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Houthis Capture More Than Hundred Villages In Dhale In Course Of Large-Scale Operation

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Houthis Capture More Than Hundred Villages In Dhale In Course Of Large-Scale Operation

Brigadier General Yahya Sari, spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces

The Houthis imposed control of the areas of al-Aud, Khashbah and Hmk in the central Yemeni province of Dhale after a successfully large-scale attack that lasted for four days, a spokesman for the Yemeni rebel group Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari announced on April 19.

These trategic areas, which stretch over 250km2, include more than a hundred villages and towns. Dozens of military positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its local proxies were also located there.

“As a result of the operation, dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured, including commanders. Some of their units are still besieged, while a number of the mercenaries’ vehicles and weapons were destroyed,” Brig. Gen. Sari said in an official statement.

Brig. Gen. Sari called on the remaining Saudi-backed troops in al-Aud, Khashbah and Hmk, who are currently besieged in small isolated pockets, to surrender themselves and weapons to Houthi fighters. The spokesman also thanked the local tribes in the three regions for their support.

The Houthis have been advancing in Dhale for more than a month. The Saudi-led coalition appears to be unable to stop the Yemeni group’s attack.

If the Houthis continue to advance with this speed, they could reach the outskirt of the southern coastal city of Aden before the end of this year. The city is now the main stronghold for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

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>>If the Houthis continue to advance at this rate, they could reach the outskirt of the southern coastal city of Aden before the end of this year. The city is considered the main stronghold for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.<<

I don't see this happening. Not unless they get local support like they got here. And last time the Houthis were near Aden the locals didn't seem to like them. The old divide between North Yemen and South Yemen still exists. I reckon its the main reason why the Saudi's, the UAE and their mercs managed to take it. The Houthis are weak in this part and the Saudi's seem to be less disliked here.

You can call me Al

We, let us not write them off yet; maybe the locals have woken up after being under Saudi rule for so long.


The Houthis were not “near Aden”, they were in Aden for many months.
They arrived in Aden the day the decoy president fled Sanaa hoping to
recruit an army in Aden. It is not true that they are unpopular in Aden.
There used to be a time when the Houthis fought alongside the Saudis
when Nasser of Egypt was trying to topple the Yemeni monarchy.


if things progress like this for any kind of time, mohammed bin salman might just wake up with a houthi beside his bed asking what he would desire – a nubile jewess or an old goat or something like that!




This is an bullshit article. The Huthis have been loosing lately ground and won’t be able to withhold the attration war for more then 2-3 years. But this is a pro-huthi website. Sanaa will be completely levelled to the ground as we speak.

The Yemeni Gov’t is few KM away from the capital and hoidah port city fell half already


I seem to remember that the Houthis are indigenous to Yemen and the
Saudi barbarians are not.

I seem to remember that the Houthis rose up together with Ali Abdullah
Saleh’s group.

I seem to remember that the Houthis performed a successful coup in
September of 2014 and in March of 2015 the man they call the president
of Yemen fled to the port city of Aden hoping to recruit an army. Well, the
Houthis went after him and that was when the war broke out. This so-
called president obeys orders from Saudis. So much Yemeni blood
soaked the soil of Yemen during the Yemen Revolution of 2011 but the
Yemenis did not get their freedom.

Robert Campbell

You are full of shit! The Saudi’s are the weakest army in the Middle East n the houthis are proving that!

S Melanson

TheSaudi army is strong on paper but such strength is wasted by the astonishing incompetence of the Coalition leadership that has more money than brains. The Houthis have certainly demonstrated you need brains more than money to win wars. I also add that history has shown that fighting an indigenous mountain tribal society who are defending their homeland is a losing proposition.

Robert Campbell

The Saudi dogs will fail ! Saudi Arabia is a barbaric nation that supports terrorism!!

Promitheas Apollonious

so is uk/usrael and minions, that started all this sh*t.

S Melanson

Really. Well I am sure that MbS wishes he was living in your alternative universe because in this one, things are not going well for the Coalition and that is putting it mildly.


It seems to me that the Saudi military has a reputation for being heavier on expensive equipment than on effective fighting human beings. Whereas the Houthis, in a defensive war, have a whole population to draw on. If it is as you say an attrition war, one would expect the Saudis to be more vulnerable to running out of people.

Promitheas Apollonious

you seem to be in pain as well denial of reality hasbara. Why dont you crawk back to the sewer you come out and stop polluting the area?

