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Houthis Capture Several Positions On Western Yemeni Coast From Saudi-led Coalition (Video)

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On September 26, the Houthis captured several positions in the region of al-Jabaliyah on the western coast of Yemen from the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemen proxies, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

During the attack, Houthi fighters destroyed two armored vehicles and more than four pickup trucks of the Saudi-led coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket propelled grenades. Many Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters who were aboard these vehicles were killed and injured.

The Houthis attack is likely a respond to the limited attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on positions near the district center of al-Durayhimi, which occurred three days ago. Back then, the Houthis repelled the attack within few hours.

The situation in the western coast of Yemen is expected to escalate in the upcoming few weeks because the Saudi-led coalition is preparing to launch another large offensive on the strategic city of al-Hudaydah. The main target of the coalition is the city’s port, which is one of the last supply routes of the Houthis.

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Assuming the report is accurate, if they keep this up they’ll make Riyadh panic and launch another major assault.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Very nice houthis!! Keep kicking ass and taking names :)))

Ivan Freely

Most vehicles seemed abandoned.

Nigel Maund

Excellent light infantry work by the Houthi’s. This war is proving to be very expensive for the KSA. All that lovely oil money going up in smoke. I noticed few casualties on the ground as the crews must have run for it. It all shows that a determined and largely untrained but resourceful army can defeat one that is lavishly equipped but has no practical battle skills and commitment. The KSA is relying on overwhelming firepower and control of the skies to win this war.

MeMad Max

The saudis are using mostly mercenaries from far off countries that can even include the south americas, but its mostly africans of various sorts here.
However, if ur fighting a war in some far away place with hardly an objective worth fighting for other than money, and are hardly trained or experienced in the art of guerrilla warfare, then ur gonna run at the sound of the first ak round whizzing by of course.
As was seen during vietnam, soviet afghan war and others: a full blown guerrilla oriented opposing force can’t be dissuaded by air based firepower. The only way to win is to peacefully(yes peacfully) occupy every single town/village/city of the opposition and provide the citizens with a better standard of living. This chokes off reinforcements/manpower/support from the local population that a guerilla force relies on for war.

But the sauds are hell bent on extermination in yemen and are committing genocide there.

Fools folly…

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