Houthis Ambushed Convoy Of Sudanese Army, Kill Dozens Of Soldiers (Video 18+)

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Houthis Ambushed Convoy Of Sudanese Army, Kill Dozens Of Soldiers (Video 18+) 4.1875 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews.

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On January 20, the Houthis ambushed a convoy of the Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces in Midi district of the northwestern province of Hajjah, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

Al-Masirah TV said that dozens of Sudanese soldiers and Sudanese intelligence officers were killed or injured in the ambush. The Houthis also destroyed more than seven vehicles and several armors of the Sudanese Army.

Moreover, Sudanese sources revealed that General Commander of the Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces in Yemen Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Mohammed Saleh was also killed by the Houthis in Midi. Lie. Col. Saleh was on his way with his troops to launch a wide-scale attack against the Houthis when they were ambushed, according to the sources.

The ambush was the second attack against the Sudanese forces in Yemen within 48 hours. On January 19, several Sudanese soldiers and officers were killed when the Houthis shelled their camp in the northern part of Midi district, according to Yemeni sources.

On September 27, 2017 a commander of the Sundanese Army revealed that 412 Sudanese soldiers and officers had been killed in Yemen by the Houthis since March 26, 2015. The Sudanese Army is the third largest force in the Saudi-led collation in Yemen after the Saudi Army and the UAE Army.

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Hahaha hahaha I LOVE IT!!

Nigel Maund

The Sudanese Army are clearly no match for battle hardened Houthi guerilla’s who know their own country and use terrain and natural cover to their advantage. I feel sorry for the ordinary Sudanese soldier. How much did some corrupt Sudanese politicians / officials get paid to send their troops to Yemen to fight for the worthless Saudi’s?? Now it’s left for the wives and families to pay the price while the corrupt couldn’t care less about the dead, wounded, missing and grieving families.

As for the Saudi’s they are virtually useless at everything except womanising, eating and sitting around living of everybody else’s hard labour. The US can give them masses of expensive kit but they’ll never know how to use it. It’s time someone invaded and conquered the KSA.


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Nigel Maund

You guys are full of nonsense and need to be blocked from this serious website! Just another pyramid scam!


Just block the user.

Tudor Miron

Blocking that “user” made this website look much cleaner for me.


Nicely said mate very true

David Pryce

The US will take over Saudi israelia eventually
There been played like the other gulf nations. Why take on Russia Iran or China when the gulf monarchy are easy kills with rich takings


I agree! Sudanese are just canon fodder! I notice the houthi’s never take the vehicles, they prefer to be on foot and be a much harder target. They are so small and skinny these houthi’s which means they dont need much food to survive and therefore dont carry much food! They probably kill some rabbits and eat! Therefore no logistics required such as food and fuel! Its amazing that the poorest Middle East country can threaten or defeat the most wealthy Middle East country! The houthi’s could send the KSA broke and perhaps force a revolution that ousts the Saudi royal family! Got to give the houthi’s props!

Nigel Maund

Remiscent of the Vietnam war perhaps?

Tudor Miron

Honestly I feel sorry for ordinary Sudanese soldiers – wtf they are doing there? Dying for Saudi bloody interests and money that they never see. Indeed it is a striking case of poor killing poor for rich to get richer. Houthis are real warriors, one day Saudis will regret messing with them.

leon mc pilibin

That is what should be happening to israhellis,saudiis,and the big satan,jewSA.When the people of the middle east unite against the common zionist enemy.


Of course one feels pity, with the stupid Sudanese soldiers, but again, they are in another mans land, as an part of an invading force, whom is as we speak killing even children, from bombing with plains to embargoes/sanctions witch the UssA Gov. claims is an good thing, and like in NK it kills the civilian, thats the sole reason for this crimes against humanity to even occur, and its remarkable how little they can do with Yemen, even Lavrov is drooling bullshit in their corner.
And the never ending Piss and Looove coming from the west, where they drool something about respecting nationality and people, even racism, poverty, crimes against humanity, etc, etc, is dead silent, yeah, like Norway, its just Bizzenizzzze, right, nothing personal, noooo, we are after all, “humans”, huh.
Yeah look at us, we wave Rainbow flags, yeah, hunt butt clappers, and gives an f…. about the real world.
The puke factor in the MSM is gone into new and unprecedented heights, total bonkers.

Like Palestine (an semitic people, yeah, but somehow, just by writing this I am classified as an Nazi yeah, an anti-anti-semit, huh, just ask Lavrov), the obviousness of the crimes are smack in our face, but never the less is the debate/deadbate an contest of delivering bullshit about hate when another people is been eradicated and their history wiped clean from the face of the earth, and they accuse me, for “hate” and anti-semetism, where even people whom should know history is capable to deliver shameless bullshit.

The silence and compliance with the crimes committed, thru the UssA/NATO (the North Atlantic Terror Orgs) lead by an Khazarian inbreed, and the hideous rotten pack of foreign mercs and the Barbarians from the House of Saud, its an god dammed MoFo shame that nothing is done to this scums of this earth.

Show no mercy Houtis, they are the one whom is doing the crime, capital sins, need capital punishments, kill em all, make sure they know no peace, no easy going, and the guilt is all on the Sudanese/UssA/Saudi/etc incl EU scums, god hunting Houtis, no God will hold that against any Yemenite, never forget that.


You can call me Al

I hope you don’t mind, but there is 1 thing wrong and it is quite important; Palestinians are anti-Zionist and not anti-Semite, as are many of the Jews living in Israel.

Apart from that, spot on.

David Pryce

Palestinian are semite they can’t be anti semetic
There in the holy land since the land before time
Israeli are European Americans some Africans
In 1900s eight percent of Palestine was Jewish so in numbers is very very small
Anti semetic is an Israeli tool which they use when losing a debate

You can call me Al

Oh, maybe I am wrong, I shall look it up and get back to you; certainly different from my understanding.

David Pryce

No that’s the truth…


@South Front Dear SF, 1 week ago or 12 days ago you guys said that you are finalizing the HTS Documentary, so it’s been 12 days since the last time you guys said anything about that, and of course with some of the lower of the minimal budget you guys said you will be forced to add the documentary in the second part in this month, SF as you see this month will end in 8 days, my point is where is the documentary can you please respond to this comment and let me/us know when you will release the footage. I know you are forced to reduce your content but after all we the ones that donate money we want to see those documentaries. In a way its seems like you are punishing us, with not collected budget money. I will donate and keep donating as much as I can but please keep us in the loop with some dates, it will be wonderful if you release that documentary today or tomorrow. Sincerely your supporter. I am in any possible way Pro-South-Front man and I will always be. Thank.

Weldon Cheek

Oh for the want of a few atgm’s!


they got what they desserve..i just wish those tanks would have been destroyed too :)

Astar Roth

This little voice is annoying. He speaks and speaks and speaks. He sounds like immature wannabe.

j. jaxson

think they all sound like that in the middle east including israel.

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