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Houthis Claim They Shot Down Two Saudi-led Coalition Drones Over Northern Yemen

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Houthis Claim They Shot Down Two Saudi-led Coalition Drones Over Northern Yemen

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The Houthis claimed on December 4 that their Air Defense Force had shot down two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Saudi-led coalition over the Yemeni border with the Kingdom.

“The air defenses of the army and the [popular] committees [Houthis’ military wing] have managed, thank God, to shot down two drones of the aggression countries off [the Saudi province of] Jizan and in the district of Baqim off [the Saudi province of] Asir,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group, said.

The spokesman added that the two UAVs were targeted with “a suitable weapon,” without providing any further details. From its side, the Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the Houthis’ claims, so far.

Last week, the Houthis shot down a Saudi AH-64 Apache attack helicopter over the Yemeni-Saudi border. The Yemeni group’s Air Defense Force also downed a Chines-made Wing Loong unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) over the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah.

The Houthis said that they used new air-defense systems to shoot down both the helicopter and the UCAV, promising to reveal these systems soon.

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Jacob Wohl

It’s time the Israeli Airforce and USAF joined forces and started smashing some houthi iranian mullah terrorists in yemen


whole world airforces should join forces, and start bombing your mountainous nose to shrink it. Damn it’s literally Mount Wohlstein

Toni Liu

Nah just lure him with money strapped on the bomb, he will come to take the money

Ali Alsaaidi

Yes why not attack Iran and lebanon while you are at it .

The houthies may receive long range missles from Iran that can hit tel Aviv and penetratie the air defenses

Sorna Karbaschi

Well you have every right to blow hat air here all you want!, but in reality those that you have pin your hope on, they all hides their balls in their wives purses, and they just barking!

Icarus Tanović

Shame on you.

Friend of Russia

And that will be the end of Israeli airforce

Pave Way IV

This is an article about the increasing and unexpected effectiveness of the Houthi’s air defenses. And you want to send the Israeli AF there to be blown out of the sky by Houthis? You goddamn anti-Semite!


they’re getting better by the minute and the saudis probably dare not get near the place with their precious and ruinous jets from the unhinged states of A – and soon they’ll target the ghawar field with their most ominous missiles and the saudiaramco privatization will be delayed indefinitely. but if the crown clod is short of money he can always sell his fake leonardo, his french chateau (built by khashoggi’s uncle, adnan khashoggi) and the superyacht he paid some 300m$). would tide him over a week or so, unless the houthis close down ras tanura or some such port!

Sorna Karbaschi

Yemeni fighters are shoving their Iron fest down the through of BS sultan on daily bases since last week alone they inflected up to 100 million Dollars losses on Saudi!


now when thehouthis load up their long range missiles aimed on tel aviv and Iran load up a bus load of missiles from the caspian sea, the squatters iron dome won’t stand a chance and will be the iron doooooom kaboooom and they’ll be on the run for ever – diaspora .2.0 awaits them, deservedly. and palestine will be returned to the rightful owners. the situation might be improved if turkey, simultaneously with the houthis and the iranians, load up truckload or two of missiles aimed on tel aviv in order to squatter them squatters all the way to the north american continent, where they will be received.

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