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Houthis Claim More Than 40 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In New Ballistic Missile Strike

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Dozens of Saudi-backed fighters were killed in a new ballistic missile strike on a position near the Saudi border, the Houthis claimed on July 10.

The Yemeni group’s spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, said that the Yemeni Missile Force had launched a Badir-F precision-guided tactical ballistic missile at a gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops near the Yemeni area of Albuqa, south of Saudi Arabia’s Najran. The spokesman claimed that 45 Saudi-backed fighters were killed in the attack.

“Ambulances were spotted transporting the dead and wounded to hospitals in Najran amid a state of confusion and panic among the forces of aggression,” Brig. Gen. Sari said.

The Badir-F does have a range of 160km with a high-accuracy. The ballistic missile is armed with a heavy high-explosive fragmentation [HE-FRAG] warhead equipped with a laser proximity fuze, which allow it to explode over its designated target.

Houthis Claim More Than 40 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In New Ballistic Missile Strike

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Badir-F entered active service with the Yemeni Missile Force on April 16. However, it was showcased few days ago only at the Saleh al-Samad Exhibition for Yemeni Military Industries.

Houthis Claim More Than 40 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In New Ballistic Missile Strike

FILE IMAGE: A brief look at BADR-F missile

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the new strike, so far. Usually, this means that the missile hit its target.

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klove and light

bravo bravo bravo

Zionism = EVIL

UAE does not want to continue the war with Yemenis in the current situation and a lot of differences with Saudis over Iran and indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

UAE had the intention to have influence, occupy islands and coasts of Yemen and to fight Muslim Brotherhoods not to fight for survival. They never wanted a long war and focusing on al Hudaydah was more like a solution for UAE to leave Yemen with a small victory.

A while ago, Al Akhbar newspaper released Jordan’s ambassador in Saudi that the UAE’s ambassador in Riyadh is worried about Saudi behavior in Yemen. Shakhbut bin Nahyan, Emirati ambassador in Saudi in a meeting with Jordan’s ambassador mentioned they want to leave Yemen’s war under any circumstances.

This is not only Abu Dhabi’s problem, other Emirs of UAE such as Mohammad bin Rashid, Emir of Dubai condemned UAE’s policies in the region and Yemen severely and stated will declare independence from Abu Dhabi if they still be in Yemen.

In conclusion, Emirates is trying to reduce the consequences of any possible war in the region for itself by these retreats, however it does not reduce its influences in south and supporting 90 thousand militants. This can be seduced from UAE FM visiting Russia after USA drone was shot down over Persian Gulf. Abdullah bin Zayed asked Russian officials to mediate between them and Iran and relay the message that Abu Dhabi does not support any war against Iran.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



If the missile stats are correct, this is a viscous weapon against a soft target like a encampment. Imagine 14,000 shrapnels being blown downwards from a height of 20m to cover a circular area with radius up to 350m. And those in target camp are not wearing helmets for head protection. It does not even need an accuracy of 3m!

Zionism = EVIL

If used in combo of fragmentation and HE, these missiles can be devastating. No oil infrastructure can withstand multiple and concentrated strikes.


No oil infrastructure can withstand multiple and concentrated strikes.

I think this is the key point about accurate missiles. It means that the 5m barrels per day that can be sent via the pipeline to Yanbu was a total waste of effort. Hit any pumping station and the pipeline is unusable for months.


The number of Sudanese mercenaries killed by similar strikes is almost irrelevant IMHO. Who cares?


well done houthis !!


Syrian Army should learn from Yemeni Soldiers that just fight in ordinary cloths and don’t care about themselves but defending own Yemen nation from Saudi pervert leaders.


Some days you’re greeted with good news, some days with bad. This is one of those good days where one can enjoy the Saudi terrorists receiving some of what they’ve been dishing out to the poor families of Yemen who have been starved and shot at. Hopefully, I’ll get to hear some more good news tomorrow and the day after and after that and after that until the Saudi terrorists learn to leave the Yemeni people in peace.

cechas vodobenikov

SF should terminate this fiction–SA/USA proxies do not fight—they hire mercenaries to sad-masochistically produce misery and killing in Yemen and elsewhere.

Romeo Pesiao

I’ve been a news reader for almost three years on this news site, however since, I do not read news that Saudi coalition troops inflected a damaged to Houthis mil logistics nor casualties. I think there is unfair and unbalance journalism on this news site. There is bias journalism on this site…


Why would the Houthi’s announce their casualties ? And of course the Saudi trash will not announce how many N Yemen civilians they have killed, for all the world to see the facts on the ground. :/


if you don’tlike I can suggest daily caller or some such news outlet. but don’t waste your time on a site you find skewed.


seems to be time to aim for riyadh or jeddah or where else the crown price, mohammed bin salman (of fake leonardi da vinci fame – 450m$ paid, real value 1.5m$) put down his head to sleep.will do wonders to the peace when he’s taken off the board and a houthi cruise missile might just do that (and put an end to the Yemen war and the squatter advising the crown prince being out of a job).

Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarallah need to fire these missiles in volleys and double tap which is impossible to intercept as even Hamas proved with the Badr 330 mm missiles that took out a whole block in Ashkelon in southern occupied Palestine. The Ansarallah are now operating inside many contested areas and should also look at using long range base bleed artillery and heavy 160mm mortars at Saudi scums infrastructure targets.


You guys remember the days when the scared and stupid were talking about the battle of Hudaydah, and saying “that’s it, all hope is lost, The Houthis will soon be starved they can’t win this blah blah blah” or “Saudis will win, just a matter of time, few months and the Houthis will collapse”.

Hahaha good times

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