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Houthis Attack Meeting Of Saudi-led Coalition Commanders With Suicide Drones


Houthis Attack Meeting Of Saudi-led Coalition Commanders With Suicide Drones

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The Yemeni Air Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced on January 18 that it had targeted a meeting of senior commanders of the Saudi-led coalition in a military camp in the northern province of al-Jawf with unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs).

“The attack was carried out on the basis of intelligence information and the careful monitoring of the camp and the movements of the leaders of the invaders and mercenaries,” a source in the Yemeni Air Force told the al-Masirah TV.

Contrary to the Yemeni Air Force claims, the attack didn’t go so well. The Saudi-backed wing of the Yemeni military said that its units managed to shot down two out of three UAVs, which were participating in the attack, over the province of Ma’rib, south of al-Jawf.

The newly-revealed Qasef-2k UAV was likely used in this attack. The UAV, which is a slightly upgraded copy of the older Qasef-1, is armed with a heavy high-explosive fragmentation (HE-frag) warhead that explodes 10 to 20 meters over the target.

Last week, a spokesman of the Houthis revealed that the Yemeni Air Force is now producing one Qasef-2k UAV every day. This explains the recent surge in UAV attacks.

Facing this new challenge, the Saudi-led coalition will likely step up its aerial operations in northern and central Yemen. A tactic that has failed before.

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  • LR captain

    we know that houthis modified the Qasef-1 to be able to drop small bombs on Saudi targets.
    so if Qasef-2k is an improved version of the Qasef-1 should it not also have same capability.

    personally i do belive the houthis could match and surpass the fire power of Saudi-led forces in local areas. However, they seem to focused on hitting the high lvl commanders of Saudi-led forces witch seems to show some lvl of merc and pity to lower ranked and poor mercs of the coalition who only seem
    to fight in order for their families to have money to buy food with.

    this is a really sad, cruel, unjust war. that is meant to purge shia Muslims from the gulf of Aden.With the clause of containing Iran

    Well least the officer core of the Saudis are being killed off. since they are Sunni loyalists, the number of loyal officers in the army are decreasing. While in short term more promotions means more of people who get promoted are more loyal to regime.

    In the long the term the lack of professional officers and less Sunni foot soldiers and squad leaders means that more and more shia are now filling up the lower ranks. leading to mistrust and friction between the royal family and the soldiers that would quell riots and protest against their rule.