Houthis Clash With Saudi-led Coalition Along Western Yemeni Coast, Destroy Several Vehicles (Videos+18)

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Houthis Clash With Saudi-led Coalition Along Western Yemeni Coast, Destroy Several Vehicles (Videos+18) 4.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.


On June 22, the Houthis attacked several positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies in the districts of al-Durayhimi and al-Tuhayat along the western coast of Yemen, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. During these attacks, Houthi fighters destroyed more than eleven armored vehicles of the coalition and killed several Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters.

Meanwhile, the Sky News Arabia TV reported that warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition conducted a series of airstrikes on several positions of the Houthis along the western Yemeni coast. According to the UAE-based TV channel, more than 43 fighters of the Houthis were killed in these airstrikes.

A day earlier, the Houthis cut off another supply line of the Saudi-led coalition along the western Yemeni coast after capturing the areas of Mdjelis and Makhliki. According to Yemeni sources, both areas are still under the control of the Houthis as for now.

Despite of its recent defeats along the Yemeni coast, the Saudi-led coalition appears to be determined to capture the strategic city of al-Hudaydah. The upcoming days will likely witness a new attack of the coalition on the city and its airport.


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    Keep on hitting that supply line!
    Good job Houthis :)

    • Smaug

      I don’t care who wins, but I guarantee the Saudis will eventually win.

      • PZIVJ

        If the Saudi coalition does take the port, I would hope that the UN became involved to keep the port open for food,etc. Because I don’t think the Sauds give a crap about the starving people of N Yemen. :(

        • S Melanson

          In a post a week ago, I made the call the Houthis will win this with the statement that the world needs to watch the Houthis as they teach the world a grand lesson in asymmetric warfare. To put it more eloquently – how to kick Saudi butt.

          I have studied many sources each day and most are not aware that the main coalition forces advancing on the airport are in a state of unsupplied and efforts to restore supply lines have either failed or if succeed, Houthis attack elsewhere to cut supply lines. Recently, Houthis have established a large swath between coalition forces assaulting the airport and sources of vital supplies. As a result, coalition capabilities are degrading which is likely why the Air Force is being relied upon so much as no supply problem.

          Reports are now hinting at the possibility of complete destruction of the cut off forces. Rumours are also emerging that the US and UK are in talks to explore an exit plan for the coalition.

          Barring a miracle for the coalition, this battle is already over.

          • Gregory Casey

            This is by far the mos sensible interpretation of events on the ground!! I absolutely agree with you.

      • DaBoiiiii

        You do care who wins, you’re just pretending you aren’t a filthy Saudi/American/Israel supporter. Typical shit. “I don’t really care who wins, but…” “I don’t really like this person, but…” or “I think both sides are being bad, but…” typical defence of those trying to hide their affiliation.
        We will see if you are correct as to the victor of this war. Or are you only referring to this particular battle?

        • Wise Gandalf

          Flag the Smaug. Give him 3rd wing! :)

      • Rob

        Saudis cannot win the reason is the US and UK both have farted a lot and have used their latest weapons even the mother of all weapons but still could not win from Afghani Taliban. Now Taliban control 70% Afghani land and every day killing four and five US and UK soldiers. Hip hip horray.

      • DenLilleAbe

        Saudi Arabia will have revolted, gone broke loooooong before that!
        Chew some Khat and calm down!

      • Rob

        Saudis cannot win from Yemen nation, the reason is they have airstricked on funerals, ambulances, on children schools, hospitals and markets but still their gains are insignificant. As much they have increased their brutality on Yemen children so much the Yemen children moral have increased. Hip hip horray.

  • SurfaceBook

    the saudi and UAE force , even with F/UK/US spec ops help , wont be having easy time getting the port and airport.. even if they seized it , how can they hold it againxt repeated counter attack ? this is houthis territoru , indian country , where they can outlast invaders and bleed them dry with endless ambushes..

    the saudi and gulfies are deluding themselves , even with western help , holding on to these area will be their undoing

    • LR captain

      Yemen is literally holding back the Saudis from sending troops to Syria. Manly due to political pressure and attacks on Saudi territory. .still more Sunnis mercs are being paid off by Saudis and killed off by the houthis. that is why the Saudis are raising their oil prices (good for Putin and iran) they need the money to pay for men. Because if they were to send their own soldiers the number of coffins brought back would demoralize the Saudi sunnis and make the monarchy more unstable setting the conditions for a revolt against the house of Saud.

