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Houthis Claim Ballistic Missile Hit Riyadh. Saudi Arabia Says It’s Intercepted


On November 5, the Yemeni Houthi-Saleh alliance launched a ballistic missile at the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Pro-Houthi sources say that the missile hit the King Khalid International Airport. There also were reports about a loud explosion in the airport.

However, pro-Saudi sources say that the missile was intercepted by the US-made Patriot missile defense system northeast of the capital. According to a video, Saudi forces used at least 4 Patriot missiles to down the Yemeni missile.

The Houthi-Saleh alliance actively uses ballistic missiles against targets in Saudi Arabia and Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen. These missile attacks pose a significant threat to Saudi Arabia.

These developments took place while the Saudi military campaign has failed in Yemen. Despite the Saudi-led intervention in 2015, the Houthi-Saleh alliance still controls the country’s capital and a large part of Yemen.



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  • Blucross

    I noticed four missiles going skyward and 5 explosions. What gives …?

    • BL

      They’re just fireworks, they shoot a missile in the air that self explodes and the sheeple believe something was “intercepted”, which is why you never actually see any video of any interception.


      • You can call me Al

        Thank you. That is 2 of us that understand.

      • Moussa Saab

        Southfront should make an article about this.

    • You can call me Al

      mmm secondary explosions maybe ?, just a thought.

  • Garga

    They reported 4 Patriots and the Twitter video shows 4 missiles fired but we hear 5 booms.
    I have no idea how they can identify the kind of a ballistic missile in night, unless the ones who fired it tell. Nevermind that Borkan is a Yemeni-developed missile (means volcano) and first time revealed on July, 22, 2017 with Yemeni successful attack on an Aramco refinery.
    They use every kind of lie there is to say Iran is arming Houthis.

    I think this cartoon is telling enough:

    • Rob

      Saudi Arabia king helping Israeli refugees in Middle East.

      • Stephanie

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    • You can call me Al

      HAHA HA – very good.

      God I prey that they landed.

  • Brother Ma

    I dont see proof these patriots actually hit the missile. Explosions mean nothing.

    • Mahmoud Larfi

      Explosions you hear are of either of missile boosters or the missiles breaking sound barrier.

    • goingbrokes

      Yes, and they launch and detonate with clockwork regularity, so nothing was hit. If they were tracking an incoming missile and homing in on for a proximity detonation the missiles would be detonating in a different rhythm – a rapid succession not same time interval as their launch.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, the problem with defense missiles, is that the response range, witch means in practice, maneuverability in an few kicks is difficult if not simply impossible, Iron Dome is an flop, period, what you hear is all missiles, incl the Houtis one, probably detonated close to each others, where they tracked the incoming one all the way in to the ground, so, will we see the damage, because I dont think they can hit shit, with Iron Dome, never have and probably never will, of course an commercial jet is more like hitting ground, not difficult, but an target, on some meters, in high speed, maximum speed following the path for incoming tradjectoires, forget it, the Wankees systems are way to bad and costly.
    Just ask the ISISraelis, when the Iraq war raged.
    I remember they hit nothing.
    Not even an Khazam, witch is somewhere just above throwing an bucket, even those, nope.
    But hey, ISISrael wants war, yeah, air superiority, I wounder have they learned nothing, all wars, all of them, is done on the ground, ISISraelis never forget that.
    This time, ISISraelis you will loose, I dont doubt that for ans second, I just wounder how bad will it be.


  • Tiresia Branding

    is all a fake… why one civilian stand with his phone waiting for missiles departure? No houti attack for me, just propaganda to blame houtis after last saudi bombing and civilian genocide

  • BL
    • Thegr8rambino

      i hope it caused alot of damage

      • You can call me Al

        What is more that a lot ?….got it “sh1t loads”.

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Lol! They intercepted the attack with their airport :)

      • You can call me Al

        ? How do you know that ?

