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Houthis Attack Pro-Saudi Forces Positions In Midi Desert

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Houthi forces and the Yemeni Republican Guard [loyal to former president Abdullah Saleh] have conducted a series of attacks on positions of pro-Saudi forces [supporting figutive president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi] in the Midi desert in the Jizan area of Yemen.

Houthi snipers reportedly killed two members of pro-Hadi forces. Houthi artillery units shelled Saudi forces positions in the desert of Midi wounding a number of Saudi soldiers.

Separately, the Houthi targeted Saudi positions in Al-Aysh and Al-Alyb in Jizan. Houthis also used rockets to shell a gathering of Saudi soldiers in Al-Sudais in Jizan.

The Houthis’ media wing has published a video [link] of an ambush carried out by Houthi fighters against a group of pro-Hadi and Saudi soldiers in the Habs mountain in Jizan. Over 7 Saudi soldiers were wounded or killed after being hit by IEDs planted by the Houthis.

Houthis Attack Pro-Saudi Forces Positions In Midi Desert

The Saudi Air Force continues its bombing campaign targeting military targets and civilian areas across Yemen. Saudi fighter jets carried out seven airstrikes on the village of Al-Gharafi, the Al-Zahari area, near the crossroads of Mouzea and Al-Wazya in Al-Barah and in the city of Mukabneh.

In the Shabwa province, Saudi Air Force conduct three airstrikes on the cities of Beihan and Asylan, and the Dailmi base north of Sanaa. Two airstrikes hit in the Al-Mukhadara area in Sorouh and 6 airstrikes hit the area of Al-Mazraq in Harad.

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I love it! Keep inflicting MAX DAMAGE ON THE WAHHABIS!!

Dave Gray

These guys really seem to know how to fight well , they seem to be able to target over distances with exceptional accuracy with whatever weapon system they are using , thats the impression I have got from watching varios clips on youtube.


The Saudi military is a joke. The only time they are really effective is when they are killing their own unarmed citizens. If the Israelis, US and gulf states bought mercenaries weren’t taking up their slack, Yemen would have already sunk the Wahabbist criminals. I cracked up when Yemen missile attacked the air base near Riyadh and killed the Saudi air force chief. Where was the Saudis US supplied missile defence?

Omar Huss

Wahabbi/Zionist destruction of Yemen reached its MAX.we need to organise an international volunteers to help stop killing women and children.

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