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MAY 2021

Houthis Captured 400km2 From Saudi-backed Forces In Central Yemen

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The Houthis have captured over 400km2 from Saudi-backed forces in their recent advance on the administrative border of the Yemeni provinces of al-Bayda and Marib. According to Brigadier General Sare’e, a spokesman for the Armed Forces loyal to the Houthi government, the most intense clashes took place in the Soq Qaniya area, where Houthi forces captured a large number of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and artillery pieces left behind by fighters loyal to the Saudi-backed government of Mansur Hadi.

It also should be noted that the Houthis are once again actively using military equipment and improvised multiple rocket launching systems. This indicates that they have been able to overcome the lack of spare parts, fuel and ammunition caused by the maritime, air and land blockade on the country.

Saudi sources claim that Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and Hadi forces inflicted heavy losses on the Houthis in the recent clashes. According to reports, at least 50 Houthi fighters were neutralized in the recent series of Saudi airstrikes in central and northern Yemen. However, Saudi sources provide little visual evidence to confirm these claims. In turn, their own defeats are carefully documented by the Houthi media wing.

The developments on the ground in the previous months demonstrated that the Houthis are unable to reach the Marib provincial capital in the near future because they lack resources to do this.

At the same time, they appear to be more than capable of developing offensives and making gains on other fronts. Currently, Houthi forces have been advancing near the Affar crossroad, which is located on the road to Al Bayda city. If the situation develops in the same direction and the Saudi-led coalition continues to crumble under the pressure of internal contradictions, Houthi forces will have an opportunity to besiege the city and take control of it. After this, they will once again turn their focus to Marib.

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  1. Liberal guy says:

    As usual the houthis are winning and most coward’s the wahhabis alsauds are retreating despite having the support of most of the world along with money such disgrace to military these wahhabi bastards r

  2. Free man says:

    Another unnecessary Middle Eastern war between people who don’t have enough money to feed their families. They receive help in the form of weapons (not food and medicine) from Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. pathetic.

    1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

      What food is among the 100 billion dollars of aid the USA sent to Saudi Arabia?

      The Saudis initiated this war against Yemen, aided by the worlds leading rogue and terrorist state, the USA.

      1. Free man says:

        The usual mantra – someone else is to blame.
        Arabs kill Arabs with weapons they get from Arabs / Iranians and the US is to blame. What about the West / Putin / Israel / Jews why do you neglect them? Surely they are a little bit guilty too.

        1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          Arabs do not make Armalite, nor AK.

          The US is to blame, it’s their doctrine of making these states ineffective, their support for ISIS, there support for Israeli annexation of the ME.
          AIPAC gets US troops to do their dirty work for them, NATO and the US supply the hardware and propaganda.
          It wasn’t Yemen who sent their armies into SA to gain more territory. The Yanks did the same with Saddam, told him it was OK to take Kuwait, then used that as an excuse to send their troops and gain bases close to Iran.
          Now that the cowardly Yanks realise that Iran can destroy all US bases within a thousand miles, they get out but leave the well armed head choppers to continue their war.

          1. Free man says:

            I asked you get your nose out of the mullahs regime propaganda page. But you probably can’t.

          2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Who gives a shite what a prick like you asks for?

            You lowlife Jewhadi scumbag.

          3. Free man says:

            Not a pinch of original thinking.
            You Guys (Mullah Supporters) only know how to recite (in Arabic) without understanding.

          4. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            So you Jewhadi scumbags would like people to think, the usual shite Goebbels BS.

            I’m white and Christian, and English is my spoken language. Now go suck Iron Bryons 3skin you perverted genital abuser.

          5. Free man says:

            “I’m white and Christian,” – LOL.

          6. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            “You’re not a Jewhadi” -ROTFFL.

          7. ali says:

            he’s a dog leave him alone let him bark for his fascist owners can’t be mad at animal instinct. don’t even talk truth with him anymore he won’t get it he’ll just bite you.

          8. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            He would fill the page with bollox, and nothing else. Crazy Jewhadi has got FA else to do. lol

          9. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I see Iron Zion has unblocked me, the stupid little 3skinned child molestor, lol.

          10. ali says:

            good thing you always have that “mullah’s propaganda” line under your sleeve to pull out even when talking to people who aren’t even associated with that language making you look even more stupid than you are. otherwise what would you do when your bias and specially lack of intelligence is displayed for everyone on this website to see. oh only disliking probably that’s what you would do. you’re a dog of the zionist and disgrace to humanity itself. only a dog would pass on every piece of truth it’s presented with because it’s insulting to it’s owners.

