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Houthis Artillery And Drones Strike Saudi-Led Coalition Troops In Western Yemen


Houthis Artillery And Drones Strike Saudi-Led Coalition Troops In Western Yemen

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On December 2, the Houthis struck several positions and gatherings of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on the western coast of Yemen with armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and artillery, according to the Houthis media wing.

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV also announced that the Houthis and their local allies conducted a hit and run attack on several position of the Saudi-led coalition in the area of Kilo 16 south of the coastal city of al-Hudaydah. As a result of the attack, three military vehicles of the coalition were destroyed and many Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters were killed.

These offensive operations by the Houthis were likely a response to the Saudi-led coalition attempt to advance in Kilo 16 two days ago. According to local observers, the coalition was attempting to expand its control south of al-Hudaydah.

Last month, the Saudi-led coalition announced a “humanitarian ceasefire” in  al-Hudaydah. However, the coalition continued to launch attacks around the strategic city, which forced the Houthis to respond.

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  • Fred Summers

    Just found this on a Pro Rus site – a new release from our Ukrainian Blogger friend

    December 01 2018

    A little known NATO plan called ‘Odessan Viking’ has been
    brought forward and is now being prepared.

    This an audacious plan to outflank Russia in the Black Sea
    and gain entry into the Sea of Azov through the back door.

    A clue to the nature of the operation is in the name – Vikings
    would sometimes carried their light warships overland to surprise and outflank
    an enemy, or to avoid fighting a hostile group.

    Light, shallow draft NATO naval assets, including
    hovercraft, would be delivered to the Ukrainian Naval facility in Odessa, and then transfered
    to the Sea of Azov via a protected route inside Ukrainian territory. The route
    will be over salt water, fresh water, AND LAND. It will bypass or outflank Russian blockades and primary defences.

    This is a major chess move provocation by NATO aimed at putting
    Russia into a lose-lose situation.

    If Russia does not respond they risk becoming further outflanked and
    vulnerable to attack, or at least to continuous harassment, pressure, and humiliation.

    But if they do respond, any Russian action will be spun and propagandised, such as Russia having attacked NATO vessels crewed by brave service men assisting
    a beleaguered Ukraine barely surviving under the weight of Russian Aggression.

    Potentially, any Russian defensive action could be media-spun
    and presented as Russia attacking a civilian humanitarian relief mission. For example – if the boats and hovercraft were painted white (faux UN) and were delivered unarmed and with some food supplies on board, the media would feast on the opportunity to point to the Beast in the East.

    The required NATO assets are not yet in the Black Sea, so
    this Diabolically evil NATO plan could yet be stopped if enough people make it

    NATO will not stop until they get the war they seek. Remain vigilant
    and expect further provocations.

    • Fred Summers

      Sorry, forgot to add that it was copied from one of the Fulford sites, link to follow asap.

      • Albert Pike

        “If you need a bodyguard, it’s too late. You have to make them not want to shoot you.”
        Benjamin Fulford

        How could that be possible, if generally one gets shot for telling the truth?

        Therefore you mean a Fulford/Rockefeller site – because only through him he got his reputation. Therefore he is mostlikely a gatekeeper. But anyway I read him too, because it’s interesting to read what we should believe, therefore more details would be nice, even if I think ‘D-Day’ in the Sea of Asov would be very difficult.

        • Miroslav Beran

          Fulford is not reliably site. Cca 75% of his “news” are drunken blabs.

          There will technological revolution after January 2019, Fulford knows this and he keep this under deck. This revolution will the same scope as internet revolution and value of this will 8 times bigger. We have proof.

          • Fred Summers

            Yes, I concluded Fulford was not reliable too, but the original source was apparently not Fulford. I am not following this now as it will be clear if true if we se any hovercraft and new patrol boats being delivered.

        • Fred Summers

          Fulford is entertaining, and I agree he is a gatekeeper of something, but I dont quite know what – secret society info perhaps?. He is to conspiracies what Jim Willie is to finance, fun, and gets a lucky shot in every now and again. That said, there was just something a bit too plausable about this Viking operation to be just a shot in the dark, hence my interest.

    • Fred Summers

      Thanks to all who have replied. No need for any more replies now as I have given up on this as it will be very
      easy to confirm or deny if we see any patrol boats and hovercraft being
      delivered to Ukraine in the coming weeks. It just caught my imagination
      how boats could be transported overland. Thanks again.

  • Pave Way IV

    And it looks like the “Internationally recognized government” of Yemen (the Hadi Mafia) is losing the support of even more Yemenis (if that’s possible). The international community and UN will decide what government is the recognized one in Yemen, not you God damn Yemeni little people!

    Yemen’s Oil-Rich Shabwa Province Declares Independence, Orders Saudi-Allied Government Out

    I’m having a hard time interpreting this development. The UAE has been spreading money around to buy the loyalty of Shabwa governorate and trained/equipped the Shabwa Elite forces. Other tribes in the governorate (and some Shabwa, themselves) resent the UAE and Saudi intrusion into their affairs. Some articles tals about the ‘sons of Shabwa’ as if it’s a militia (opposed to the UAE/Shabwa Elite) but they may just be referring collectively to the men of Shabwa.

    The US and UAE conducted a joint anti-AQAP operation with the Shabwa Elite forces last year with mixed success. CENTCOM claimed they kicked AQAP out of the province, but it sounds like they really just melted back into the population or hid in the mountains. They still have a lot of influence in Shabwa, so not sure if this group claiming independence is an al Qaeda-friendly militia or stealth al Qaeda looking for legitimacy. In any case, the ‘new’ Shabwa council is old-school Salafi, so women will be bagged, etc. No word from either the Hadi Mafia or the UAE on how fast they intend to crush this new independence move. I suppose it depends which side has the head-choppers. If there are any links to al Qaeda, then CENTCOM may use this as an excuse to invade. I mean, again… our SOF were there last year with the offensive.

    Oh, and Shabwa has the only oil/gas fields in Yemen currently export anything. But it’s not about oil.