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Houthis Continue Military Operations In Southern ‘Asir, Destroy Several Saudi Armored Vehicles (Video)


The Houthis continued their military operations against the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the area of al-Majaza al-Gharbiyah in the Kingdom’s southern province of ‘Asir on June 21.

A new video released by the Yemeni group’s media wing shows Houthi fighters attacking more positions of the Saudi-led coalition and targeting its troops with heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

In the course of the new attack, the Houthis destroyed at least four armored vehicles, including a US-made Oshkosh M-ATV mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP).

Earlier this week, the Houthis destroyed eleven vehicles of the coalition in similar attacks in al-Majaza al-Gharbiyah. Despite these heavy losses, the coalition has not taken any steps to fortify its positions in the area, so far.

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  • goingbrokes

    Saudis seem totally incapable of defending their country. Is this a sign of a possible coming collapse of the influence of the monarchy?

    • Nowruz

      The southern parts of Saudi Arabia (Saada, Asir and Najran) was stolen from Yemen with the help of the British during ww1, so not really their country.

      Saudi Arabia doesn’t know how to fights wars which is why the pay Sudanese kids to do it for them.

  • Selbstdenker

    Saudis should raise a complaint against OshKosh, that the promised “ambush protection” does not work. Or didn’t they activate the license?

    • d’Artagnan

      US, France, UK, Canada and Australia are also ripping off the Saudis by selling them low grade weaponry at exorbitant prices.

  • d’Artagnan

    Saudi situation is getting worse as the western populations are turning against their genocide in Yemen. The UK courts and US Congress is being pushed to ban arm exports and Saudis only kill Yemeni civilians and bomb hospitals and schools.