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Houthis Attack More Millitary Positions In Southern Saudi Arabia (Video)

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On October 12, the Houthis attacked al-Ruqa’ border post and several other positions of the Saudi military in the southern Saudi province of Jizan, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

During the cross-border attack, Houthi fighters killed and injured several soldiers of the Saudi military. The Houthis also captured advanced reconnaissance equipment and loads of ammunition.

A day earlier, the Houthis stormed several positions of the Saudi military east of the al-Dud mount in Jizan during a similar attack. Furthermore, Houthi fighters captured an advanced South Korean LIG Nex1 Raybolt anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

The Houthis stepped up their operations along the Yemeni-Saudi border in the last few weeks in what appears to be an attempt to pressure the Saudi-led coalition. According to the Saudi media, the coalition is currently preparing to launch a new offensive on the coastal Yemeni city of al-Hudaydah, a key stronghold of the Houthis.

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S Melanson

The Houthis are pressuring the coalition to end the war and blockade by attacking the coalition on their home turf. The Coalition cannot even make secure a corridor along the West coast which is necessary for launching a new attack on Hodeidah, unless they want a repeat of what happened during Operation Golden Disaster. By the time the Coalition resume the ‘paused’ offensive on Hodeidah, the Sun will have depleted its hydrogen fuel and expand into a red giant killing all life on earth so the Houthis need not worry.

It also seems that when under Houthi attack, coalition troops are deserting their positions and leaving behind weapons and stocks for the Houthis. This has been the case for months and the coalition cannot hope to win if troops will not fight. They really need to give this up.


Am I the only one who notices that relatively small, poverty -stricken resistance groups, like the Houthis, Hamas, Hezbollah and Taliban in small countries, racked by incessant BOMBING, Destruction and slaughter, have more COURAGE in their little fingers than American and Israelis have, with all their Weaponry, PRIVILEGES, EASY LIFE and wealth and who are also nothing more than BARBARIC, Bigoted COWARDS?

Just my observation.

John LaRochelle


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