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JUNE 2021

Houthis Capture Several Positions Of Saudi-led Coalition Near Yakhtul In Western Yemen (Video)

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On December 29, Houthi fighters captured several positions north of the coastal town of Yakhtul in the western Taiz province from the Saudi-led coalition and the their proxies, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

Yemeni sources reported that the Houthis destroyed 15 vehicles and killed or injured 50 fighters of the Saudi-led coalition north of Yakhtul.

The Houthis’ attacks around Yakhtul are aimed at tightening the siege on the Saudi-led coalition and forces loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi south of the strategic poort of al-Hudaydah, which is located 150km north of Yakhtul.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition and pro-Hadi forces repelled an attack of the Houthis on their positions in the town of al-Khawhah 45km north of Yakhtul, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. The Saudi-led coalition reportedly killed 100 fighters of the Houthis, including a commander of the attack “Abu Ra’ad”.

The Saudi-led coalition launched a military operation along the western coast of Yemen to capture the al-Hudaydah port at the begning of December and managed to capture al-Khawhah town on December 7. Since then, the Saudi-led coalition has faced major setbacks and has still been unable to secure its supply lines along the western coast.

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These bare footed fighters did not even want those trucks with machine guns… gosh .

Guess they did not know how to drive them …. and destroyed them.

How to fight these kind of fighters?

Richard M

What did such poor people do to their rich and powerful neighbor to justify invasion and genocide? Why don’t the Saudi head choppers go back to their own land?

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

They are Shia muslim and Saudi are Sunni but murdering Wahabis.

You can call me Al

It has F. all to do with the different sects.

You can call me Al

The answers are as simple as they are truly depressing as a sign of mankind today:

1. The oil reserves of the Saudis are embellished and exaggerated to the point where they have become ludicrous, but The Yemen has both oil, maybe gas + numerous other extremely valuable natural reserves…… plus its position…



2. I also have a personal view that it also has unknown quantities f ground water – similar to Libya, although I cannot find anything that backs up my belief….https://fanack.com/yemen/geography/

The ME is dying and will die due to the waste of potable drinking water; in my mind, that is what these wars are all about, not O&G.

My view only.

Richard M

The Great Dam of Marib was a wonder of the ancient world. So I believe you are correct. The new Ethiopian dam on the Blue Nile and Cairo’s opposition to it further support your views. One thing is certain, the Saudi aggression could not proceed without Washington’s Green Light.

You can call me Al

I totally agree.

Have a look at this although it doesn’t tell the whole story – https://www.britannica.com/place/Tigris-Euphrates-river-system#ref495876

Downstream of its source is the likes of Syria and Iraq that use shed loads on something called “water injection” to boost the oil wells (or gas) pressure …… leading to the situation now,

Anyway as I have stated before, I both designed and installed the WI system in DZ (Syria) but when I heard about the consequences downstream I was to this date, absolutely gutted.

Forget the oil, it is the water in the ME.


Which explains the “death to America” stuff and because they seemed to be joined at the groin, “death to Israel” as well. I imagine they don’t have much nice to say about the Sauds or the Emirates either.

Peter Jennings

Another great reason why suadis want control of Yemen is the Bab-el-Mandeb or Mandeb Strait. If this access is denied to suadi shipping, they will have to be beholden to Egypt in order to get anything close to their shoreline. Since the suadi/US funded muslim brotherhood demise, things haven’t been going well between both countries.

The suadi regime’s foreign policy could result in the Red Sea becoming a very big pond in which to float their boats. The other access point for suadis is overshadowed by Iran, who could have fun all day taking potshots at suadi shipping.

You can call me Al

Yep agreed; but is you so not mind, I shall stick with the water – my view only and Happy New Year.

Peter Jennings

Hey, not sayin your wrong or anyfin. Just pointing out that if suadis lose the goodwill of their neighbours or their threats are no longer taken seriously, they could find themselves a landlocked country with only local paddling available on either side.

You can call me Al

We can hope for that outcome.


I’m assuming that why there has been activity from the Houthi ‘Navy’ and their capturing that underwater drone last wee? Could it be they’re mining to keep the coalition navies away from the coast? America may have to step in with ‘humanitarian aid’ to those cut off Coalition forces on the coast if the grub or ammo or water start to give out.

Toni Liu

This truck is dangerous for this houthis to use them, cause many saud truck had gps in them taking them is really dangerous, better take machinegun or ammo rather than car, but I didnt know why they wont take that machinegun

Hassan Ghonem

weight is a problem in real world unlike games

Toni Liu

Thats had bipod, some fsa use bipod and even trolly cart for their DSHK that had more weight than this nsv, so its no games at all when you still use it in improvise bipod that really useful at ambush, even taliban haul that dshk over mountain

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Hurrah Houthis.


Two different kinds of war fare, and to me, what the Houtis are doing make sense, and in an Truck you are in the open for attacks by plains and choppers, etc, wile barefoot, you are “not” there, and the use of heavy machine guns, is not that vital, find something that works and stick to that one, and amo/expl can be taken from the enemy, there are other weapons I would prioritize than caring 15-12 kg heavy beast, works on Holloloweed movies, but in the real world, that is an waist of efforts and man.
Lightweight, is much better, fast in, fast out.

I would rather focus on dont shoot until you are dead certain you will actually hit something, spraying looks cool on TV, but is just wasting amo, and out there, every one counts, dont waist amo, capice.

This was an light foot patrol, but it shows that they are fighting back, and again, the maps lies a bit, when most of the land is highly difficult to dive any kind of vehicle thru, and if you are mechanized to an large extent, aka the Saudi-barbarians because of the land and by the simple fact they are an invading force, logistics etc becomes easy targets, and forward pointing sites as this by the Saudis is just as good as the men behind its wall are, and mercs have an tendency to care after all, more for their own life than the cause, the situation is the opposite regarding the Houtis, they have nowhere to run, except back into hiding.

Etc, I dont bother to dig deeper, but I guess you get the picture.



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Potato Potato

Saudis are using technicals?

Icarus Tanović

They don’t know what that word means.

Hemisphere Samba

Hired help.


Very fuckin nice :)))

Icarus Tanović

Sorry to defy you, but this is very, very, very fuckin nice! ?


hahah no problem :)))

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