Houthis Capture 20 Military Positions From Saudi-led Coalition In Central Yemen (18+ Video)

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Houthis Capture 20 Military Positions From Saudi-led Coalition In Central Yemen (18+ Video) 5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews.

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The Houthis carried out a new military operation against the Saudi-led coalition and its local proxies in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda’ this week. In the course of the operation, the Yemeni rebel group captured 20 military positions in the district of Dhi Na’im.

A video showing Houthi fighters storming Saudi-led coalition positions in Dhi Na’im was released on April 20. In the video, several weapons which were captured by the Houthis during the attack, including an M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun, can be seen.

Despite being very limited, the new operation represents a major development. In the last few months, al-Bayda’ didn’t witness any major clashes between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition.

By advancing in al-Bayda’, the Houthis are working their way towards the southern province of Aden, where the headquarters of Saudi-led coalition forces are located. The Yemeni resistance group is already approaching the province from the direction of Dhale.

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You can call me Al

Could the Mercs from the Saudis given up ?….. Priceless.

S Melanson

The video is not available. The Coalition appears to be collapsing and incapable of putting up an effective defence. Developments should start to accelerate into a downward spiral for the Coalition. The Houthis will enter Aden (or instead, allied South Yemen tribes) well before this year is out. I predict by the fall the Coalition hold on Yemen will be broken.


Nice! remember me the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War.
Keep it up!

Goran Brankovic

Now the Swedish Airforce using spy plain to help the army of Saudi. Seems like all the West is deeply involved in this war


Really? Where do you get the info?


a military company in sweden, saab I think, (owned by americans) sold a radar equipped saab-plane that circles over the areas and registers anything that moves, on land and in the air and on the water. buyer might have been united arab emirates.

Hasbara Hunter

The West is Involved in EVERY MAJOR WAR for at Least the Past 500 Years…The Great Western Evil Elitist Empire is Bound to Fall….and they Deserve every inch of it…them Cockroaches

Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure by now their mercenaries figured out that is one thing to be thug in the streets and petty thief and another fighting against the houthis that they make sure you dont live long enough to spend the peanuts they give you for a salary.


and mohammed bin salman is stuck in jeddah hoping that he doesn’t wake up with a houthi at his bedside (like queen elizabeth II did one night when an intruder
managed to get in and find the queen blissfully alsleep) and I bet you that jared kushner has made netanyahu release a band of the squatters army to act as instructors/advisers to the saudis. but it’s kept very mum (and mbs will be very cross if they can’t help and he will then look to do a khashoggi on jared and that is something tolook forward to, first the complete destruction of ras tanura and jared khashoggied.



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