdad Bob. The Saudis executed their spokesman the rambling Assiri after the Khashoggi beheading as he was the scapegoat due to his Yemeni background and being black. The Saudis are very racist like Zionists.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

better listen up israhell, you saw what they are doing to your saudi buddies, dont you?


After the Pensacola attack, the whole Saudi armed forces is being vetted by the CIA and MI6 for their loyalty to the Americans. There is growing anger within the Saudi armed forces for the war on Yemen, especially the US led indiscriminate bombing of civilians. The FBI is engaged in the biggest cover-up after 911 to hide the extent of the Pensacola attack as it was just not one man, but the whole 22 Saudi cadets and airmen were involved. Also, interestingly all the ant-US and anti-Zionist social media messages posted by the Saudis have been removed. Saudis are at a pre-revolutionary Iran stage, when the shah’s US vetted military turned on him and simply collapsed. There have been reports of internal conflict in the House of Saud with the national guard based on Wahhabi Bedouins and close to the dethroned and imprisoned the real crown Muhammed bin Nayef, is close to open rebellion, Nayef is now reported to have been killed along with many generals and other “royals”. The Saudis are in for big trouble and no one can save them.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hey mister d’artagnan i have missed you! where have you been!


Thank you. Was busy in the summer. Now have some time to comment. Looks like a new hasbara team is busy with disinformation. The region is changing fast and Saudis and Zionists are both in desperate trouble, and not unexpectedly.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

well i am glad you are back, i really hope this girl emily i was friends with comes back too, i havent heard from her since august, please pray for it thank you :)


Who is Emily? did I miss her too. Be wary of internet “Emily” as most are 80 year old pensioner hasbara or NSA trolls sowing disinformation, however in your case I will indeed pray for “her” return :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

many thanks mister d’artagnan :)))) yes there is an EmilyEnso on here, she upvoted me a few times so i am not sure if she is a hasbara or what


Then there is hope for you my friend :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i hope so, i have been praying everyday since then, and feel like giving up now


Hello d’Artagnan. Yes, they are here but, very easy to spot. They don’t last long before they have to change names. The garbage they spout is the same old stuff, even though they try to change it on the surface. They are done, something has arrived. The pick for the new IDF Minister is a telling sign of very rough times ahead for Israel. I am even wondering if an assassination is coming from within the Israeli ranks. My tanks on the Zionists at this point.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lol 100% intercepted? why do you have such high confidence in the iron dome?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

houthis wont fire just one missile, did you not hear their attack on saudi oil refineries recently? they used jet powered drones andwho knows what else

Bobby Twoshoes

Love to talk facts, here’s one for free. FACT: Arbitrary guesses at the probability of different potential outcomes are not facts, in fact they are as far as you can get from facts without actually lying.

S Melanson

Why do I have more than just a bit of skepticism about this story of intercepting missiles loaded in a wooden boat headed for Yemen (assumption) and coming from Iran (assumption).

This seizure took place a few days ago but seems low key and few details such as no discussion of the crew, what they have divulged and there nationality. Seems false flag to me.


The Yemens are, eh…. 100% correct, and dont forget, the insane bombing conducted by the Saudi-barbarians and the other scums, from vedings to schools, etc, etc all civlian targets to just terror bomb Yemen, the targets where picket up and painted from the ground, and we know atleast that some of them where Brits, mercs or not, but never the less an part of the aliance whom is bombing Yemen. And I bet they use ISISraelis since they have an more, eh….. native look and can slip in and out much easier than the rest, incl Pakis scumbags whom is on this war to along with the Sudanes peace loving Janjaweeed, yeah, nice bunch huh.

The second fact is, ISISrael have targets that can create much more damage than what ISISrael is capable to do in Yemen, apart from bombing civlians, of course, their speciality. One day, Jews, someone would make ISISrael to hell on earth, and I wouldnt be surpirced since the continuing provocations would one day result in an payback time, I know exactly what to take out, to create maximum damage to the tiny shithole ISISrael, do you.



The Ansarallah are getting better weapons now and are creating an integrated air defence system as well that has downed two Saudi Apaches and three drones in the past few weeks. However, to attack Zionist targets in southern Occupied Palestine in Negev or Dimona, the Yemenis will either need long range drones or cruise missiles, which is within the realm of possibilities. The whole Iranian strategy is based on long term strategic and psychological warfare to keep their enemies guessing. From a pure military point of view the Straight Line Air Flying Distance from Sa’ada Yemen to most of Occupied Palestine is roughly 1000 miles or 1600 kms with a flight time of over 1.5 hours even at Mach 1 or lower. However, the Yemenis, Iranians and Hezbollah are full of surprises and the Zionists should never be too arrogant. The Saudis have learnt the lesson the hard way and now take no chances with their rickety F-15 as all bombing of even soft targets in Yemen has stopped. There is also growing opposition within the Saudi airforce to the war on Yemen and after the Pensacola attack by supposedly “loyal” Saudis, their US masters have grounded all Saudi pilots and new CIA enforced vetting is underway to check the loyalty to US and Zionist masters.

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

oy vey! what is my long NOSE doing in this picture? Which goyim gave it permission to blast off into the sky?!

Derek Johnson

All hail the mighty NOSE

cechas vodobenikov

wishful thinking…the Houthis lack the capacity to threaten Israel–they presently have plenty of challenges as they resist the American/SA/UAE genocide in Yemen

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

cant wait for the Houthis to smash some zionist military targets :)


Long nose Larry, please tell us: Do you practice Rhinoplasty to increase a person’s nose size? Signed, Small Nosed Bob :)


it’s getting better – the houthis from the far south threatening the squatters with missiles and what not and iran from southeast and east threatening the squatters with missies from a) iran/iraq and also the caspian sea and then syria threatening the squatters from the east northeast and then the hezbollah from the north, and if Erdogan, who truly hates the squatters, could be convinced to join the fray, the illegal settlement israel, based on lies, murders and thievery, will be discontinued and buried in the sand and be missed by no one. great tidings awaiting the world to se the last of the hymies.


Hopefully soon, but first I hope Houthi could totally free Yemen from Saudi although it seems impossible without sending Saudi and its allies’ military power back to zero.

chris chuba

This plays right into the paranoid Israeli conspiracy theories, that the Houthis are just an Iranian proxy to make Yemen into a missile base for Iran to attack Israel. If they want to hit targets in Saudi Arabia where they claim foreigners like Israel are helping the KSA murder Yemenis more power to them but threatening Israel proper, I hope that is not what he means.


Sana’a would be a good example to the world what happens if you shoot a ballistic missile over here, I hope they are stupid and brave enough to do it.

Derek Johnson

Houtis’ have yet to finish Yahudi Arabia than to worry about Israel.

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