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Houthis Crush Saudi-led Coalition Troops In Large-Scale Attack South Of Kilo 16 (Video)

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Between October 21 and 22, the Houthis launched a large-scale offensive around the area of “Kilo 16” south of the strategic city of al-Hudaydah on the western coast of Yemen. The al-Masirah TV said that Houthi fighters captured several positions south of Kilo 16 and cut off the main highway between al-Hudaydah and the Yemeni capital of Sanaa during the surprise offensive.

“Over the last two days, the [Yemeni] army and the popular committees [armed wing of the Houthis] succeeded in recapturing important areas south of the area of Kilo 16 near al-Hudaydah [after] infecting significant loss in lives and equipment on the agents of the aggression,” a field commander of the Houthis told al-Masirah on October 23.

The Houthis media wing released a 29-minute video of the fierce offensive showing Houthi fighters shelling Saudi-led coalition positions with rockets, carrying out night raids and destroying scores of military vehicles with different anti-tank weapons.

In September, the Saudi-led coalition carried out an attack on Kilo 16 that lasted for several days. While the coalition managed to capture some key position there, its loses were significant enough to halt the attack. Since then, the Houthis drained coalition troops in the area by conducting limited hit and run attacks.

The new offensive by the Houthis is for sure a strong message to the Saudi-led coalition, that’s currently planning to resume its military operations around Kilo 16 with a declared aim of capturing al-Hudaydah and its port.

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In a World of Mohammad Bone Sawmans be a Houthi.


Is the Saudi coalition bringing in more supplies to the front line.
The Houthi’s need more captured ATGM, etc.

S Melanson

Do not worry, the Coalition can be relied upon to keep the Houthis supplied given their impressive proven track record to date.

J Roderet

The heroic Yemeni resistance has the support of all the world’s true, freedom-loving peoples. The Saudi/UAE invaders will never be able to defeat Yemen. It is clearly becoming their Vietnam.

S Melanson

A Vietnam at the very least but this is looking more like the Germans (Coalition) versus the Russians (Houthis) following the German (Coalition) failure to cut off and take Kursk (Hodeidah) in July of 1943 (June 2018). Kursk (Hodeidah) marked the end of large scale German (Coalition) offensive operations in Russia (Yemen). The Russians (Houthis) now held the initiative and never gave it up – onward, all the way to Berlin (Riyadh)!

Chris P

The Saud’s need to cut off the supply route and reorganize there army to fight with air power. They can’t do this. Call in an air strike takes an hour. That is the problem.
Russia and USA learnt to do this and learnt the cost of doing it too. The religious wars will continue for a long time and show the weakness of the Saudis. Iran is learning in Syria and has become far better at modern warfare from this war. The American are not teaching the Saud and the Russians are teaching the Iranians. Got to make you think


Its not about religion – the Saudis run out of oil and have to steal it from Yemen.

You can call me Al

This has nothing to do with religion; just power, natural resources and the usual.

S Melanson

The Houthis could mount a direct engagement and crush the Coalition while at the same time increasing the pressure on the Saudi forces in southern Saudi Arabia. The Coalition is toast.

Promitheas Apollonious

The strategy they follow seems to be paying out for them in a big way making it logistically very hard for their enemies to sustain any kind of pressure on them. What they need is anti air defense of some sort, because is the only element their enemy has that they can not oppose, its air force.

Promitheas Apollonious

Houthis never cease to amaze me. This people are the best fighters I ever watch to fight.

Hamed Azamy

The Houthis are indeed fierce fighters and I admire their resilience. The Saudis are paper tigers with high tech equipment and no will to fight, pussies. It would be interesting to see Houthis team up with Afghans in a fight, Afghans are crazy when it comes to battlefield – no retreat no surrender!


Yes, I never saw Houthis perform the Saudi gay dances as they did why Trump was visiting.

Promitheas Apollonious

they was welcoming one of their own.


Promitheas Apollonious

Yes I watched afghans in action at 2004. They are relentless, but also know very well how to fight as well are the best sharpshooters, I ever seen. Open sights they can hit most of them a man on the head at 800 yards, with old sniper russian rifles from WW2.

They train since childhood on that hunting wolves and other predators attacking their flogs.


Mountain people usually are. Combine it with a strong belief and they become unbeatable.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes agree.

Richard M

I love the smell of Wahhabi Orc convoys burning in the morning!

Richard M

I like the Houthi banging on the hood of the Humvee at 12:30. Sounds like a used Humvee salesman. “Low mileage. New tires. Steers like a dream!”

Promitheas Apollonious

he was checking if some of the mice, hide under the hood I think.


Is this a Cat Motya reference?

Promitheas Apollonious

have no idea who cat motya is. But I am sure she must love mice, like any other cat.


Cat Motya is my favorite blogger. If you can read Russian… https://catmotya.blogspot.com/


Perhaps a Sow-di. I never got it – Saudi has a sow in its pronunciation and I thought Muslim don’t like pork.

Concrete Mike

Maybe some sowdis are fake muslims….like most people in israel are fake jews

Promitheas Apollonious

when they travel outside their countries, they love it as well drink like fish but in their countries go according to their sharia laws, if they dont want their heads chopped off.


Now is the time to keep pushing, while the Saudi’s money haven’t bought Erdogan. The morale of the Saudi led troops cannot be high, not after seeing their prince scape goating his own right hands and close advisors.


Let’s hope the best – the Yemeni not only fighting Saudi Arabia but also the Nazi troopers coming from USA/UK.

John Whitehot

i’ve always find ridiculous how jews mock the christian concept of hope.

i mean, it comes from the same who believe that the waters opened up and washed away the egyptians, or that god sent a fog on the border to prevent a battle among isis and the israelis.


Yemeni are tough Mountain peoples alike the Afghans,
never any foreign army won in the Mountain area… !

US/UK is scarifying Saudi sweat dates eaters in the Mountain Hell fitting to Israhel !

John Whitehot

“71% Of Military Age Americans Too Sick To Join, Study Says”

don’t worry about that.

they can promise green cards to incoming Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorians.

Military aged males coming from countries with murder rates similar to warzones is just what the US need to fulfill its owners agendas.

chris chuba

Yeah but that only lasts one generation before they become like the rest of us.


better fat than a murdering thug…

You can call me Al

“Fierce offensive”? Ever heard of a gentle one? Best to leave adjectives and adverbs alone.

me again

Real freedom fighters. I am impressed how effective they are and some of them don’t have boots or even shoes and fight in sandals.


Hohohoho somebody got their asses kick reallll bad……is that what they call “bitchslapping” in the states? LOL

R Trojson

Houthis are fighting a losing battle against unlimited Saudi wealth. Iran overplayed it’s hand and the result is Houti genocide. Their people are starving. Air attacks kill hundreds of them every week. Saudis do not care if it takes 1,5 or 10 years to wipe Houti resistance out of Yemen. All that will be left are remnants, 2nd class citizens starving in their own squalor. They will be judged terrorists in what was once their own land. All the world will see is another terrorist killed in Yemen as the genocide continues. Iran sure played them for chumps.

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