Lazy Gamer

Seems like the Saudis have successes in cities and entrenched positions but have difficulty holding on to villages. Seems like they dont have any ability to hit mobile targets on the countryside and any ground forces out there are targets for houthi snipers

Hasbara Hunter

Your Filthy Jewish House of Saud Mercenaries will be Chopped up Hasbara-Boy

Hell yeah I’m PRO-HOUTHI


imagine if we see the day where Houthis storm Saudi Arabia and overthrow the royal jihadi family? would be the greatest thing apart from Palestine reclaiming their land

S Melanson

The Houthis have already taken the war into Saudi Arabia. The Coalition has countered only to see the Houthis attack elsewhere. Now, the Houthis have demonstrated they can:

1) Repell coalition attacks
2) Coalition success is temporary as the Houthis soon reverse gains
3) Houthis capable of engaging the Coalition army and successfully
4) Conduct offensives on multiple fronts to keep the Coalition off balance
5) Houthi military capabilities are increasing, particularly Missile tech
6) Houthis supply is via capturing abandoned munitions and buying from corrupt Coalition commanders. External sources like Iran provide negligible assistance.
7) Local tribes increasingly siding with Houthis including southern Yemen as they are turning against Coalition nations
8) The Coalition is losing support as the US pulls back – US is not stupid, they now which way the wind is blowing

That the Coalition have been unable to stop the Houthi advance in Dhale and that tribes are supporting the Houthis, the Coalition has shown they will not be able to hold onto Southern Yemen. MbS knows the war is lost but if he sues for peace, his rule will be in jeapardy. Well the problem for MbS is that the Houthis are making it clearer by the day the Coalition is losing and the day is coming that no amount of spin can hide this fact.

MbS needs to find a way to end the war for everyone’s sake, including himself. MbS survived longer than expected, impressive, but eventually, the walls will close in.

MbS, you still have time to end this terrible war and I believe you have the cunning survival skills to find a way to pull it off and maintain power. So what are you waiting for…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

he should just resign and go into hiding

Promitheas Apollonious

MbS……… you giving him too much credit for brains. The strange thing is usa not accepting the call of the brits in UN for the cease fire in libya and siding with Haftar. My guess is because turkey is supporting GNA. Strange times are coming ahead. Maybe soon the world realize living in denial of fact is not good for survival.

Concrete Mike

Good points.

I think point 7 is the real kicker here. Cash wasent enough to keep the tribes loyal, the tribes figured out there better off with the no money houthis/genuine yemenis.

I think time is on the Yemeni side, lets hope AnsarAllah and friends can keep pushing south to isolate Aden.

I agree with you that the Houthis have the initiative now, be it in Northwest or South.

Im still flabbergasted these guys, many of them teenagers ,are beating ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.

These guys are the boots on the ground of “money dont mean everything”.

Makes you wonder what we could do doesnt it?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

dude that would be epic, seeing mbs get hanged lmao


I would pay for this! :)


But who gives the houti weapons and how do they get there?

Sage Durham

I have wondered the exact same thing. With a sea/air/land blockade – It must be either 1. produced onsite 2. under ground. 3. snuck past blockade


And/or 4. Stolen from the enemy

S Melanson

Also corrupt coalition leaders sell to Houthis…

Coalition attacks are basically Houthi resupply missions


The Houthis are constantly seizing Saudi weapons, more than they can carry.

Astrid Watanabe

Iran maybe?


It is unlikely that Iran arms the Houthis. It would be be too costly due to the strategical intricacies. On the other hand, the US “lost” $500M worth of weapons there under Saleh.

Compromised & gone’: Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemenhttps://www.rt.com/usa/241701-pentagon-lost-millions-weapons-yemen/

In my opinion, the fact that such happened when the war started is no coincidence.


’Compromised & gone’: Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemen

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

awesome work houthis, you are the best most serious threat to the saudi SCUMBAG PIGS, KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is simply amazing and shocking at the same time.
Houthis they don’t have sophisticated weapons like Saudi Arabia and not even money, and still, …. Saudi Arabia can’t defeat an army which is actually 4 times less powerful than Saudi Arabia Army… Just simply Amazing …????
In my country we say..”””you have money but no brains “””

Hasbara Hunter

Folks with Money & No Brains are Dangerous….

S Melanson

Money no brains and a huge ego… the problem in a nutshell


This puts to bed any Saudi delusions they could take on Iran & win.

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