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Houthis Capture Key Marib Dam From Saudi Proxies In Central Yemen (Map Update)

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Houthis Capture Key Marib Dam From Saudi Proxies In Central Yemen (Map Update)


The defense of Saudi-backed forces in central Yemen officially collapsed.

On February 18, the Houthis (officially known as Ansar Allah) captured Marib Dam, located in a close proximity to Marib city.

The city remains the last major stronghold of Saudi-backed forces in Marib province and central Yemen itself. The nearing fall of the city into the hands of the Houthis marks the developing collapse of Saudi-backed forces across the entire country.

The Saudi-led intervention and the war on Yemen turned into a disaster for Riyadh and now the Kingdom is fiercely searching for ways to somehow contain the growing losses.

Houthis Capture Key Marib Dam From Saudi Proxies In Central Yemen (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen:

  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 161 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours;
  • On February 17, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Haradh area;
  • On February 17, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 4 airstrikes on the Zaher area;
  • On February 17, Ansar Allah captured the Marib dam;
  • On February 18, clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued in the Talaat al-Hamra and Kasarat area.


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Great Khan

Hahaha Saudi menushken kaputenheimer,,,,,,,,Houthi brother great warrior……Saudi rat like Zionist palushki…Hahaha

Kenny Jones ™

The American is very quiet after this:
If they sent ground forces to Yemen, it would be their Vietnam

Supreme Blyat

At first South Vietnam army was fighting well and Americans could trust them on the battlefield. While the coalition lead by the Saudis, everybody knows they will run first. In a war better fight alone than having such allies. And Houthis are not a threat for USA to get involved.


Frankly, the Saudi and UAE fuckwits are also killing each other in frustration as they take a belting from the flip flop warriors. Marib will fall as its water supply is now in Ansarallah hands.

Furkan Sahin

capture of Marib is not easy


Ansarallah won’t cut the water off, no way.
They would’ve captured the city if they didn’t care for civilians and “collateral” was “acceptable” to them.
The last week there was a lot of meeting between Yemeni army and popular committees on one side and elders of various tribes and neighbourhoods of Ma’rib on the other. Many of the “grey zone” joined Ansarallah and there was also a lot of defects from Ziodi coalition to the good guys’ side.

Yemeni side wants to capture the city with no bloodshed and minimal damage. Several times they annihilated reinforcements coming from south, there’s a sever shortage of mercenaries that Saudis openly put AQ and ISIS in their ranks. The famous cross-eyed Saudi pilot bombed their own mercenaries a few times too!

Knowing Ansarallah’s priority, the US puts heavy pressure on them through UN while also showing a carrot. Now they beg Iran (Griffiths in Tehran, meeting Zarif and giving the Americans’ proposition that they’ll stop supporting Saudis if Iran stops supporting Ansarallah! Imbeciles don’t know it’s not Zarif’s decision and more, who’s stupid enough to trust the word of US government?) too in the vane hope that Yemenis take pack their things and just vanish, leaving the city in the hands of Saudis.

By liberation of Ma’rib all of their schemes will destroy. Defeat of Ansarallah, partition of Yemen, control of Bab al-Mandab (the only part of strait suitable for navigation happens to be in Yemen territorial waters) and establishing a base in Yemeni islands all turn into smoke, that’s why even the child-killer regime freaked out and pushed Americans to stop Yemen at any cost. We’ll just have to wait and see if Americans are stupid enough to directly get involved or not.

Arch Bungle

The question is what can they do with the dam?

They can’t cut water supply since that will just turn the civilians against them.

They have to take the city to make any gains.


By holding the dam, the Houthis can prevent Saudi terrorists from damaging the dam.

I accept that the US and UK advised Saudi pilots could bomb the dam, BUY this terror act would be condemned by most of the world.

Biden and Boris are more of the ‘poison’ type of despots :)


The dam oversees the farms and suburbs of Ma’rib, there’s a notable height difference

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

The Ansar Allah are honourable and have repeatedly shown mercy to their prisoners, some times releasing thousands of them. The revolutionary forces of the Ansar Allah and the Popular committees are from and of the people and do not want to destroy the city.
God bless them and guide them and have mercy on the Yemen, Amen.
They fight so differently to everyone else, for example the Americans destroy cities, torture populations en masse, kill far more innocents than combatants. The USA and Israel and vassal states are evil and satanic may God Curse them and humiliate them in this world and the next, Amen.
Our beloved saviours the Imam Mahdi (AS) with the second Mahdi, the reborn Jesus and the 313 prophets are here watching and teaching and preparing. The fire will come from Yemen insh’Allah to free the holy lands and save the oppressed in Palestine and elsewhere. oh believers rejoice in the return, it is not long for the end of America the anti Christ and Israel abomination of the Kazars and the killing of Satan for a new age to begin, an age of the Mahdis (pbut), an age without war and oppression, an age of peace and galactic co-operation.


According to ISWNews this dam dates back to 4000BC!

Arch Bungle

The dawn of western civilisation …


In 4000 BC, the only dam constructors in Britain were Beavers :)


And in my land (southern South America) it’s very hard to trace ANYTHING to that period


‘ Com’on man’, Joe Biden was making dams in South America 20,000 years ago.
CNN said so :)



Arch Bungle

What are the chances the US will directly involve itself in Yemen on a large scale now that it’s Saudi proxies are sprinting towards defeat?

Does the US military have capability to put boots on the ground in Yemen?

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

Like Afghanistan, Yemen is the only other country which is known as the graveyard of empires. Glory to God who has planned to bring down America and its Vassals using their own hubris and evil nature.

Pave Way IV

Houthis have no intention of slaughtering the Hadi-loyalist forces and Islah pals in some epic bloodbath battle inside Marib (not that anyone would blame them). The Hadi-backed forces’ commanders already fled days ago – everyone knows Hadi’s rule is over in Marib, including the locals.

The Houthis are leaving two escape routes for the remaining soldiers: one to the northwest through Safer (long drive through the desert to KSA) and one to the south from Marib. The southern escape route could have easily been cut in several places by the Houthis this week, but was not. They have no intention of doing so. They have and continue to wipe out head-chopper reinforcements trying to get up that highway to Marib, but have not closed the road to anyone fleeing south. If and when they do, any Hadi loyalists, Islah and head-choppers remaining in Marib will be trapped and… how do the Russians say? Neutralized. The Houthis want to give Hadi loyalists every opportunity to flee south on their own for the next few days. The Houthis are interested in getting fuel for northern Yemen again and permanently de-chimping Marib, not killing everyone in it.

I can’t read a bit of Russian. Interested to know what the red X means on that road:

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