      The UAE in that term is the more dangerous threat here. They are training+funding+equipping the Yemeni army loyal to hadi. the fact that Al-masdar and/or south front said that around 25,000 fighters could be taking part in this operation. states that most of the UAE trained troops are there. well the houthis did manage over 1,200 wounded+dead+captured since the Saudis started the operation to take the port city. so around 4% of the operations forces are gone already. If this operation goes bust the progress made by the UAE be almost wiped clean and they will have to restart.

      the F/UK/US are only doing spec ops and intelligence gathering. one would guess that due to rapid houthis counter attacks and lessons learned from syria (easy for your troops to be caught or surrounded while doing unethical missions.) they might be pulling all their forces back away from important fronts where the houthis could break through at any moment. Not to mention that the Saudis are really paying a high political price for this support.

      Sudan is providing the mercs needed to keep the war going and offers political support for the said war.

      Egypt has offered troops to fight in Yemen around 40,000 to some sources but due to ISIS cells along the border with Israel they can’t afford to send them. Also the US is pressuring them to send to troops to syria to replace the kurds. But good relations with russia (by that i mean a joint Russian-eygpt training camp) and improving relations with iran (they are starting talk things out through Russia.) prevents Egypt from sending troops to Syria either. So right now Egypt is offering political support for the Yemeni war.

      all in all if the Yemeni war goes against the Saudis everyone will blame them. They will have portion of their southern provinces claimed by houthis. The crimes that were committed by them will be told by their allies F/UK/US in order to shift blame away from themselves.

      the Saudi state will be unstable and if the Saudis don’t collapse into civil war they will be trying to rebuild their state and will not take any risks until the state is back under their control.

      • S Melanson

        Well said

      • SurfaceBook

        i recall egyptian expeditionary force back then got slaughtered in yemen.. now they want to repeat it ?

  • Night Wind

    If Yemen stops the Wahhabi/CIA/Soros-backed forces in this offensive, the attackers are really going to have to consider whether this war is worth continuing or not. Like Syria, they’ve stood up to both the Terrorists and the Western Neo-Liberals against tremendous odds.

  • The Mercenary offensive of the Saudi/UAE puppets is grinding to a halt. The Orcs are surrounded and will soon have to try to retreat. I wish them all the success that the Nazis had retreating from Stalingrad! :D

    • Gregory Casey

      If there are any left to retreat!! Saudi/UAE+ International Coalition of US & UK & France + Mercenaries from Sudan/Horn of Africa plus, I am told, Pakistan could engineer a major tick-up in effort but for the fact that the Saudi Mercenaries are bleeding heavily in Syria, both literally and metaphorically while UAE does have a major ISIS problem in Southern Yemen close to Aden that it maintains it must deal with prior to engaging in full frontal assault on Houthi. As those IS Cells are inextricably intertwined with the Saudi/Emirati effort to retake Yemen ……… getting rid of the Houthi being a fundamental prerequisite in achieving this objective, I don’t see either the Saudis or the Emirati increasing their effort any time soon unless London Paris & Washington insist. Meanwhile I believe the Houthi will continue to kiss their sad asses all the way home to Riyadh and Doha.

  • DenLilleAbe

    It is difficult to make out what actually is going on, but no doubt Saudi Arabia has been taught a lesson in asymmetrical warfare. That they at the same time must be either stupid, bad soldiers or both is evident. Russia learned a lot from Afghanistan, The US learned nothing from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, that is really incredible, three times they make the same mistake (more or less), they have know been to war in 17 years, with nothing to show. Hi-hi morons!

    Without air-power these nations are powerless against small dispersed groups on foot or light vehicles. Especially if these groups have man-pads.