          11. Free man says:

            Ali joon didn’t your mama joon taught you not to curse?
            People like you don’t develop independent thinking. You just know how to recite what the Friday Imam tells you.

          12. ali says:

            uhh doing the same exact shit i called you out for in that comment only proving my point aren’t you? truly a master of debate. i don’t even have to go on but fuck it and i’m a far leftist. get educated on that term and then come here and feel stupid like you should about calling me an islamist. and that wahhabi dog gets his money to operate and take literal parts of countries with your leash holder’s money and support. you’re in the same exact team in my eyes.

          13. cechas vodobenikov says:

            “as one digs deeper into the national character of amerikans one sees they have sought the value of everything in this world according to a single question: how much money will it bring in?” Tocqueville

          14. cechas vodobenikov says:

            u fascists hate freedom and justice–u r so ignorant u don’t even comprehend your own country

        2. cechas vodobenikov says:

          another racist, fascist amerikan—there were no animosities between Shia/sunni in Iraq Syria,Yemen until you fascists created al Qaeda/ISIS
          Disgusting—the Arabs and Persian have possess actual cultures—poets, philosophers, art, architecture…..”the banality of amerika–the radical absence of culture”. Baudrilliard
          envious of civilized peoples you destroy by invading, raping, torturing

          1. Free man says:

            “there were no animosities between Shia/sunni in Iraq Syria,Yemen until you….” – LOL. As Einstein said – there is no limit to human stupidity.

          2. Liberal guy says:

            Like u are a unlimited stupid

  3. Pave Way IV says:

    The Houthi de-chimping operations are going along smoothly.

    “That’s right. RUN, you filthy Saudi bastards! Houthis are on their way.”


    1. Assad must stay says:

      dechimping hahahahah that is great

  4. Muslim Lion says:

    The Islamic State is the name of the struggle for demand of Islam and full implementation of Sharia. Islamic state has deep roots in its faith. Its goal is an independent Islamic system according to the desire of AIIah. Islamic state in the light of Sharia respects good neighborhood, friendly relations and peaceful environment for life and seeks positive relations with rest of the Muslim world. It will be very unfair and irrational to call a Islamic State terrorist organisation. Nobody has the right to do this and neither should anyone do it. There are clear commands of Allah almighty about sacred jihad against those who side infidels against Muslims.

    And the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

    And incline not toward those who do wrong, lest the Fire should touch you, and you have no protectors other than Allah, nor you would then be helped.

    (Chapter 11, Verse: 113)

    1. ali says:

      if i had you i would tie you up, cut your stomach only enough so i can pull out some of your guts while you’re still breathing, put my hand in there and push through all of the garbage in you to get to the heart and pull that piece of trash out while you’re still conscious then put it in your mouth. take a picture and say “this is what happens to dogs of zionists and americans”. because that’s what you’ve always been and that’s what you’re always gonna be. come to iran i wanna do this in reality, please come to iran najis dog. چلب الیهود والامریکیی

      1. Muslim Lion says:

        You Shia Rafidah Safavid Fire worshipper apostates and Traitors, you have always been bloodthirsty slaves of the enemies of Islam seeking to gain power from their imperialist crusader masters in return for betraying their land, country and worst of all, selling their religion. You were welcoming and cheering for invaders and occupiers. You are the one who took up weapons to defend the occupiers. You invited Iran to control Iraq even though Iraqis lost hundreds of thousands of sons fighting the Persian Devil’s. You invited USA and British to control and attack Iraq even after already murdering a million Iraqis. Your shitty Shia army opened fire on protesting Sunni tribes and arrested Sunnis en masse everytime Islamic state Lions attacked your flock. Remember Badr Brigades? Mahdi army? The Sectarian Shia death squads kidnapping religious Sunni men and even arresting and torturing Sunni sheikh’s and leaders? All those Sunni women raped by Shia animals…

        1. ali says:

          do you think it matters to me how a dog thinks? and do you think i
          ‘m gonna read your barks? you animal talking morals with me? YOU? i promise to you i’m gonna go to iraq and slaughter at least 4 of you before i die. it’s a human duty i feel on my shoulders doesn’t have to anything with religion. at least 4 but more if i get to. and i’m gonna make them suffer. i’m gonna make it slow and i’m gonna enjoy it to the fullest. and then it’s gonna be time for your leash holders in tel-aviv. you’re probably mad i want your owners in pieces too.

          1. Muslim Lion says:

            You dogs think this shittalk is going to end the war? The war was over. lSlS liberated Sunnis and protected them and took care of them and they didn’t invade Shia cities. But you western pigs started a war even more brutal.

