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Houthis Claim They Targeted Dubai Airport With Armed Drone. UAE Denies

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Houthis Claim They Targeted Dubai Airport With Armed Drone. UAE Denies


A Samad-3 combat drone has hit the Dubai international airport successfully disrupting air traffic “for some time”, Yemen’s Houthis claimed in a statement through its media wing.

A spokesman for the Houthis’ military told the Houthi-controlled Saba news network that the drone strike was a response to “crimes” of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition, which has invaded Yemen.

“After the bombing of Dubai airport with a plane 3, all the strategic areas of the UAE are in the range of air force fire,” the spokesman said.

However, the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority denounced these claims in a statement to official news agency WAM “affirming UAE air traffic operates business as usual.”

The Dubai international airport is the third busiest in the world, according to Airports Council International. About 88 million passengers reportedly passed through the airport’s terminals in 2017.

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Well, they didn’t deny that airport was hit, just the traffic was not disrupted.
It was just the matter of time about Yemen retaliate in kind to it’s aggressors, after it is well confirmed and proven they won’t stop their crimes against civilians.

Dubai has at least 3 airports, designated IATA codes DXB. NHD and DWC, the first 2 are in the city limits and the 3rd one well outside it. The pic in article is DXB. So far it’s not clear which one was targeted.

viktor ziv

Can’t anticipate the benefit of striking int. airport. A man shouldn’t give a reason to be hated when world is looking oposite side. Also what was striked if it was striked? Radar, runway, command center or?

The Farney Fontenoy

They don’t want to kill civilians, they just want to prove they can compromise security in a very delicate area, this is reason enough for airlines to take a detour, and this will hit where it hurts most: the wallet!

Promitheas Apollonious

if it continue happening and not remain a one time event, then you are right.

viktor ziv

thx for reply, makes sense.

Enlightened Truth Seeker

The Emiratis are dogs and should be destroyed to the last man, like the Saudis.

John Brown

Insurance rates for air liners landing there will now go way up. Mission accomplished. The goal is to force the closure of the airport to cause lots of economic pain.

That Guy

There are jammers around this airport. Drones can’t even dream about touching this airport. The Houthis were lying.

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