        • Mahmoud Larfi

          I’ve seen the video of the missile debris falling in populated area maybe inside the airport… smoke, dirt, chunks and people fleeing.

          • You can call me Al

            Oh OK – damn.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            Here, this video was difficult to find during this last hours, it’s been systematically deleted

          • Mahmoud Larfi
          • First Lastname

            They look like ghosts in their weird dresses.
            Thanks for the upload though.

          • You can call me Al

            Saudi Halloween ?.

          • First Lastname

            The real Halloween for the Saudis will be attacking Iran for Israel.

          • You can call me Al

            The cans, the cans…. they were great.

            Oh right, regards your comment, I absolutely agree.

          • You can call me Al

            For some reason I cannot play this, the first was good enough. Cheers again.

          • You can call me Al

            Nice and thanks.

            It is amazing to me, how hey can delete things so quickly. We need an alternative web to the one we have. URGENTLY.

          • Weldon Cheek

            Could this of been debris falling from an intercepted missile?
            dont get me wrong i would of loved it to of landed in salmans lap but even a “low yeild” missile would of been a hell of an explosion and destruction.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            Yes it could be just debris falling but even if the interception did occur, the simple fact that the debris fell on/close to the target means that it occurred at a pretty low height and that could be evaluated as a failure for the interceptor. If only the warhead was more powerful the result would have been more catastrophic. Add to that the intercepting missiles who become themselves a danger if they followed the missile so low to the ground.

          • John Whitehot

            I’m not convinced. The booms are too much alike to be caused by different pieces of debris falling in different places.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            Which booms are you talking about ?

          • John Whitehot

            the explosions heard in the main article and in another vid you posted.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            The booms are from missiles launches… The sound takes sometime to reach the cameraman. 5 booms, 5 missiles launched – camera didn’t catch the first one.

          • John Whitehot

            In principle, you are right. Yet I ‘m not sure the camera (and mic) is so far away from the launcher for the sounds to reach it after that quite long time.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            The Yemeni army spokesman said on al-Jazeera that the missile was low yield because of innocent people concern and that it should be regarded as a message to the regimes of the Arab Peninsula who are killing our people that none of their cities are safe from retaliatory fire. Few hours later, Saudi Jets bombarded the ministry of defense compound in Sanaa.

          • You can call me Al

            Cheers for the info.

      • First Lastname

        Typical Saudi tactic. They’ve been intercepting RPGs with their tanks for a while now too!

    • Thegr8rambino

      they should fire more!!!

  • Rodney Loder

    Salman feeling the heat in long term projections. Nobody is advocating what is happening but everyone is watching it take place, this is the future that Christians have given wealthy people sucking the life out of Yemeni Civilians, they carpet bomb Raqqah and drink my blood while holding me here in pseudo psychiatric incarceration, what Christians are makes jews look like Angels.

    • Orcbuu

      You know that the People who gave the Wealth to the Wealthy people are mostly never really Religious?! If they where really christians in mind and Doing, they wouldnt do this shit and then you talk about jews who are angels <.<
      Come on really, your Multiple Personal Disorders are not funny anymore. You are what you are, stop pretending to be someone else, even when it is your only source of existing until now, get a hobby.

      • Rodney Loder

        They got their money because Christians usurped my intellectual property and wiped out Communism, now being a Communist is OK because it’s a spent force, but my Salafist Brothers are not as dumb as the Commies were, they will soon sort it out.
        And how can I get a hobby when the Christians keep sabotaging my car, I got it back from the mechanic on Friday and it’s back in again on Monday, they just like to see me riding my push bike, but I don’t care it’s only 40 kilometres from the mechanic’s workshop, and I’m going to a Pest Eradication meeting as well on Monday, but if the Christians would keep their hands off my vehicle I would take up presenting the annals of the ex cathedra fictions of the Roman Catholic Church, which is why they destroy my mobility.