          2. Muslim Lion says:

            And look up the videos of Sunni civilians begging for their life being gunned down or the Sunni wives of ISIS men being sexually and physically assaulted by the Shia animals. Islamic state fighters being poured with boiling water and kicked off mountains. Even the most famous and oldest Sunni mosque in the country was destroyed by the Shia apostates…

          3. ali says:

            no arguments with wahhabi animals of yahood and seeds of americans. this is the only way we argue with your species. https://ibb.co/N1gBMCR

          4. Icarus Tanović says:

            Wahhabi monstrosities have theirs fake Qur’an, and want to make rift between Muslims.
            Zionists are vocal defenders of these Wahhabi rust, publicly claiming that IS is as “Islamic as it gets”.
            Just check original Qur’an and Wahhabi one, it is blasphemous.
            They don’t have remotely clue what sharia is.
            They have high Jacked two holiest places in Muslim world.
            End to Wahhabi Satanism, primitivism, horror and terror.

          5. Liberal guy says:

            Blah blah blah u takfiri daesh motherfucker

        2. Icarus Tanović says:

          That’s in your Saudi Wahhabi fake Qur’an, isn’t it?
          Tell Ali and all of us how many Surahs you inverted, erased, mutilated and flood the world with that?

      2. Icarus Tanović says:

        Don’t talk to Wahhabi dog.

      3. cechas vodobenikov says:

        Persians r more civilized than u—u must be a peasant…u actually wish to reduce yourself the level of the barbaric ISIS fascists and amerikans…

        1. ali says:

          it’s called justice. you have to do to them exactly what they’ve done to innocent people and children. that’s just my personal opinion doesn’t have much to do with my ethnicity or any religion.

      4. Free man says:

        You are a disgrace to the Iranian people.
        Just curses and barbarism.

        1. ali says:

          oh i disrespected your comrade my bad mixed iranian person not sorry tho.

    2. Fratercula says:

      The punishment for your arrogance is that you will be humiliated in battle until you accept you are the tool of Satan and repent.

  5. Muslim Lion says:

    I insure Mujahideen that we believe in our Allah – the helper and Omnipotent – who succeeded our Jihad against infidels. Your actions will not affect our legitimate struggle and our Jihad will reach the strand of success reverently, Inshallah. And this is an easy task for Allah, the Almighty.

    The Messenger of Allah said:

    Paradise has one-hundred grades which Allah has reserved for the Mujahidin who fight in His Cause, and the distance between each of two grades is like the distance between the Heaven and the Earth.

    Today a brother Salih Al Rifai Al Qadiri was martyred in Eastern Europe by government forces while defending mountain entrance to the undeground cave system. He went to land of Sham seeking martyrdom, he took part in battles for Mosul, but Allah chose him to be from amongst the martyrs in the distant lands of Europe. Salih was always known for his good manners, his immense tolerance. He was from those who were always obedient to the leadership. If he was told to perform guard duty he would do so. Never making excuses to avoid his duties. We regard him as such and Allah is the best Accounter. Before the battle commenced, Salih prayed two rakah prayers and then supplicated to Allah. He said to me: If we separate in this life, we will meet in the Hereafter, in Paradise insha-Allah. So news of his death reached me and i was extremly saddened, more for myself than for him because i was not from amongst those chosen by Allah for martyrdom. During the defense, he shot six infidels and then joined with brothers who have taken refuge in the woods. He was responsible for providing cover using his machine gun. Later, an aerial bomb landed close to him, May Allah have complete Mercy on him.

  6. Icarus Tanović says:

    Go Yemenis, kill those Wahhabi roaches, free your land, free your self.

  7. Traiano Welcome says:

    Hooray for the Fremen! Down with the House of Harkonnen!

  8. purplelibraryguy says:

    400 km2 . . . so, around 20 x 20. This isn’t a game breaker we’re talking about so let’s not get too excited.

  9. cechas vodobenikov says:

    they will continue to bomb civilians like their barbaric cousins—the amerikans, turkeys

  10. LibertyIsGreat says:

    Has anyone ever noticed Arabs lose every war against a democratic nation and when Arabs are fighting each other, then it drags on with both sides losing?

    They are the most incompetent forces.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      it is the insecure amerikans that lose all wars, fearing death

      1. LibertyIsGreat says:

        You take American’s compassion and humanity as fearing death. We could have killed every Vietnamese, Iraqi or afghani in a few hours without losing one soldier.

        America is the only country with most power that has used it the least to take over other nations.

  11. Ryan Glantz says:

    makes sense the reptilians would cloak over places like that. They manipulate the corrupt drug and cartel laundering banks and corporations of all nations to supply the necessities for such hellzones on earth.

  12. CuteCovid19 says:

    Cursing Jews Hmmmm.

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