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Houthis Ambush Saudi-led Coalition Troops Deep Inside Jizan (Video)

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The Houthis’ engineer units have ambushed several vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition deep inside the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan in the recent few days, the al-Masirah TV revealed on January 23.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a video showing three military vehicles of the coalition receiving direct hits from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which had been planted by Houthi fighters. A fourth vehicle can be seen escaping an IED explosion by few meters.

The Saudi-led coalition claims that Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are providing the Houthis with technical support to manufacture advanced IEDs, including the type equipped with an automatic detonator linked to a passive infrared (PIR) sensor.

These attacks inside Saudi Arabia territory are likely was a response to the continues airstrikes of the coalition on the Houthis’ positions in northern and central Yemen.

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Why shouldn’t Iran support the Houthis; Saudi are supported by the West and they are the invaders.

Tommy Jensen

Because its cheaper when the goyim are unarmed.

Icarus Tanović

We kinda kicking your ass with slingshots, and you ‘Tommy’ licking our asses with lond tongue?
Am I right, you Regev Negev shit?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

They Don’y look like direct hits to me.

Tom Tom

two hits, two misses.


Seems to be like a smart claymore along the road.
But detection may be a bit slow, those that drove fast survived.

Tom Tom

need some missiles into Riyadh.


Well done flip flop armored warriors!

Zionism = EVIL

Jizan is historic Yemeni land which the British arseholes annexed and handed over to the al-Saud pimps. It is time for Yemenis to reclaim their lands.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It looks like the IED´s is placed at the roadside and therefore no direct hit, “only” fragments.

The freedomfighters we encountered in Iraq was very clever; taping artillery shells behind roadsigns, inside cabeltrenches, in the eternal trashheapes, dug a hole in the asphalt during high noon when the asphalt got soft, inside dead animals etc etc.

In Iraq in late 2006, i heard the explosion from a hit on a British Warrior when it was struck by a massive IED, lifting it and throwing it a lane or two along Highway 6 between northern Basrah City Gate and Basrah City itself.
The IED (size and type unknown) was dug into the asphalt and had wires and a carbattery connected to it.
The trigger was a person simply just completing the circuit sitting not far from it.

They used some easy to see feature in the terrain as aim; when the vehicle is along that old car, connect the wires.
They used lightbulbs instead of shels, as training and “zeroing in” the timing.

Wires was the preferred way of trigger the IED´s, immune to jamming (the jamming didn work anyway), almost instant explosion.

These guys seems like they have a lot to learn, but let us hope they learn fast.

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