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JUNE 2021

Houthis Attack Three Positions Of Saudi Army, Destroy Several Vehicles in Jizan (Video)

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On March 8, Houthi fighters attacked the al-Hathera military base of the Saudi Arm in the Southern Saudi province of Jizan, near the border with Yemen, according to the pro-Houthi al-Masirah TV.  The TV channel said that the Houthis had destroyed two vehicles of the Saudi Army with IEDs and had killed several Saudi Army soldiers.

Few hours later, the Houthis media wing announced that Houthi fighters had conducted a new attack against two military bases of the Saudi Army in the areas of al-Qurn’a and N’ashu in Jizan province. Four vehicles of the Saudi Army were destroyed and several Saudi Army soldiers were killed by the Houthis there, according to reports.

Al Masirah TV also reported that four Saudi soldiers had been killed by Houthi snipers in different areas of the province of Jizan over the last 48 hours.

The Saudi-led coalition has conducted a series of operations to secure the Yemeni-Saudi border in the Yemeni province of Hajjah, south of Jizan province. However, the coalition has failed to penetrate the Houthis’ defenses in the rough desert of Midi.

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Richard M

Great work, taking the fight into the Kingdom of Mordor! Give the Wahhabistani Orcs a good taste of their own crimes.

You can call me Al

…….and on to Riyadh next.

Richard M

AKA Mount Doom! :D

Jutta Morris

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I eggshelly think the Houthis should avoid major wars of manoeuvre as they’ll probably get cleaned up by the Saudis with artillery and attack aircraft. They do a good thing in IEDs and they should stick to it.


Why UN send humanitarian aid to East Ghouta. Why they did not send before. Why UN don’t send humanitarian aid to Palestine and Yemen which are suffer a lot from man made famine.

The answer is that CIA agents provide satellite communication devices, intelligent services and other military equipments to pro Trump killing machines and collect propaganda images from them.


In MSM you will never listen about Palestine and Yemen because they have cover up their news that how pro Trump killing machines killing civilians plus small kids and women there and grabbing their lands. The MSM propaganda can only show those news which work for Zionists Washington and Israeli migrants for example the propaganda fake news about East Ghouta.


Difficult terrain . Saudi Arabia needs more attack choppers and armed uavs. Otherwise this will go on for decades.


Watch to Lunatic. LOL.


What they actually need is to go the fuck back into their own country and then turn all that weaponry to the cause of exterminating the “royal” parasite family of al-Saud.


Longer SA stays there , sooner Royals collapse at hope.


Imagine if Russia and US both swap for example, US allied with Assad government and Russia with terrorists in Syria.

Then can Russia dare to step into Syria across Syrian border or can Russia would be able to transfer weapons to Israel, ISIS, FSA, SDF and to other terrorist groups in Syria. What would be the reaction of Trump administration?

Then can Russian aerospace forces dare to airstrike Syrian government forces? Would Washington listen to Russia?

But now Russia is with Syrian government and of course on a very strong authoritative position and in fact have full legal right to defend Syrian aerospace and land from illegal intruders and occupiers by use of air strikes and missiles. Let the Washington cry. Legally US cannot do anything because Russia defending Syria and Washington is destabilizing it.


Trump’s intruders looking for deconflection areas in Syria. LOL. Russia have full authoritative power of Syria to destroy all these illegal intruders terrorist bases where Americans are hiding.

You can call me Al

Stop copying and pasting – this is Saudi Arabia.


I spreading the truth, right.

You can call me Al

OK, but on pertinent articles please.


For every one worthless merc killed in Yemen, Britain and Saudi Arabia MURDER 100 civilians, with Putin’s very public support. Russia is one of KSA’s most important military and political ALLIES.

Saudi Arabia’s Putin supported war in Yemen (only days back Putin voted in the UNSC to continue flooding Yemen with British and Saudi killers while prohibiting weapon supplies to the people defending Yemen from the invasion) is as ruinous to the ordinary people there as the wahhabi invasion of Syria.

It is sick that Southfront, using propaganda like this article, tries to divert you from understanding the truth there.

Shuja Pasha

Shut the f*ck up. If the Yemenis aren’t complaining about Yemen why are you. The war was to happen anyways. Only 13,000 casualties. And the military ratio of the Yemenis vs their enemies as far as total combat is concerned is 5:1.

Yemen will prevail, and you can wail like MOSSAD troll that you are.


Starlight .What misinfo you just singlehandedly made up and lied as if most of us on this site have no clue whats going on .Assaulting our intelligence

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