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Houthis Claim They Down Saudi Reconnaissance Aircraft, Carry Out Naval Operation Against Saudi-led Coalition

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On July 23, the Yemeni Navy [loyal to the Houthis] carried out a military operation against forces of the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemeni port of Mocha, the Navy said in a statement released by the pro-Houthi TV channel Al Masirah.

According to the statement, the Navy attacked weapons depots and HQs of the coalition-led forces causing multiple casualties among personnel deployed in the Mocha port.

The Navy also claimed that on July 13 it had used two anti-ship missiles against a vessel of the UAE destroying it near the port of al-Hudaydah.

In a seaprate statement, the Hotuhis’ media claimed that Houthi forces have shot down a reconnaissance aircraft in the Saudi region of Narjan. However, no further details were provided.

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Richard M

The Wahhabi and UAE Orcs are desperate to resupply their African mercenaries menacing Hudaydah. They can’t resupply by land, sea or air! Like German 6th Army at Stalingrad, their supplies will dwindle and the mercenaries will become combat ineffective.

Michał Hunicz

Germans were totally encircled. And they lost all airstrips. Orcs are massive, but they cannot fight!

Richard M

That is what I would like to see with the Orc led mercenaries. Surrounded in pockets unable to be resupplied! Hopefully it lasts several months like Stalingrad and Dien Bien Phu. Then the sheeplike Western masses may actually notice what their governments are doing in Yemen and Syria.


wonder how the french troops handle their casualties in their effort to help the saudi and uae.

Richard M

guess they found out yemen ops and the houthies are more difficult than mali guerillas..

Gregory Casey

Orcs = Saudis & Emirates are 9th and 10th respectively in the list of the World’s most heavily armed countries and yet, for all their vast military assets and resources with (more than) assistance from US & UK & France + Israelis from time to time they cannot seem to inflict even a small defeat on the humble Yemeni Houthi. For all of the bluster and lies about Iran’s influence and the vast resources it has supposedly expended on arming and supporting the Houthi, facts are that Yemen has been blockaded for 3 + years with no prospects of Iranian ‘assets’ being introduced into the War Theatre and so, the Houthi have relied on their own intelligence and war-craft allied with the overwhelming support they receive from their People and for so long as this continues, bin Salman and his bin cousin-emirati may as well piss into the Gulf of Aden. London Paris & Washington continue to arm and support these State bin Terrorists : why the hell wouldn’t they when Saudi-Emirati military spending-spigot spews Billions of $$$$$$ into their State coffers. All talk of morality, ethics, rules of war, humanitarian assistance, lifting of blockades or otherwise by the Media of western Europe and America is no more than bluster and lies and wholly insulting to their so-called Christian ethics.


new news syria….israel shot down syrian plane over golan


Yeah a thousand dollar UAV, with 2 million dollar missiles.
Good thing Israel doesn’t have to pay for its missiles.

Gregory Casey

The Syrian Plane was shot down over Golan according to Israelis but yet, there have been no photos of wreckage on either Israeli soil or on demilitarized Zone on the Golan: Reports indicate the Syrian plane came down on Syrian soil implying that plane was flying in Syrian Airspace. Even if over the Golan demilitarized Zone, that plane was flying in Syrian Sovereign Airspace and accordingly, this latest outrage on the part of the Israeli State was a clear act of aggression and an Act of War against Syria.

Aheebwa patrick

I don’t know why people in the world should associate with America as government ,an organization that fools the world through machinations, stage managed comic strategies of lies to fulfill their greed Agenda, like in Syria, Afghanistan, libiya, Iraq, Yemen, all these countries have been invaded and their people destroyed at the basis of lies just at the expense of feeding American stomachs, all they present is their stupid democracy, human Rights, nonsense where did our grands live when there was no American democracy?. You will remain disgruntled in your country as the world progresses, soon you will be left alone, you will only have LGBT as your pride and who wants them?.

Pave Way IV

Wow – looks like the Houthis claimed long-range drone (Samad-2) attack on Riyadh ARAMCO refinery of the 18th most likely happened, and ARAMCO’s claims of a ‘minor operations fire’ are a lie to cover it up. PlanetLab’s comparative satellite imagery shows changes between two dates in red. There were at least three different fire locations in the refinery with lots of standing water still present, and massive flaring never seen before at the refinery. You have to love those crazy Houthis!



Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

such good news :)))

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