    • nshah

      it has nothing to do with Christians.. it’s just Neocons who called themselves Christian like Wahbabism called themselves Sunni..! Same method as Khazars called themselves Jooz

      • Rodney Loder

        I agree with all of that as literal historical truth, except about the Christians.
        True enough, al-Wahhab didn’t present the Doctrine of Ahmad b. Hanbal’s graphic mental picture of the Face of God, and he certainly didn’t reflect the many thousands of Sunnah as a focus or contemporary attention in Islamic Society as did Ibn Taymiyya, nor did he do any jail time to give a certification of his belief, instead he projected a promotional jingoistic militarism that many accepted because it answered the question very prevalent at the time which was, ” why wasn’t the triumph of Islam proceeding as ordained?”
        That had nothing to do with Scriptures so the question was anti-Islam and the answer even more so.
        Even so had they thought about it seriously they would have realised that the Mongols were not represented in (P) Abraham’s Religion yet they had conquered the Islamic Empire and many other outsiders were in the wings waiting for an opportunity to abandon their time of ignorance as the Arabs and Persians had done.
        al-Wahhab was not really into Religion and neither are the Talmudic mystics, Christians however were the Chosen People dominating outcomes of recent history so temptation naturally crossed their path and they recreated israel without a Redeemer, not the jews who were Assimilationists until manipulated into being clandestine Christian Crusaders by the Christians.
        The Christians have fallen the jews never ascended the first rung of the ladder since the demise of the Second Temple.

        • Politolog Externista

          you dont know God first hand. He would clear a lot of assumptions and misconceptions of yours.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Now the saudis get a taste of their own medicine. Soon they will know how it feels to have their civilian population killed by bombs and missiles, and they will not be able to blame anyone but themselves.

    • First Lastname

      Not to worry, I think Israel is gearing up to use KSA as their front line army in a war against Iran. This missile strike has a great deal to do with it.

      The Saudis will get whipped by a real army like Iran.

  • Thegr8rambino

    goddammit i was really hoping it hit the airport!!!

    • Orcbuu

      But it did

      • Thegr8rambino

        was it intercepted?

        • You can call me Al

          No. But you will be told it did.

        • Mahmoud Larfi
          • Thegr8rambino


          • Thegr8rambino

            i guess it caused some damage lol

        • Orcbuu

          No, there intercepting rockets are just for show, they do not work. Read some comments above there are videos look them up and make your own choice.

  • Tom Tom

    The Saudi’s deserve everything they get. Soon the Saudi “royal” family will all be dead.
    Perpetrators, along with the Mossad, of 9/11.

    • ruca

      We can hope.

  • Moussa Saab

    Seriously, how does one not know if a BALLISTIC MISSILE hit the capital of SAUDIA ARABIA or not!

  • John Whitehot

    the video is suspect.
    first of all as Garga noted there’s 4 missiles and 5 booms.

    secondarily, the interval between the launches and the explosions is very, very short.
    I’m dubious that the Patriots would be used at such short distance, I’m not even sure that it’s inside their launch envelope, because it would be more within MANPADS limits.

    Thirdly, with timing in mind, they could have shown the Patriots hitting the incoming missile, because it would be pretty much visible, especially at night. Instead they show only the missiles departing.

    I think the booms are the Patriots autodestructing and they put up some kind of masquerade.

  • 1.The video just shows some anti-air missiles shooting desperately in the air. That does not prove any interception
    2.If they could intercept it, they would have done before it reaches all the way to the capital of Wahabis.
    3. If they could intercept it, Trump would never talk or care about it in Japan a place where they buy a lot of anti-missile systems to defend against North Korea. It just shows US systems failed to intercept.
    4.Even if they intercepted it successfully then it is economically a fail for Saudis hitting a hundred thousand missile with a billion dollar system lol
    5.These missiles are made in Yemen not Iran. Yes iran teach them how to build. Yemenis are allowed to buy or learn from iran as much saudis buy from US and Israel.