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JUNE 2021

Houthis Confirm Control Of Kilo 16 Area On Western Yemeni Coast (Videos)

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On September 16, a military source confirmed to al-Masirah TV that the Houthis are still in control of the area of Kilo 16, which is located between the district center of al-Durayhimi and the city of al-Hudaydah on the western Yemeni coast. According to the source, Houthi fighters fully repelled the Saudi-led coalition attack on the area after days of intense clashes.

“The army and the popular units fully control the area of Kilo 16 and the asphalt line between Jaulat al-Safina [area] and the mills’ roundabout on the entrance of the city of al-Hudaydah and the mercenaries withdrew about 8 to 10 kilometers in the desert south of Kilo 16,” the Yemeni TV channel quoted the source as saying.

The Houthis’ media wing also released a new video from the area of Kilo 16. The video shows three fighters of the Houthis repelling an attack of the Saudi-led coalition as well as destroying several pickup trucks and armored vehicles.

Three days ago, the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV claimed that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies imposed control of Kilo 16. However, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, a leader of the Houthis, appeared in several video messages from inside the area and denied the coalition’s claims.

The coalition will likely make another attempt to capture the area in the upcoming few weeks in order to reach al-Hudaydah.

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Bravo Houthis, you are a legend !


KSA and Co call them Houthis but infact they are Yemenis. So its better to call them Yemenis. They are united one nation. Majority of Yemenis are with Houthis leads. Just a bunch of free radicals are with Ex president Hadi and Saudis.


U r right Rob. Inaccurate term houthi, they r Yemenis. Great people throughout the history. Ali ibne Abitalib’s army chief Malik Ashtar was Yemeni, Ali’s another top commander Hujar ibne Oday was Yemeni, Awais Qarni the great lover of Prophet (PBUH) was Yemeni.

Konrad Ingvarssen

That first video is really interesting footage. Do the red circles around the 20 second mark indicate a single wrecked armored vehicle with its turret blown off or are there two there? Some subtitles in English would be great. The Houthis seem to be giving the world a lesson in how to do more with less when it comes to military hardware.

Lazy Gamer

As much as we were awestruck to see those three fighters. It would be best that they were not shown as these reveals the defense, positions, equipment, numbers, etc

Promitheas Apollonious

it reveals nothing beside what I am sure is known, to thousands of dead corpses of SA and the miserable leftovers left of the mercenaries invading Yemen. As for the defenses of the area, is the warriors of Yemen.

Same as the Spartans, who never build a wall around their cities, saying that if the warriors are not enough, the walls are worthless.



Richard M

A few months ago the Wahhabi Orcs claimed to capture Hudaydah Airport, six or seven times. Now it is Kilo 16 that they have chosen to lie about! I hope their lies about reaching the University are true, because if they are there they are surrounded and cut off from rescue! :D

Brother Thomas

I can only hope Allah in His wisdom sees fit for Saudi Arabia to go bankrupt as a result of this cruel war, and for the House of Saud to have its day of reckoning.

Empire's Frontiers

There’s the difference between fighting for survival, and fighting for a shekel.



Peter Jennings

That’s good news for the Yemeni people who do not want to be ruled over by headchoppers. The ‘might’ of the suadi forces backed by nato cannot win decisively and as time goes by, the international support for the Houthis grows.

The suadi regime is a pack of cards, a full sink of dirty laundry. Their only trust with the west relies on the buying oil and selling them arms for their forces to leave in the desert. This saudi dog of war may just turn and bite its owner.


Tired of winning…

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