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Houthis Captured Two Districts In Phase Two Of ‘Operation Evident Victory’ In Al-Bayda

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Houthis Captured Two Districts In Phase Two Of ‘Operation Evident Victory’ In Al-Bayda

Brigadier General Yahya Sari, spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces. Source: almasirah.net

On July 30, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) announced that they had successfully completed the second phase of Operation Evident Victory in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda.

The operation was launched early in July in response to a large-scale offensive by Saudi-backed forces, which attempted to push the Houthis and their local allies out of al-Bayda. The offensive backfired, with the Houthis making some serious gains in the province.

During the first phase of the operation, the Houthis repelled the Saudi-led offensive and secured the districts of al-Zahir and al-Sawma’ah. Hundreds of Saudi-backed fighters were killed or wounded.

In a press conference, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, announced that the districts of Na’man and Nati’ were captured in the second phase of the operation.

“With the help of God Almighty, our armed forces completed the second phase of Operation Evident Victory in the province of al-Bayda Governorate, which resulted in:

  • The Liberation of Na’man and Nati’ districts.
  • The defeat of takfiri gangs’ elements who are associated with the alliance of aggression [Saudi-led coalition] and inflicting heavy losses on them.
  • Hundreds of mercenaries of aggression and takfiri gangs were killed, injured or captured.
  • The seizure of different quantities of weapons,” the spokesman said.

Brig. Gen. Sari went on to stress that the operation will go until all the areas left in the hands of Saudi-backed forces are “liberated”.

Operation Evident Victory demonstrates the Houthis’ ability to conduct successful defensive and offensive operations simultaneously. The operation also highlights the incompetence of Saudi-led coalition proxies in Yemen.


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Adolf Hitler

one must understand that Houthis fighting a real war not playing war games.

this means they loose fight if they screw up.
their men gain real battle field experiences

Israeli and US can always find some safe zones to hide their troops thus taking away an edge and can make more susceptible to shell shock.

the Houthis don’t have that, so an artillery barrage is not going to scare them.

there comes a point in every conflicts life that one side has a core of veterans tests on the battle field, and other is only throwing fresh recruits and conscripts at them in vein efforts to stay off defeat.

when both group are well trained then it is up the commanders, to win that battle and then win another 2 battles, to hunt down the enemy’s veterans an building up your own.


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Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Not only that. In the 50s the German Chancelor Konrad Adenauer drove the Luxemburg agreement, which was to pay a reparation to the state of Israel to compensate for the efforts in sheltering displaced Jews and their confiscated wealth. The agreement was valued at 3.5 Billion German Mark, and allowed Israel to survive. There is no word of any holocaust or mass killing of Jews whatsoever. This holocaust thing came up in the 70s, when Israel ran out of funds.


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Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Adolf Hitler

at lest in this life i learn my mistakes, something that you are incapable of.
So, you lash out, throw insults at your opponent cause you really nothing smart to say or add.
You are and extremist who outright rejects any argument because you can’t scrounge the up even the smallest amount of brain power to come up with an actual response.


Lmao Houthis are absolute jokers at this point and can’t be taken serious.. They last 8 districts and haven’t recovered any of it so far


Jens, is this you with a new nickname?

G2 Man

While the world is distracted by the Covid scarefest and US headlong flight from Afghanistan, the quiet achieving Ansarallah warriors have been steadily thrashing the Saudis and their mercenaries. In the past month alone the Ansarallah have killed, captured or wounded over 7,000 Saudis, Sudanese and assorted inept hired guns. The most remarkable development has the growing professionalism of the Ansarallah who plan and execute their brigade and division strength combined arms ops after an excellent drone based aerial intel as well as HUMINT from captured Saudis who are happy to spill the beans.

The Ansarallah now control almost all populated western provinces are now firmly entrenched at the gates of Aden, which they can take anytime but will avoid large civilian casualties as time is on their side.


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